Jan-Feb 2011


Philips and Maquet to showcase new Hybrid OR  

Royal Philips Electronics, in partnership with Maquet are jointly showcasing the latest version of their Hybrid Operating Room (OR) Suite at Arab Health 2011. On display will be the Allura Xper FD OR Table which integrates the Philips Allura Xper angiographic x-ray system with the Maquet Hybrid OR solution including hybrid table. Also on show will be the HeartNavigator, OR lights, monitors, and radiation protection walls.


The Hybrid OR Suite is a simple, oneroom solution combining facilities for both minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Globally, hospitals are increasingly moving towards more same-day and minimally invasive surgery, such as catheterbased cardiac treatments, which are often less costly and less strenuous for patients. Clinicians recognise the advantages of minimally-invasive procedures for certain procedures and patients, which may include shorter patient recovery times, greater patient comfort and faster patient throughput.

For this reason hospitals require their operating rooms to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate both minimally invasive as well as open surgical procedures, and to include the latest technologies. Since different interdisciplinary teams may need to operate in the same room over the course of a day, the key to success of a Hybrid OR is its cross-purpose functionality. All elements for both imageguided and open surgical procedures must be well integrated and easy to access.

The Hybrid OR Suite meets this growing need for multipurpose functionality and minimally invasive interventions to address a spectrum of cardiac conditions, both structural and degenerative. It provides a solution that combines the equipment needed to perform both open and endovascular cardiac procedures within the same room.

The Hybrid OR concept is a significant breakthrough in facilitating procedural collaboration between specialties, with hybrid OR procedures being coded by payors as a single procedure to encourage clinicians to make the best choice for the patient without the need for cost considerations. Surgeons and interventionalists believe that this concept will enable them to provide a wider range of treatments, improve care and reduce procedure costs.

Traditionally, x-ray imaging is used to navigate cardiac interventions performed in a cardiac catheterisation lab. In recent times, 3D ultrasound imaging in visualising complex structures during interventions has become more important. The Philips/Maquet Hybrid OR Suite combines the sterility and instruments of a traditional operating room with the xray and ultrasound imaging systems plus the radiation shields of a cath lab.

The Philips Allura Xper FD20 is a flexible x-ray system with a large 20-inch field of view for minimally invasive cardiac surgery; The Philips HeartNavigator combines CT pre-procedure images of a patient’s cardiac anatomy into a 3D image and overlays it with live x-ray fluoroscopy information; The Maquet Magnus hybrid table system features a carbon-fibre table top providing almost 360 degree radiotranslucency for optimum x-ray images, available in six versions with various lengths and travel paths. The Allura Xper and the Magnus are fully integrated, from the perspective of safety, optimal workflow and advanced functionality.

The Philips/Maquet Hybrid OR Suite is customised for customer needs and designed using an advanced 3D architectural planning tool that provides a 3D visual of possible room configurations. From high-quality, high-resolution, multi-modality advanced 3D room planning software (supporting confident decision- making), to surgical tables, lighting and other equipment considerations; the full scope of equipment combinations is assessed.

● Visit: www.philips.com/hybridor 

Trumpf introduces TruPort
– innovative ceiling-mounted supply units

Whenever a clinic sets up a new operating room or intensive care unit, the equipment should be able to meet all requirements for the next 20 years. At the same time, however, tight budgets increasingly restrict many hospitals’ freedom to act. TRUMPF Medical Systems gave careful consideration to these factors when developing its latest innovation, TruPort. These ceilingmounted supply units, can keep pace with changes in everyday work in clinics as well as with the individual demands of their users. This creative system makes it easy to remodel, convert and expand workstations even after their installation. TruPort ceiling-mounted supply units enable quick and convenient workstation design, even without tools in some cases. As a result, the hospital staff can make adjustments at any time according to safety, ergonomic and economic requirements. That means TruPort is equipped for a broad range of applications and represents a secure long-term investment.  

TruPort support heads can be set up individually on all four sides and over their entire length. The front and rear are no longer fixed mounted as in previous ceiling-mounted supply units. The TruPort architecture permits users to replace, and move components and accessories with little effort. Thanks to a spring-aided clip system, trained personnel can also flexibly integrate, remove or vary the arrangement of gas, power and data supply modules by means of a simple tool.  

Unique multifunctional rail  

Components like rotatable LED lights, cable remote controls for anaesthetics or drawers without handles can be attached at the optimum place on a multifunctional rail using the simple click mechanism. This means they are securely fixed in place, supplied with electricity and immediately ready for operation. It is also possible to attach a standard rail to the multifunctional rail for standard accessories, such as baskets, infusion rod holders or monitor support arms. If components required later are forgotten in the planning phase, it doesn’t matter with TruPort. Individual elements can be flexibly changed in terms of their position or even retrofitted thanks to standardised interfaces. This means an interchange between individual installations or even between operating rooms or intensive care units poses no problem at all.  

Easy operation  

An electro-pneumatic brake system in combination with a friction brake facilitates positioning of the ceiling-mounted supply unit and enhances safety during handling. The brake system is coupled to the internal bus system. The respective operating elements can be attached to any side and at any height without tools – even several at the same time. They enable intuitive use thanks to the patented colour coded brake system. All TruPort models permit 330-degree rotation so users can easily swivel the supply unit outside the work area if necessary. An optional motorized lifting mechanism on the TruPort head facilitates individual positioning of additional equipment, such as anaesthesia or respiration devices, and provides for foot and floor clearance.  

Convincing performance  

Three different TruPort support head sizes are available: the smallest version has side dimensions of 220 by 220 millimetres, the medium size has a rectangular crosssection of 310 by 220 mm while the largest head measures 310 by 310 mm for maximum equipment needs. In terms of length, all support heads can be varied between 250 and 1750 mm in increments of 250 mm. Single-arm and double-arm systems are possible.

● Visit: www.trumpf.com

Carestream Health announces new compact tabletop CR


Carestream Health has announced availability of an affordable new tabletop CR, the Carestream Directview Vita CR System that provides rapid image access to help increase both the speed and accuracy of patient diagnosis. This compact imaging system is ideal for use in independent imaging centres, clinics, multiphysician offices, as well as chiropractic and veterinary facilities. It is available in countries where the company’s current tabletop CR systems are sold. It will be marketed directly to customers and through dealers.  

The Vita CR system can be bundled with optional Image Suite software for a complete mini-PACS solution that includes digital image capture, viewing, printing, storage and management. Image Suite allows users to interface with other digital imaging modalities. This software can be hosted on a broad range of PCbased workstations.  

“Many facilities that install CR for the first time do not have any type of image management capabilities, so bundling our new Image Suite software with a compact, affordable CR system equips users with a fully integrated, user-friendly solution. It helps clinics, practices and other health-care providers fully realise the benefits of a digital imaging workflow, and establishes our ability to meet each user’s current and future image capture and management needs,” said Diana L. Nole, president, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health.  

The lightweight Vita CR system offers a durable, sealed design that can withstand rough handling and extreme conditions. It supports eight cassette sizes including 35 x 84 cm for long-length exams. It offers a short-term archive, DICOM transmission to PACS and DICOM and Windows printing to a variety of output devices at no additional cost. With throughput of 44 plates per hour (35 x 43 cm), the system also offers additional options, such as the ability to query modality worklists and create patient CDs. Other Vita CR system benefits include:  

● Portability: At only 36 kg, it is smaller and lighter than other CR solutions. An optional Z-cart allows the system to be easily shared between rooms and images can be viewed close to the patient’s point of care.

● Simple set-up: Installation can be completed in two hours or less. An intuitive interface and multiple pre-configured image presentations means this compact system requires significantly less training time than other CR systems.

● Productivity-boosting features: A “smart erase” feature allows fast, complete erasure of latent images across all exposure levels. This automatic feature determines exposure levels and adjusts erase cycle times, which can improve operator productivity – especially for lower dose exams.

● Optional long-length imaging: Vita CR readers can capture and process highquality digital images of spinal or other long-length exams with a 35 x 84 cm cassette that weighs only 4.9 kg. Accessories include a portable caddy with embedded grid, a wall stand with grid and beam-attenuation filters.

● Optional Total Quality Tool testing: A kit with a phantom and special software equips users to perform image tests and quality control measurements to ensure that equipment is functioning within normal operating specifications. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for review, analysis and recordkeeping.

● Arab Health: Visit Carestream Health at booth: 5B50

● Visit: www.carestreamhealth.com

HICOM Technology to showcase latest in Healthcare IT

Information Technology continues to play an increasingly important role within the provision of global healthcare. Dr Mike Paylor, Business Development Manager of Hicom, explains the benefits available to healthcare organisations, by implementing state-of-the-art software solutions that save time, create efficiencies, improve patient turn-around and above all provide best quality patient care.

Hicom is one of the most well-known and long-established providers of healthcare technology in the Middle East, having been active throughout the region for over 10 years. In the UAE for example, Hicom are the IT partner for a number of prestigious healthcare centres.

Dr Paylor explains: “Our expertise includes software development, ICT infrastructure design, systems integration and telehealth. At Arab Health 2011 we will be demonstrating our latest web-based software applications specifically designed for the healthcare industry. This includes a number of software solutions that can be deployed easily and accessed anywhere within the hospital intranet and beyond using conventional web-browser technologies. One advantage of browser-based applications is that no software is installed onto users’ PCs. This means that it is easy to expand the service to multi-disciplinary teams regardless of their location and upgrades and new features can be installed with little or no service disruption and with minimal support from the IT department. Furthermore, other web-enabled devices such as netbooks and tablet PCs can be supported more easily in remote or mobile settings. By interfacing our applications with medical and laboratory devices, the healthcare teams are able to communicate effectively and all departments have the most accurate and up-to-date patient information whenever they need it. Such technology does not just help with efficiency; such integrated systems can also be a factor in the achievement of accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), a recognised world leader in health care quality and patient safety.”

As healthcare IT continues to evolve and new technologies facilitate additional functionality, more and more healthcare providers are adopting sophisticated methods to manage clinical work flows. For example, by providing patients with low-cost smart cards it is possible to gain near real-time updates regarding key operational criteria such as throughput, waiting times and clinic productivity. Smart cards also minimise the risk of entering data into the wrong patient record thus improving patient safety. Hicom has recently taken this technology one step further by integrating smart cards into the patient scheduling function to generate a real-time Arabic-language patient queuing system. The system automatically recognises the arrival of a patient and informs them when the doctor is available.

By integrating the clinical records with back-office functionality such as accounting, financial and operations management software it is also possible to improve the efficiency and accuracy of administrative functions such as billing, invoicing and stock-control. Hicom was one of the first companies to integrate with the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) endorsed eClaims system, reducing paperwork and speeding up insurance claim and payment processes. ■ Arab Health: Visit Hicom at booth RL75

● Visit: www.hicom.co.uk  


Carestream Health to showcase award-winning
products in DRX family

Carestream Health will showcase its award-winning family of detectors and systems based on the wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX-1 at Arab Health 2011 in Dubai. Carestream Health is the only company that can offer a full family of options from CR to wireless, cassette-size detectors for existing x-ray rooms and mobile x-ray systems as well as fully automated DR suites.  

In recognition of its innovative technological advances, Carestream Health was named Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 Medical Imaging Company of the year. The company’s DRX-based imaging systems enable healthcare providers worldwide to streamline overall imaging workflow, while simultaneously improving productivity and enhancing patient care. The company has sold more than 1,000 of its DRX-based systems since its highly successful launch.  

The company’s current family of DRX imaging solutions includes: the CARESTREAM  

DRX-1 System, CARESTREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit kit and CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution suite. The original DRX-1 detector is now complemented by a second detector, the cesium iodide-based CARESTREAM DRX-1C, that offers exceptional image quality and improved DQE (detective quantum efficiency). DRX detectors are integrated into Philips, GE, Siemens, Shimadzu, and other vendors’ room-based x-ray systems, as well as mobile x-ray systems from GE, Siemens and Shimadzu.  


Carestream Health’s DRX portfolio also includes innovative software that helps enhance care for patients in ED, ICU and surgical suites. The company’s Tube and Line Visualization feature uses the original exposure to display an enhanced companion image with more precise visualisation of lines and tubes, which are typically difficult to view. This software is available for all DRX-based systems.

■ Arab Health: Visit Carestream Health at booth: 5B50
● Visit: www.carestreamhealth.com/capture-drx1.html

Dräger “at your side in the hospital”

Dräger will present a broad product portfolio and numerous new products at Arab health 2011, in Dubai.

