Jan-Feb 2010

Philips launches new sleep therapy system for OSA

Philips has launched in the Middle East its new Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This new system is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) solution with intelligent technology that simplifies patient management by treating instead of monitoring patients and recognising when therapy needs are changing, while offering sophisticated comfort enhancements.

OSA is one of the most common sleep disorders worldwide. It is a condition that causes a person’s breathing to stop repeatedly during the night, which disrupts their sleep. It’s believed that only a small fraction of people with OSA have been diagnosed. According to a study of 2,513 people conducted by Philips in the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Germany and Japan it is estimated that 2% of women and 4% of men suffer from OSA.

Philips says OSA can easily be diagnosed by physicians upon assessing a patient’s complaints and symptoms. If sleep apnea is suspected, a patient will be referred for a diagnostic sleep study known as a polysomnogram, to confirm the type and severity of the sleep apnea, as well as the appropriate treatment.

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Ampronix unveils new imaging tech

Medvix surgical displays offer features and functionality new to the surgical and endoscopic arena. Select models provide resolution up to 1920 x 1200, luminance up to 750 cd/m², contrast ratios up to 1200: 1, viewing angles up to 178º H x 178º V, a full spectrum of inputs and outputs, and feature a medical grade antibacterial treated enclosure to provide a safeguard against bio-deterioration. HD models include HDSDI input for HD picture with loop through technology while the Medvix 21” and 24” models can receive 2 HD signals and show picture by picture at 1080p. The Medvix 21” display is also the brightest surgical display on the market.

Modalixx is the only multi-modality display solution on the medical market that autosyncs to any legacy colour or grayscale analog modality including Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, Endoscopy/ Surgical, Portable X-Ray, and Nuclear Medicine applications. The display works with a range of low line to high line video signals and will upgrade to 2 mega pixel resolution. The Modalixx LCD display accepts any combination of BNC connections and is compatible with manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Toshiba, Shimadzu and Philips.

Dynamaxx 3D is a lenticular display offering 3D viewing in full brightness and contrast without the use of 3D eyewear. This auto-stereoscopic technology supports wide viewing angles for multi-viewing crisp and clear video or still images.

● For live demos and more information, visit Ampronix at Arab Health 2010, US Pavilion, Booth 1E50.

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Cardiomed to introduce new safety needle products

CardioMed recently acquired Puncture Guard safety needle products. Their new range of safety blood collection needles and winged infusion sets will be launched at Arab Health 2010 (Booth # SAD 18). Unlike other products that activate their safety mechanism upon removal or after removal, Puncture Guard can be activated shortly after insertion, protecting the patient’s vessel during the procedure as well as the caregiver upon removal. CardioMed will also be introducing a new Arterial Filter to their CardioVascular range and a new addition to their Paracentesis drainage products.

● For more details visit www.cardiomed.com

● Arab Health: Booth SAD 18

Hansaplast markets innovative blister protection

Hansaplast has introduced its newest range of Blister Plasters, Cut, Stick & Go blister protection strips and Anti-Blister Gel. The blister plasters create a shield against against pressure and friction, reducing pain and discomfort.

The virtually invisible Cut, Stick & Go strips, made of thin and flexible material, conform to the shape of your foot and can be cut to fit slinky, strappy heels and are ideal for any fashionista’s foot care arsenal.

Hansaplast’s innovative Anti- Blister Gel actively prevents blisters from forming. The gel forms a thin, invisible barrier that offers protection against friction and pressure, presenting a long-lasting and effective solution to blister prevention. innovative Anti- Blister Gel actively prevents blisters from forming. The gel forms a thin, invisible barrier that offers protection against friction and pressure, presenting a long-lasting and effective solution to blister prevention.

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KLS Martin breaks new ground in surgical lighting

With its marLED operating lights, KLS Martin is pioneering new paths in surgical site illumination. The company is offering an innovative LED line in addition to its well-known marLUX gas discharge and halogen operating light series.

marLED is new because it uses second-generation LED chips that are smaller, more compact and more efficient in terms of light yield as well as power consumption. And there is still more to it than just technical and lighting advantages. marLED is based on a radically new optical and housing concept that combines ergonomics and advanced technology into a path-breaking design to create a highly agreeable working atmosphere in any state-of-the-art operating room.

marLED has been distinguished with internationally renowned design awards – and has even been nominated a candidate for the “prize of prizes”: the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Barco showcases new 10 megapixel display

At the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago in November last year, medical display company Barco showcased its Coronis Fusion 10MP, the latest addition to its line of ‘Fusion’ diagnostic display systems. The new display incorporates a high-bright 30-inch grayscale LCD panel which can be used as two seamless 5 megapixel heads or one wide-screen 10 megapixel display.

