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M I D D L E E A S T H E A L T H |
America is an exceedingly attractive destination for patients around the
world who seek the best healthcare available and have the means to pay for
it. Many hospitals in the United States and Canada – several of which are
advertising in this supplement – are recognised as global leaders in health-
care and attract patients from around the world who seek their innovative
and cutting-edge treatments. Inbound healthcare tourism to the US
continues to grow and this is true for wealthy or government-sponsored
Arab patients from the Middle East who continue to put their trust in US
healthcare despite the increased immigration difficulties some experience
with the heightened security following the 9/11 tragedy.
This supplement provides a platform or some of the US and Canada’s leading
hospitals to showcase their facilities and Centres of Excellence to a Middle
East audience. In these pages you will find out why they are leaders in their
fields, what innovative treatments they offer and why patients from the
Middle East have put their complete trust in their doctors.
The superior skills of their doctors is testament to the exceptional training
they receive in the US and Canada. The US not only leads the way in
doctor training at its many academic hospitals, but is also a global leader in
pharmaceutical development and medical device and technology innova-
tion. Billions of dollars are spent on medical research every year and their
research centres attract the world’s top scientists who continually
endeavour to break new ground in medical discovery.
Combine these aspects and it is clear why the US is considered a world
leader in healthcare and why it will continue to attract patients from abroad
who seek the best healthcare available.
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