We are proud of the fact that this 144-page issue of Middle East Health is the largest in the magazine’s 28-year history. We believe this reflects both the dynamic state of the healthcare sector in the Middle East and our constant efforts to remain the leader in publications covering healthcare in the region.

We are also proud to be covering Arab Health, clearly the paramount healthcare event in our region. Its scale and comprehensive coverage of issues has rightly earned it the title of leader in its field.

But we are also proud of the fact that we are not the official magazine of Arab Health. That title is a double-edged sword, carrying with it privileges but also editorial constraint. To be the official magazine of the event carries with it an obligation not to partner with other events in the region.

We believe passionately that the healthcare sector in the region is best served by unfettered coverage of as many events as possible. We are happy to partner with a wide range of conferences and exhibitions, such as MenaMeditech in Cairo, Saudi Hospital in Jeddah and IMD Dubai among others. But not at the expense of other events. Just as Arab Health is the paramount exhibition and conference in the region, Middle East Health is the leader in its field. It is so due to our unmatched track record in delivering the most comprehensive coverage of events in the region.

It’s a philosophy that has sustained Middle East Health since 1977 and one recognised and respected in the healthcare sector. It probably helps account for the size of this issue and explains why visits to our website – – have doubled in the past six months.

Meanwhile, we are updating our database. If you wish to keep receiving your copy of Middle East Health please complete the “database update” form online on our website.

Brian Wilkie

(Jan-Feb 2006)



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