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| M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
unit also serves as a test-bed for ideas and
best practices as RIC designs its new
Research Hospital of the future, scheduled
to open in 2016. RIC’s Ability Lab
includes some of the most advanced tech-
nology available, including exoskeleton
walking devices, upper arm robotic devices
that interface with virtual reality, mobility
tracking sensors and a number of other
state-of-the-art smart technologies.
Latitia’s story
In 2010, at 17-years-old, Laetitia Hatem fell
off her horse and suffered a devastating
spinal cord injury causing high-level paral-
ysis. Initially, Laetitia needed a ventilator to
help her breathe and couldn’t move
anything below her neck. Her family
searched the globe to find the very best
rehabilitation care to help her regain as
much independence as possible. Laetitia’s
family determined that RIC was the very
best place in world for her, and so they trav-
eled more than 5,000 miles from Beirut,
Lebanon to Chicago in order to maximize
Laetitia’s opportunities for recovery.
As an inpatient, Laetitia received
comprehensive care including medical
oversight by a physiatrist, specialized reha-
bilitation nursing care and integrated ther-
apies from physical therapists, occupa-
tional therapists, speech-language pathol-
ogists and many other experts. She partic-
ipated in up to six hours of therapy each
day and soon learned to sit up on her own,
and eventually to stand and to walk. She
also regained arm and hand function and
The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
(RIC) is the industry leader in providing
comprehensive physical medicine and
rehabilitation care in the United
States. Ranked #1 by
U.S. News & World
every year since 1991, RIC is the
only U.S. hospital to hold the #1 for 22
consecutive years. Many wonder what
makes RIC the best in its field. Those that
have spent time at RIC know – it is ‘The
Institute for Advancing Human Ability’.
Treating more than 50,000 adults and
children annually from nearly 70 countries
around the world, RIC treats a range of
conditions from stroke, brain injury, spinal
cord injury, and cerebral palsy to cancer-
related conditions, chronic pain and other
neurologic disorders. RIC has set the stan-
dard of care in the post-acute market
through its innovative applied research
programs, particularly in the areas of neuro-
science, bionic medicine, robotics and
musculoskeletal medicine. RIC is directly
applying its research discoveries to patient
care, providing patients the most advanced
treatments available. RIC is introducing a
novel model of integrated research and care
not found anywhere else.
One-of-a-kind ‘Ability Lab’
In 2012, RIC opened a new Patient
Recovery Unit that significantly expands
the number of inpatient beds and features
the world’s first ‘Ability Lab’, a unique
space that brings researchers into the
patient care setting to solve patient prob-
lems better and faster. The new recovery
America’s premier
rehabilitation hospital
significantly improved her fine motor
control. She was able to return to school
and graduate.
RIC treats thousands of patients like
Laetitia from all over the world who come
to RIC for its state-of-the-art care. To see a
video of Laetitia’s journey, go to
Where world-class care
and pioneering research
advance patient ability
Perhaps what differentiates RIC most is
RIC’s record seven multi-year, multi-
million dollar federal research designations
awarded and funded by the U.S. National
Institutes of Health (NIH) and the
Department of Education’s National
Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation
Research (NIDRR) in the areas of spinal
cord injury, brain injury, stroke, neurolog-
ical rehabilitation, outcomes research,
neering research, and pediatric orthope-
dics. With more than 300 studies
underway – the largest portfolio of rehabil-
itation research in the world – RIC has a
global reputation for developing treat-
ments and technologies that translate to
better outcomes for patients.
RIC’s Global Patient Services (GPS)
department is poised to help answer your
questions and support your patient referrals.
For more information, visit
. To
talk to one of our GPS representative about
making a patient referral, call 1-312-238-
1188 or