The company says “with this large seamless desktop, radiologists will be able to read and compare highresolution grayscale images such as chest, bone and breast, more efficiently than ever before”.

“The new Coronis Fusion 10MP is the next logical step in an ongoing evolution towards large, single-screen diagnostic display solutions that bring more flexibility and efficiency to the radiology reading room,” explained Barco’s medical Market Director Geert Carrein. “Radiologists will benefit from the highest level of grayscale precision, in a form factor that is more user-friendly and provides the ultimate in desktop flexibility.” One of the display’s innovations is a proprietary ‘SmoothGray’ technology which assures a more precise DICOM curve, thereby improving the visibility of subtle details. The Coronis Fusion 10MP also includes Barco’s proprietary Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT), which provides consistent brightness over the entire 30-inch screen surface.

Barco said that the new Coronis Fusion 10MP will herald a new chapter in the company’s commitment to building a green future. Therefore, special attention has been paid to the selection of nonhazardous components from audited suppliers, as well as to the product’s energy-efficiency and recyclability.

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Stylistic sleeper sofa designed for healthcare community

David Edward proudly introduces the Grand Island Sleeper Sofa. A high performance seating and sleeping solution developed for the specific needs of the healthcare community. This product embodies multi-functional durability created to withstand and adapt for the ultimate in patient and visitor comfort. Additionally, its unique custom options allow endless stylistic solutions.

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Joerns Healthcare launches 21st century standaid with unique features

A revolutionary ultra-compact, folding standaid with features never seen before in the care market will be on display at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai in January.

The Journey, described by the UK-based firm as a patient lift for the 21st century, is portable and can be easily stowed into a car allowing patient and carer greater freedom.

Three years in design and development, it incorporates a unique three-position cowhorn handle for the ultimate in flexibility and patient comfort – the only standaid on the market with this feature. Part of the company’s professional range and sister product to the market leading Advance lift, the Journey also incorporates:
● Rapid folding feature for onward transport and storage
● Compact design which is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
● 155kgs safe working load
● Quick transfer functionality
● Rehabilitation mode

“The three-position handle makes it so much easier for patients of all sizes to be comfortably moved into a standing position”, said Joerns Healthcare’s Managing Director of Commercial Operations, Nathan McWattie. “In fact the Journey has been designed throughout to offer high levels of safety and functionality for both the carer and patient. We have made it very simple to use with features that facilitate safe transfer practice. “Also, its ability to fold away, and stand upright for storage, is exceptional.”

As with all Professional series lifts, the Journey has been designed with the 5 principles of safe moving & handling in mind:
1. Get close to the load
2. Use a wide stable base
3. Ensure a comfortable firm grasp
4. Keep spine close to neutral
5. Make sure movement is smooth

● Visit the Joerns Healthcare stand at Arab Health for a demonstration.

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Dräger introduces new transport ventilator

The new Dräger Oxylog 3000 plus intensive care quality ventilation can reach every patient, be it in intra hospital transport, in emergency situations and during air rescue operations. The most important new options are volume controlled ventilation with AutoFlow and integrated capnography in the main stream procedure. Non-invasive ventilation is possible by default.

Dräger has continued to be a one of the leading companies in emergency ventilation for about 120 years, with the Dräger Oxylog product family being firmly established on the market for more than 30 years. With the Oxylog 3000 plus, the newest emergency and transport ventilator, Dräger offers an extended solution for the critical care transport and emergency care. Although the device replaces the existing Oxylog 3000 device, the current portfolio of accessories can continue to be used on the new unit.

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First DataBank develops Drug Databases with Decision Support

First DataBank (FDB) is a leading provider of drug databases and clinical decision support with a reputation that attracts healthcare organisations worldwide. FDB works closely with a wide range of leading healthcare system vendors, hospitals, clinics, health insurance carriers and other healthcare organisations in the UK, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia Pacific.

With over 30 years experience of maintaining and developing drug databases and clinical decision support, together with the technology to integrate into electronic healthcare systems across all settings, FDB has unrivalled expertise and knowledge in its field.

