Siemens unveils world’s first integrated PET-MR
Siemens Healthcare has unveiled the world’s first hybrid PET-MR scanner with simultaneous image data acquisition in what is being hailed as a significant breakthrough in medical imaging.   
Panel Discussion - Rising to the challenge in times of adversity
To what extent has the healthcare industry in the Middle East been affected by the recession? What strengths have come to the fore in these times of adversity? These are some of the questions put to a panel of regional leaders in healthcare...
Cardiology - The use of Bilateral Internal Mammary Arteries in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
In the 2010 European Society of Cardiology Congress in Stockholm, the benefits and safety concerns with the use of bilateral internal mammary arteries in bypass surgeries were at the forefront of discussion.
  Pharmacology - Availability of poison antidotes in Abu Dhabi hospitals
Inadequate hospital stocks and the unavailability of essential antidotes is a worldwide problem with potentially disastrous situations for poisoned patients.

Screen, Plan, Act - Abu Dhabi’s initiative to reduce CVD
Callan Emery speaks to Dr Cother Hajat, section head, Public Health Programmes, Health Authority-Abu Dhabi, about the Weqaya programme, its findings and their implications.


HIV/AIDS - AIDS vaccine research – where is it headed?
IRIN/PlusNews speaks to Mitchell Warren, executive director of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, about the future of HIV vaccine research and development.

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Iraq Report - Hard health for women
Accessing good health care in Iraq is a challenge for many people, as it is in most developing countries, however, women in particular face unique hardships when seeking healthcare in this war-torn nation.
  Qatar Report - Largest biobank in Arab world to be set up in Qatar
A “biobank” of samples and clinical measurements from tens of thousands of people is to be established in Qatar to help scientists understand the causes of major diseases and develop new treatments.
The impact of climate change on working people
Global Health Action published a thematic series of papers focusing on a hitherto unrecognised consequence of climate change – impacts upon working people due to heat exposure and non-heat related risks.
  HIV/AIDS - Expert calls for protection of rights of those affected by AIDS in Middle East
Tackling HIV/AIDS in the Arab region is a challenge that governments, health and religious institutions must face upfront while the rights of those affected by the disease needs to be protected...
Pharmacology - Dengue vaccine enters phase 3 clinical trials
Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of sanofi-aventis Group has said that its dengue vaccine has entered phase 3 clinical trials in Australia, making it the most clinically advanced dengue vaccine.
Human Resources - Surgeon Burnout
Just as with everyone else perhaps, the more hours surgeons work, and the more nights they spend on call each week, the more likely they are to face burn-out, depression, dissatisfaction with their careers and serious work-home conflicts, according to a major new study led by Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic researchers.
Public Health - WHO: strengthen health financing to increase access to services
Governments worldwide are struggling to pay for health care. As populations get older, as more people suffer chronic diseases, and as new and more expensive treatments appear, health costs soar.
  Health Insurance - Healthcare payment reform in Abu Dhabi
In Abu Dhabi, the introduction of a mandatory health insurance scheme and the transitioning of hospital financing towards a revenue-based model necessitated thinking about how to create price transparency and better align incentives between all parties involved...
Neurology - The brain’s stop-start signals revealed
The basal ganglia is a series of highly connected brain areas localised deep in the cerebral cortex that recently has attracted interest of neuroscientists when it was linked to learning, and discovered to be affected in a number of disorders of the addictive and obsessive spectrum, but also in Parkinson’s disease (PD).
Reaching new heights
Middle East Health was invited to visit Taiwan in November to look at the country’s medical device manufacturing industry.
Innovation - World first: baby born in high-field MRI scanner
An interdisciplinary team of scientists and leading medics from Berlin’s Charité University Hospital has successfully managed a world first: they performed the birth of a child in an open high-field MRI scanner from Philips.
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Is this the beginning of bionic man?
The concept of using thought to move a robotic device, a wheelchair, a prosthetic limb, or a computer was once strictly the stuff of science fiction, but no longer.    


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