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Cutting away causes of heart disease
Thanks to ongoing medical research in many different areas, heart disease could soon be no more than a distant memory writes Vicki Swain.
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Supplying scientific solutions in the lab
While surgeons and geneticists capture the headlines, laboratory medicine is quietly changing the physician’s world, offering a broad category of highly sophisticated sciences, which is constantly expanding and developing to alter the medical history books, writes Gemma Banks.
Plugging the gaps
Dentists can offer their patients a completely new image, an improved dental capability with the introduction of implants, writes Philippa Barr.
Hope for the broken hearted
The new AbioCor artificial heart, which is designed to fit inside the body, without skin penetration.

Second cancer unit is planned for the Emirates
Egyptian specialist wants to produce designer babies
UAE Ministry of Health weighs Dh50 million order

Morphinelike drugs could offer relief for amputees
New bacteria target tumours in mice
New daffodil drug helps Alzheimer’s sufferers


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