Patient safety is the driving force behind our business. Through the effective implementation of our products, we enable safer prescribing, dispensing and administration, helping clinicians to avoid potential medication errors.

FDB’s drug database provides a comprehensive referential source of clinical and commercial information on a wide range of pharmaceutical products and packs. When integrated into a clinical system, the database provides drug-specific information including drug warnings, side effects, drug indications and dosing administration.

FDB’s clinical decision support is designed to assist clinicians through prescribing, dispensing and administration by providing relevant clinical information. Clinical decision support checks the medication about to be prescribed, dispensed or administered against information held in the electronic patient record and generates an alert message if there are potential clinical problems. By supporting clinicians in this way, we play a key role in helping to reduce medication errors. Our products can be used:

● As a vital referential source of drug information for physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers

● To enable electronic prescribing and therefore reducing transcribing errors associated with hand written prescriptions

● In all types of prescribing applications for patientspecific clinical decision support

● In dispensing systems to help validate and provide a final check before the medication is dispensed.

For more information visit www.firstdatabank.co.uk or email (quoting reference MEHealth) to

DTR Medical launches new single-use instruments

DTR Medical – the rapidly growing specialist in sterile single-use surgical instruments is exhibiting a number of new products at this year’s Arab Health in Dubai in January (Hall 7 B53). The highlights include a new neonatal Poole Suction Handle, a Tischler Biopsy Punch and VNUS closure Phlebectomy Hooks, which have been developed to meet clinical demand for disposable replacement for traditional reusable equipment.

These new products contribute to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and complications like surgical site infections, thereby minimising hospital stay, lowering cost and reducing potential litigation. Disposables also rule out reprocessing – the need to clean reusable instruments. Reprocessing is a difficult and timely process, often leading to delayed patient throughput and raised costs from high manual handling rates.

Each new single-use disposable instruments must be of a consistent high quality, and must be available at all times. DTR Medical takes particular care to ensure every instrument meets these demands.

DTR Medical was launched four years ago, and since then it has grown rapidly to meet the increasing demand for sterile single-use surgical instruments. It has a wide base of public and private sector hospital customers and already supplies a number of international markets primarily through a distributor network. The company is also using Arab Health to find more partners to develop and improve the service.

As a result the company’s development DTR Medical has won two medical industry outstanding growth awards in the past three years.

● For more information email: adavidson@dtrmedical.com
● Visit: www.dtrmedical.com
● Arab Health: Hall 7 B53

Codonics introduces Smart Label System

Codonics, a global leader providing innovative, cost-effective solutions in medical image distribution, will introduce the Codonics Smart Label System, a work-in-progress, for the first time in the Middle East at the Arab Health Show, Dubai.

The Codonics Smart Label System is a barcode assisted syringe labelling technology that scans NDC drug vial barcodes, and prints a fullcolour label containing labelling data elements as required by The Joint Commission (TJC).

The innovative labelling system developed to provide clinicians with IV medication safety checks, the Smart Label System ensures that syringe labels are fully compliant with the US National Safety Patient Goals of The Joint Commission Standards (TJC) and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Guidelines for medication labelling. Designed for the perioperative environment, the Smart Label System automates the workflow so that compliant labels are printed while the syringe is being prepared.

The Codonics Smart Label System is based upon the SmartLabels technology licensed from Massachusetts General Hospital. The system was developed by anaesthesiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital to prevent intravenous medication errors via bar-code assisted medication labelling. At the 2008 ASA Annual Meeting, the system was awarded the Ellison C. Pierce Award from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation for best scientific exhibit in patient safety.

A syringe labelled with the Codonics Smart Label System can be integrated with an Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS), via a data-rich, 2D barcode

● For more information visit: www.codonics.com
● At Arab Health: US Pavilion, stand 1 G30

China-based Neusoft enters global market with 16-slice CT


The NeuViz 16 Multi-Slice CT scanner was developed and manufactured by Philips Neusoft Medical Systems, a joint venture between Royal Philips and China-based Neusoft Medical.

The system has been approved by FDA and CE, and it is also marketed as the first of its kind in China. Neusoft shipped the scanner to a US customer in July last year, marking the company’s foray into the global high-end medical market.

NeuViz 16 multi-slice CT scanner is designed with the latest integrated detector for optimised SNR and scanning time, and its patented technology of dynamic focal spot ensures a higher spatial resolution during scanning and creates more detailed 3D/MPR images.

