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M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H |
The Hospital for Sick Children
Committed to a global vision
of Healthier Children
One of the world’s leading pediatric health
centres, The Hospital for Sick Children
(SickKids) is committed to a global vision of
Healthier Children. A Better World.
is affiliated with the University of Toronto,
Canada’s largest university and a global
leader in research and teaching.
An innovator in child health for over 137
years, SickKids actively leads and partners to
improve the health of children locally and
internationally through the integration of
high-quality care, pioneering research and
comprehensive educational opportunities.
Located in Toronto, Canada’s most multi-
cultural city, SickKids brings together a
diversity of knowledge and experience.
Highly trained and skilled healthcare profes-
sionals from around the world join SickKids
because of its fine reputation and visionary
strategic planning for children’s health.
Global impact
SickKids International collaborates with
global partners to improve the health of
children through the advancement of
child health education, research and clin-
ical initiatives. We work with healthcare
organizations in more than 75 countries,
helping to build sustainable, integrated
programs dedicated to children’s health.
Drawing on the experience and expertise of
International provides collaborative and
consultative services to regulatory bodies,
government organizations and institutions
engaged in health care delivery. SickKids’
expertise focuses on pediatric clinical services
planning and patient care, global research
priorities, and education and training.
We position our partners for success, striving
to help them achieve desired outcomes and
measurable progress in the rapidly evolving
environment of children’s health.
Reputable advisory services
Through SickKids International, we
formally share our experience, knowledge
and expertise in providing advisory services
and needs assessments to our global partners.
SickKids International has been present
in the Middle East since 2003, and is focused
on providing expert counsel in such areas as
pediatric medicine, surgical services, inter-
professional practice and education, family-
centred care and research. Our goal is to
support hospitals in the region attain long-
term self-sufficiency and sustainability
through joint initiatives focused on knowl-
edge transfer and capacity building.
Innovative education
At SickKids, education is how we change the
world around us. One example of this is our
pediatric nurse training program in Ghana,
funded by the Canadian International
Development Agency, designed to lay the
preliminary groundwork that will be required
for training over 1,500 pediatric nurses
within the next 15 years. With our local
partners, SickKids will be fostering education
in pediatrics and improving child health
systems. The curriculum developed by our
nurse educators incorporates an under-
standing of the social determinants of
community health - essential for Ghanaian
nurses working in rural communities.
Exceptional patient care
More than 275,000 patients come through
SickKids’ doors each year. We strive to ensure
that each experience is positive, respectful and
effective. We aim to be a world leader in
family-centred care, and believe the best
health outcomes are achieved when health-
care professionals work together with patients
Providing high-quality patient care
and treatment informed by world-
leading research.
Implementing innovative practices
and processes to ensure patient safety,
equitable access and timely care.
Translating ideas into treatments
and sharing knowledge to benefit all
children, in an environment charac-
terized by ongoing professional devel-
opment and constant learning.
and their families. SickKids is committed to
developing the ability of our staff in working
with different cultures through cultural
competency training.
Groundbreaking research
The SickKids Research Institute is the
largest child health research institute in
Canada, and is a centre for excellence that
places SickKids on the world stage of
healthcare expertise. Researchers from
around the world are drawn to SickKids to
help understand and prevent disease, find
cures and transform children’s health.
SickKids clinicians and scientists have
been pioneers since the Hospital was founded
in 1875. It is the home of innovative
thinkers, resulting in inventions such as the
high frequency oscillator, and discoveries
including the gene that causes cystic fibrosis.
International learning
Our Fellowship and International Learner
Programs bring in healthcare professionals
from around the world, including almost 100
per year from the Middle East, to learn
SickKids’ best-of-class techniques right at the
bedside. SickKids is home to the largest,
most comprehensive pediatric medical
and surgical training program in
This is SickKids