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| M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H
Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics
atric health services. Areas that may be of
particular interest to Middle East profes-
sionals and families include:
With 12 neurologists, we offer special
expertise in neurophysiology, neuro-
developmental disabilities, and in
headaches. Our level IV Epilepsy Center,
one of only 13 in the United States, has
demonstrated dramatic outcomes using
both the ketogenic diet and resection
epilepsy surgery to reduce seizures.
Heart Care
Children’s Mercy operates one of the higher
volume heart centers in the U.S. with
hybrid suites that allows us to do more
procedures less invasively. The recent addi-
tion of new Cardiology Section Chief brings
notable expertise in echocardiography to
the hospital with a focus on measurements
of cardiac structures and validation of
advanced echocardiographic measurements,
including fetal and 3D echocardiolography.
The hospital offers a broad range of surgical
services including complex tertiary care of
congenital and acquired head, neck,
thoracic, abdominal and extremity disease.
The hospital also offers liver and kidney
transplant programs and recently estab-
lished a small bowel rehabilitation and
transplant program. The hospital’s research-
driven Center for Minimally Invasive
Surgery ranks among the top in the world in
number of MIS procedures performed.
Genomic Medicine
The Center for Pediatric Genomic
Medicine at Children’s Mercy is the first
genome center in the world located inside
a children’s hospital and exclusively
focused on improving health care for chil-
dren. The mission of the center is to be
the global referral center for diagnosis,
molecular understanding and treatment of
inherited childhood diseases. The center
has created a test that can identify
genomic information associated with
more than 600 severe childhood illnesses.
Children’s Mercy is making telemedicine
a key strategic tool to help improve
patient access to services, overcome the
barriers of time and distance and reduce
health care costs. High-definition, point-
to-point technology enables providers to
provide quality care to patients who live
too far away to travel to the hospital.
Using a cloud based image sharing plat-
form, Institutions are able to transmit
images to Board Certified Children’s
Mercy Pediatric Radiologist for diag-
nosing and second opinions. This tech-
nology enables our caregivers to enhance
diagnostic decision making, facilitate
treatment planning and improve patient
care. Cloud computing technology
uploads and distributes images through
a single comprehensive web portal. This
web-based connection can eliminate the
need for burning and importing CDs. The
efficiency advantages allows Children’s
Mercy to provide the service within a very
short turnaround time.
To learn more about our world class serv-
ices, contact the Director of International
Services at or
When our two founding sisters, Katharine
Berry Richardson and Alice Berry
Graham, opened the doors 115 years ago
to what is now Children’s Mercy Hospitals
and Clinics, their immediate goal was to
provide care for a single young child.
Without them, there was no one to care
for the little girl.
Today, Children’s Mercy Hospital in
Kansas City, Missouri is one of the busier
children’s hospitals in the United States,
admitting approximately 15,000 children
per year, and treating almost 500,000 outpa-
tient and emergency visits each year.
Children’s Mercy offers care in more than 40
specialty areas and was recently ranked
among the nation’s best children’s hospitals
in all 10 specialties rated by
U.S. News and
World Report
“Everything about Children’s Mercy is
about kids and their families. Providing
state-of-the-art, specialized pediatric
health care has given us a reputation that
brings more children through our doors
from an ever-expanding region,” says
Michael Artman, MD, Pediatrician-in-
Chief and Executive Director of Research
Strategy and Implementation.
High quality care is a hallmark of
Children’s Mercy and is evidenced by the
hospital’s outstanding outcomes in areas
such as liver and kidney transplant, cancer
care, epilepsy treatment and surgical proce-
dures. With a faculty of more than 400
employed pediatric subspecialists, the
hospital is at the forefront of innovation in
pediatric care and is becoming known inter-
nationally for its leadership in pediatric
genomic medicine, pharmacology and
personalized medicine. In addition,
Children’s Mercy was just the third pedi-
atric hospital to receive the prestigious
Magnet designation for excellence in
nursing services from the American Nurses
Credentialing Center, and the first hospital
to surpass 500 pediatric certified nurses.
With more than 40 specialty areas repre-
sented on the medical staff, Children’s
Mercy offers a comprehensive array of pedi-
care for kids