The product also features DoseRight Modulation as well as a paediatric protocol to ensure optimised dose without compromising image quality. Based on its own accumulated experience and strength in software, Neusoft Medical has researched and developed a series of computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) software applications in a variety of specialties to greatly enhance and expand the diagnostic capabilities of CT, which has created a unique competitive advantage for its CT systems. Features include:

● 5.0MHU DUNLEE tube configured with strong 50kW Spellman generator;

● 24mm volume coverage and 0.75mm slices enable advanced motion-sensitive applications;

● Impressive image quality for routine neuro, ortho and body imaging using advanced reconstruction algorithms;

● DoseRight design delivers optimal dose efficiency without compromising image quality;

● Provides maximum patient throughput with an exceptionally compact design of 11.5ft*16.5ft;

● Remote Service package continuously links the NeuViz 16 directly to an Online Service Center.

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Warming patients globally – Inditherm Medical visits Middle East

Clinically proven to reduce the risk of hypothermia, wound infections, and blood loss, as well as encouraging faster recovery times, Inditherm Medical are providing the Middle East with their innovative patient warming systems.

Using patented flexible carbon polymer technology, Inditherm systems use unique high thermal transfer characteristics to produce a completely constant warming effect. Being fully re-useable there is an enormous cost saving over traditional products and combined with the low power consumption, a significant environmental advantage is delivered.

Inditherm’s products take up less room than traditional warm air systems, reduce noise levels in theatre and won’t overheat theatre staff. Moorfield’s Eye Hospital in Dubai, put in an urgent delivery order for Inditherm to supply their Alpha system in operating theatres in order to carry out operations on small children the following week; within 7 days of the order being placed, the systems for Moorfield’s operating theatres were installed and in use.

Patricia Simons, Operations Manager and Chief Nurse at Moorfield’s Hospital, said: “We have three small children who urgently need surgery to prevent sight loss, and with the warming system delivered we can go ahead and treat them.”

Iniditherm are hoping to further their links with the Middle East when they travel to Arab Health exhibition in Dubai in January. Nick Bettles, Inditherm Chief Executive, said: “Arab Health will offer us the perfect opportunity to meet with potential distributors from across the Middle East and give us a chance to showcase our latest technology products. We pride ourselves on being responsive to customers’ needs and hope that travelling to Dubai will allow us to discover more opportunities.”

● To arrange a meeting with Inditherm at the show, contact Nick Bettles at nbettles@indithermplc.com

● Arab Health: Stand 18 Hall 6.

RTI launches new x-ray / light field alignment tool

RTI Electronics has developed a new product and method for verifying the alignment between the X-ray and light field. The new product, Nova, released in October last year is composed by a number of rulers covered by a fluorescent material which makes the difference between the fields visible with help of a camera. The system is unique as it gives less than 1 millimeter resolution over the whole measured area and at the same time real-time documentation. Nova is a time saving solution for and works on all types of x-ray machines, digital and analogue, in accordance with international standards.

When the X-rays hit the surface of the Nova screen it lights up very brightly. However, the RTI Nova is much more than a fluorescent screen. It is a complete solution which enables the radiologist to check the extension of the light field as well as the x-ray field. The fields are compared and documented clearly. It also enables the reporting and storage of results.

High resolution snapshot
The Nova rulers can be placed in a cross or next to each other in a fan-shaped fashion. Every ruler is a sandwich construction consisting of a copper scale (so it can be seen on an x-ray image), a scintillator layer and on top a visual scale. Four orientation markers that run along the rulers are included. They are placed at the borders of the light field. These markers are also visible on the xray image.

A camera is included to capture a video of the fluorescence without the radiologist being in the room. Since the markers also are visible in the snapshot, you can easily see the deviation between the two fields.

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Trumpf unveils paediatric OR tabletop

Germany company Trumpf has released an OR tabletop designed specifically for paediatric patients. It includes table accessories that meet the needs of paediatric surgery.

The OR tabletop, designed for children up to 100 cm in height and weighing a maximum of 80 kg, gives the surgeon optimal access to the surgical site. A separate extension plate can be added at the foot end to extend the table length for taller children. To minimise the incidents of pressure ulcers, the OR tabletop, as well as the extension plate, can be equipped with three different types of padding. The paediatric OR tabletop is narrower and shorter than the standard OR tabletops from Trumpf. They can, however, be used with all Trumpf OR table columns including TruSystem 7500, Jupiter System and the Saturn System.

