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| M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H
Nebraska Medical Center
The Nebraska Medical Center
Department of Radiology has
been recognized as a “Top 25
Facility” in the United States
for the past two years by
Health Imaging & IT Magazine,
indicating a “facilities dedica-
tion to connectivity across the
enterprise.” This dedication
to connectivity extends well
beyond the local facility and
throughout the world. The
Nebraska Medical Center’s
Teleradiology services are unsurpassed and
provide seamless solutions to access its
world renowned medical resources. An
expert review of images and consultation by
highly specialized and knowledgeable radi-
ologists is at the disposal of any health care
facility desiring cutting edge, accurate and
rapid radiological diagnosis and care for its
The Nebraska Medical Center has also
been nationally ranked in 2012-13 by
News & World Report
in five specialties –
cancer, orthopedics, neurology and neuro-
surgery, gastroenterology and nephrology.
These are core specialties that require
expert and reliable guidance by the radi-
ology department. This national ranking
comes with the institution’s as well as the
Radiology Department’s absolute dedica-
tion to the highest level of patient care,
research and clinical outcomes.
Although quality clinical care, advance-
ment of radiological technology, innovative
radiology research and the commitment to
highly sub-specialized radiological interpre-
tations are of utmost importance to the
radiology department, the one factor which
really sets The Nebraska Medical Center
apart from other U.S. academic institutions
is the extreme dedication to service. The
appropriate clinical care of patients and
interpersonal interactions with
its international partners’
healthcare specialists are their
utmost priorities. Whether its
clinical colleagues practice
locally on campus in Nebraska
or thousands of miles across the
globe, each clinician is viewed
the same as an esteemed and
Nebraska Medical Center is
committed to the complete
satisfaction of all of its patients
and participating international
specialists and clinicians and strives to
accomplish this goal 100 percent of the
Department of Radiology
Founded in 1917, the Department of
Radiology at The Nebraska Medical Center
is steeped in history as a leading academic
radiology department in the United States.
The department has set the standard for
academic and clinical excellence for
decades. As a result, the radiology depart-
ment and medical center have become a
world renowned referral center for
advanced treatment of a variety of critical
and complex medical conditions.
The radiology department is comprised of
multiple fellowship trained radiologists in
every radiology subspecialty. Leading
experts in oncologic imaging, neuroradi-
ology, musculoskeletal radiology, women’s
imaging, cardiothoracic imaging, body
imaging, interventional radiology and pedi-
atric radiology provide the most technolog-
ically advanced medical care with rapid and
accurate diagnosis of a variety of health
concerns. These specialists utilize their
intensive training, innovative research and
cutting edge technology to advance the
field of radiology, setting the gold standard
for academic radiology departments.
In decades past, sharing medical
knowledge and expertise amongst physi-
cians in separate geographical regions
was formidable. However, with the
advent of modern technology and
connectivity, radiologists have been
thrust to the forefront of opportunities in
telemedicine in the form of teleradiology.
The Nebraska Medical Center is dedi-
cated to providing its teleradiology serv-
ices to extend radiological expertise at
the highest level to even the most remote
The Nebraska Medical Center offers its
services to its partners throughout the
world. It has collaborative partnership rela-
tionships with 123 institutions in 44 coun-
tries. It’s technological infrastructure,
subspecialty expertise and personalized
customer centric service provide an ideal
option for medical facilities desiring a
comprehensive solution for world class radi-
ological care. The medical center’s teleradi-
ology department reaches across the globe
and provides depth of expertise to under-
served and understaffed medical institutions
all over the world.
In addition to providing cross-border
teleradiology services, The Nebraska
Medical Center also provides customized
training services for international health-
care professionals, including radiology,
pathology, oncology, neurology and trans-
plantation. The Nebraska Medical Center
is proud to be the teaching hospital for their
academic partner, the University of
Nebraska Medical Center.
Please contact Nizar Mamdani, execu-
tive director, International Healthcare
Services of The Nebraska Medical Center
for more information on teleradiology,
training and education and partnership
opportunities, at +1-402-559-3656,
Dr CraigWalker
Exper t international
teleradiology services