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COVER STORY - Clearly visionary
Nuclear technology that “lights up” cancer is being under-utilised in the Middle East despite its
enormous benefits in fighting illness.

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Keeping order
The medical world is changing – fast. Just as one IT innovation becomes the norm, along comes
the next – better, faster, more efficient.

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Education deal
Doctors covered for malpractice in UAE
AIDS clinic for Riyadh
Management training
Emirates’ elderly population growing
Dubai hospitals integrated
Infant deaths increase
New hospitals for UAE
Iran vacinates millions for measles
Egyptian pharmaceutical projects get green light

Aids on the increase
Cure for blindness
Ginger may stem SARS
Email over dose
DVT risk small
Medical mystery
Anti-biotic crisis
Scientists find genetic link to breast cancer
Beware your fishtank
Researchers report bone marrow cells heal heart
EC to fund controversial stem cell research
Multiple myeloma find
Alternative drug to prevent heart attacks
Systolic better indicator of mortality risk
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