Various extension accessories allow the paediatric patient to be positioned safely and in the anatomically correct position. These tables are designed for numerous medical procedures ranging from ENT surgery to oral and maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery. Neurosurgery requires the use of a multi-function skull clamp. Special skull pins come as attachments for this clamp and provide safe support and positioning of the child’s head in paediatric neurosurgery.

For intra-operative x-ray diagnosis, Trumpf also offers accessories made of radiolucent carbon fibre specifically adapted to paediatric needs.

A vacuum mattress facilitates optimal positioning: It adapts to the child’s body and keeps the child warm and stable. The vacuum mattress is mounted in a special, electrically conductive table pad on the paediatric OR tabletop that allows for the easy transport of the paediatric patient from the OR tabletop.

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Fresenius-Kabi to showcase Injectomat Agilia TIVA

Fresenius-Kabi’s Injectomat TIVA Agilia is a single channel syringe pump dedicated to anaesthesia. Depending on your medical practice, it can be used either in TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) mode (ml/h or dose rate), or in TCI (Target Controlled Infusion) mode (plasma concentration or effect site concentration). The device is easy to use and has a complete set of features, including PK (Pharmacokinetic) models for 4 drugs : propofol, remifentanil, sufentanil, alfentanil (in option).

Like all the Agilia devices, Injectomat TIVA Agilia is highly intuitive to use. The learning process is simple and short thanks to a clear front panel, obvious keys and meaningful pictograms.

Numerous safety features guarantee a secured use of the device: syringe positioning detector, clear texts and diagrams, and advanced pressure management. Combined with Vigilant Drug’Lib, the drug libraries software (DERS), intravenous anaesthesia becomes even safer.

The Agilia family offers a complete range of infusion pumps, accessories and disposables to cover all major IV drug administration needs.

● Visit Fresenius-Kabi at Arab Health: Hall 2 B30

Invivo unveils system for detection of breast lesions

The launch of Invivo Corporation’s ONCAD for DynaCAD marks the availability of the first FDA-cleared, fullyautomated morphological system for the detection and analysis by a radiologist of suspicious breast lesions. The ONCAD system was unveiled at RSNA 2009 in Chicago.

Developed in partnership with leading experts in breast MRI, ONCAD for DynaCAD uses a patented mathematical algorithm to analyse the entire breast and draw a physician’s attention to abnormal morphology during a contrastenhanced breast MRI. ONCAD’s fractal mathematics and proprietary algorithms not only enhance the detection of both invasive and noninvasive lesions, the approach also delineates the extent of the disease by measuring margin sharpness to determine the degree of lesion vascularisation. The suspicious lesions are marked with a colour overlay, light pink for moderate suspicion and dark pink for highly suspicious lesions, an important data point in a physician’s assessment.

Studies have shown that while breast MRI procedures are costeffective screening methods for high-risk patients and have a higher sensitivity than mammography, the numerous images generated have low specificity. ONCAD provides physicians with an objective quantification of the margins of suspicious lesions by employing shape- and texture-based filters to improve specificity. The results are seamlessly integrated in an automated DynaCAD hanging. Because ONCAD provides physicians with more visual information, they are able to detect suspicious lesions that may be imperceptible to the human eye, thereby improving their diagnostic confidence. The unveiling of ONCAD for DynaCAD follows the launch last year of Invivo’s Luminescence Breast Coil System, DynaCAD version 2.1 with QuickClick Segmentation, and DynaSuite Neuro Advanced MR Workstation.

● For more information visit: www.invivocorp.com

Carestream Health to showcase new SuperPACS architecture

At Arab Health, Carestream Health will showcase its its fully featured RIS/PACS platform and the company’s new SuperPACS architecture designed to streamline radiology workflow. The system does this by allowing radiologists in any on-site or remote location to read from a global worklist that provides a unified set of imaging studies created from multiple vendors’ PACS located throughout the enterprise.

This unified global worklist enables a cross-site, collaborative workflow, allowing optimised use of radiologists – as well as enabling efficient subspecialty reading. The SuperPACS architecture is designed for hospitals and healthcare enterprises, regional health networks, single- or multi-site imaging centres, reading groups and teleradiology services.

Using unique tunnelling technology, data-intensive studies can be quickly delivered to radiologists on demand from any location, and do not require prefetching or pre-archiving of the image data to a central location. Instead patient information and metadata from existing archives are synchronised into a central database – avoiding the expensive and time-consuming migration of pixel data.

