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| M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H
St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
testing prototypes for a total artificial heart
and working to improve left ventricular
assist devices (LVADs) and other heart
pumps. In addition to outstanding scien-
tific research, THI provides patients with
world-renowned clinical care by offering
treatments, such as the first FDA-approved
heart valve replacement and drug-eluting
balloons. For the past 22 years, the Texas
Heart® Institute at St. Luke’s has been
named among the nation’s top ten heart
and heart surgery centers by
U.S. News &
World Report
for its dedication to
advancing heart care.
In addition to stellar cardiovascular care,
St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital has been
recognized for its excellence in other
specialties. In 2012, St. Luke’s ranked
among the nation’s best in Diabetes &
Endocrinology; Ear, Nose & Throat;
Gastroenterology; Geriatrics; Nephrology;
Neurology & Neurosurgery; Orthopedics;
Pulmonology; and Urology by
U.S. News
& World Report
St. Luke’s Episcopal
Hospital offers the St. Luke’s
where patients have access
to some of the latest and
most advanced options in
the evaluation, treatment
and long-range manage-
diseases. The Interventional
Neuroradiology program
has received international
attention for its advanced
and surgical capabilities.
St. Luke’s Radiation
Therapy and CyberKnife
facility offers patients
Radiosurgery, a non-inva-
sive approach that treats
cancerous tumors anywhere in the body
with great accuracy. For example, prostate
cancer patients treated with CyberKnife
only require five treatments over a two-
week period compared to other types of
radiation that may require up to 48 treat-
ments within an eight- to nine-week
Home away from home
Serving the needs of international patients
and their families, St. Luke’s International
Patient Center (IPC) understands that
visiting a hospital, especially in a foreign
country, can be stressful. That’s why the
IPC team is here to assist 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, 365 days a year, with services
such as: second opinion, physician appoint-
ments and hospital scheduling, travel and
airport assistance, hotel reservations and/or
long-term housing, interpretation and
translation services, among other services.
St. Luke’s commitment to body, mind
and spirit includes caring for a patient’s
physical, as well as their emotional and
spiritual needs. Support services are avail-
able to assist with understanding hospital
procedures, staying in touch with family
members, and receiving spiritual guidance
from one’s faith of preference.
As part of its mission, St. Luke’s Episcopal
Hospital, home of the Texas Heart
Institute, wants to ensure a positive hospital
experience for international patients and
their families by bridging cultural and
language differences, providing personal
support and accommodating service
requests. We remain committed to
providing exceptional service and
Loving Care
in the surrounding communi-
ties and around the world.
International Patient Services:
Tel: 832-355-3350
Fax: 832-355-3002
For more than 50 years, St. Luke’s
Episcopal Hospital continues to offer high-
quality and compassionate,
Faithful, Loving
to patients from across the globe.
Located in the heart of Houston’s world-
renowned Texas Medical Center, St.
Luke’s continues its legacy of transforming
medicine and health through innovative
research and exceptional care.
Home to the Texas Heart Institute
(THI) since its founding by Denton A.
Cooley, MD, in 1962, St. Luke’s has part-
nered with THI for some of the most
important medical achievements in
cardiovascular history, including the
nation’s first successful human heart trans-
plantation and the world’s first total artifi-
cial heart transplantation.
THI physicians continue to be leaders in
innovative, ground-breaking research, and
are currently studying the use of adult
stem-cell therapy in creating new heart
muscle and vascular cells. They also are
faithful, loving care
St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital