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I trust youíll all be pleased by another Middle East Health bumper issue, easily our biggest yet. A big thank you must go to the many contributors who have written interesting and informative articles for this issue, as well as to our editorial and marketing staff that have put it together. And of course, we are especially appreciative of the substantial advertising support we have received.

This is particularly pertinent in a time when many are still feeling the bite of the global recession, and is indicative of the positive outlook that our advertisers have for the health industry in this region. However, it comes as little surprise to us. While much of the world struggles to extricate itself from the global economic downturn, the healthcare industry in the Middle East has remained a significant growth market, with large infrastructural projects continuing across the region.
It has been fascinating and stimulating, particularly with our inside perspective, to witness this rapid development over the past several years, which in turn has resulted in a flourishing of all sectors of the industry. As it has expanded, so has Middle East Health, as we do our best under an ever increasing deluge of information to keep you abreast of medical advances here and elsewhere. Itís been quite a ride, and we donít see it slowing up for many more years Ė if anything, just the contrary.

The expansion of the Arab Health exhibition has been phenomenal, but what has also captured our attention is the growth in the overall number and quality of healthcare congresses, conferences and seminars across the region, many of which Middle East Health has had the privilege of serving as media partner. These events, such as the recent inaugural World Health Care Congress in Abu Dhabi, are critical to the improvement of the quality of healthcare in the region. As an independent publication we will continue to actively support them, and in fact our íCalendar of Eventsí is one of the most viewed pages on the MEH website.

This issue has a wealth of information. Among the highlights are the cover story about Siemensí new PET-MR scanner, a world first that looks set to trigger another revolution in medical imaging. Methodist Hospital International and Middle East Health recently sponsored a roundtable discussion by regional industry leaders, debating a range of issues including the challenges posed by the recession. Their conversation on page 66 is enlightening. And to coincide with the Arab Health exhibition we have a fully-expanded product news section.

As always, many thanks for your support, and on behalf of all the MEH team, I wish you excellent health, happiness and prosperity in 2011.

Brian Wilkie

(Jan-Feb 2011)



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