Carestream Health explains that users maintain control over the global worklist and can elect to deliver exams to radiologists and specialists through a set of user-defined rules. Complementing the tunnelling technology, intelligent streaming supports rapid transmission over any type of network bandwidth.

SuperPACS Architecture easily combines or separates patient data created at multiple sites by supporting a Master Patient ID using IHE profiles. This means that a patientcentric view may be created and assures that data from different patients – who may have been assigned the same local patient ID at different facilities – does not get mixed up.

In addition to offering access to current and prior DICOM exams, SuperPACS also allows users to review non-DICOM data. This infrastructure also supports business continuity and disaster recovery options.

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Medispec’s Cardiospec for non-invasive cardiac revascularisation

Medispec’s innovative cardiac shockwave system, the Cardiospec, uses Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularisation (ESMR) technology for the treatment of patients with advanced Ischemic Heart Disease.

The Cardiospec is an advanced, unique echo-based therapy device for non-invasive cardiac revascularisation. Low intensity, focused shockwaves have been found to stimulate local, precise and controlled angiogenesis at ischemic areas no longer treatable by conventional invasive methods. It offers the echocardiography department an opportunity to take an active role as a valid treatment option for CAD patients.

Clinical results show a significant improvement in CCS class, exercise tolerance, increase in myocardial perfusion and obviously improvement in myocardial contractility. ESMR is safe, showing no arrhythmias, no cardiac enzyme rise and no reported device-related side effects.

ESMR using the Cardiospec system is an ideal alternative complementing standard treatment procedures currently used for revascularization. ESMR systems successfully installed in Asia: the Philippines, India, China, Vietnam, Korea and more. ESMR in the rest of the world: Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Russia, Latin America, Canada and more.

Founded in 1992, Medispec develops, manufactures and markets high-tech medical equipment using shockwave technology for the fields of Urology (Extracorporeal and Intracorporeal lithotripsy), Cardiology (Extracorporeal Shockwave for Myocardial Revascularisation – ESMR), Orthopedics (ESWT), Physiotherapy (Radial Wave Therapy – RWT) and Thermotherapy (for Prostatitis & BPH), Aesthetics (Cellulite reduction using RWT), as well as veterinary applications.

Medispec provides advanced, high quality products that comply with worldwide standards.

● Medispec is looking for distributors Contact: Kobe Bovetes, Regional Manager, Asia, Africa & the ME E-mail: kobe@medispec.com, Mobile: +44 7734 647 638

● For more information visit: www.medispec.com

● At Arab Health: US Pavilion, stand 1E19

Intersurgical launches FaceFit NIV

FaceFit - a new range of fullface masks for non-invasive ventilation (NIV) are now available from Intersurgical.

The FaceFit has been designed to provide a light, comfortable interface for the patient with minimal dead space. The soft silicone seal requires minimum pressure resulting in improved patient comfort and tolerance over prolonged use.

The head harness is an integral part of the design, its simplicity allows for optimum adjustment combined with a quick-release mechanism for instant patient access if required. Two options are available, the FaceFit, a sealed mask for conventional ventilation and the FaceFit ported with antiasphyxiation valve for use with BIPAP and CPAP applications.

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Omron’s HeartScan study shows exceptional accuracy

The HeartScan is a cordless, singlechannel screening and self-monitoring device suitable for patient and professional use. Recordings of 30s provide information on heart rate, rhythm and ECG waveform. Results can be viewed on the large LCD display and transferred to a PC-linked analysis tool.

In a multicentre study* recently published in Europace by the German Atrial Fibrillation Competence Network (AFNET) the clinical accuracy of the OMRON HeartScan was compared to a standard 12-lead ECG in 508 patients at four centres. The study showed that recordings with the HeartScan detect arrhythmias and other changes in the ECG with a very high accuracy. Furthermore, it was found to be helpful to identify transient ECG changes such as paroxysmal AF in palpitations, syncope, or other unexplained cardiac symptoms. The singlechannel, patient-operated ECG was simple to use by patients.

*Kaleschke, G., Hoffmann, B., Drewitz, I., Steinbeck, G., Naebauer, M., Goette, A., Breithardt, G., Kirchhof, P. Prospective, multicentre validation of a simple, patient-operated electrocardiographic system for the detection of arrhythmias and electrocardiographic changes. Europace (2009) 11, 1362-1368.

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