The core of this year’s tradeshow is the presence of Dräger segment communication for hospitals and clinics. Under the motto “At your side in the hospital”, Dräger will showcase its range of products as the right partner and system provider in the field of health management. Among the products on show will be medical devices for acute care, products for workplace design and supply units, as well as information management systems and visualization technology for everyday hospital applications.

The primary focus of the Dräger neonatal medicine devices is on gentle care. From incubators to ventilators to non-invasive measurement and treatment, Dräger provides a stress-minimized environment for newborns.

■ Arab Health: Visit Dräger at booth G3B10

● Dräger has developed a microsite for Arab Health 2011 –

Codonics offers complete solution for safe labelling

Codonics SLS 500i Safe Label System (work-in-progress) is a complete solution for safe, compliant, fast labelling of medication in the operating room, or anywhere syringes are prepared. This innovative system improves the syringe preparation workflow by automatically printing ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) compliant full colour labels containing all TJC (The Joint Commission) required elements while the syringe is being filled. Simply scan a vial and SLS provides visual and audible confirmation of the medication name and strength (concentration), and automatically prints the ready-to-apply label. Each label includes a configurable data-rich barcode that can be used to integrate into the Anesthesiology Information Management System (AIMS) or a broader hospital information system.

Multiple distractions and poor hand-writing greatly contribute to the chance an anaesthesiologist could get drug vials confused or put the wrong label on a drug. SLS medication labelling content has been designed to meet the intent and guidelines for all drug classes as defined by ISO 26825 and ASTM 4774 standards. The Codonics SLS 500i is an electronic doublecheck that helps to remove the element of human error by incorporating machinereadable technology, greatly reducing ampoule/vial swaps, label swaps and syringe swaps, the three most common drug errors made in the OR.

The system includes audio/visual readback and clinical alerts for recalled/expired vials as well as Administrative Management Software to closely tie the SLS formulary database between Pharmacy and OR. The Safe Label System also prints labels for IV lines, invasive monitor lines, and other operating room needs on-demand. ■ Arab Health:

Visit the Codonics booth at Arab Health, US Pavilion

● Visit: www.codonics.com  

EuroBioConcept Isolators, a new standard for operator and patient safety

EuroBioConcept is a leading French designer and manufacturer of isolators, Rapid Transfer Port – RTP - and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets for pharmacies, pharmaceuticals industries and research centres. EuroBioConcept will introduce two new products at the Arab Health - Chemosafe and Sterisafe, which are used to prepare TPN or Cytotoxic medication.

ChemoSafe ensures the highest level of protection to operators/ environment against toxic aerosols while ensuring a sterile environment. It not only meets, but goes far beyond the latest requirements: working area in ISO 5 according to 14 644-1, certified HEPA filters H14 according to 1822-1, leak rate of class 3 according to ISO 10648-2, and operates under positive (optimum product protection) or negative (optimum operator/environment protection) pressure. The fully automated hydrogen peroxide gas generator, with its fast bio-decontamination cycle and combined with the large airlock, ensures high productivity.

Designed through close collaboration with pharmacists, Chemosafe includes a lot of features in series: ergonomic footrest, IV bar with hooks, waste port, internal shelves and airtight connector for safe entry of electrical leads. The ergonomic position of the large diameter glove ports, the angled front, the lighting system and the motorised electrical support stand have all been designed for optimal comfort.

Chemosafe is designed for high flexibility: available with the airlock to the right or left side, available in different dimensions (2, 3 or 4 gloves) and available with two different solutions for ejecting the completed prescriptions: dynamic airlock with a controlled pressure cascade or secure transfer port with a heatsealed, pre-sterilised bag. Chemosafe offers a wide range of accessories: baskets or the innovating “integrated PC solution” designed to display the medical prescription on the back side of the isolator chamber.

EuroBioConcept also provides installation, commissioning, qualification services, training, routine maintenance and spare parts.

● Visit: www.eurobioconcept.fr  

DTR Medical launches the Tonsil Aspirating Dissector

DTR Medical – the leading manufacturer of sterile single-use surgical instruments – is extending its range of ENT dissectors, adding the new Tonsil Aspirating Dissector to complement the well-established Negus and Freer ‘Hockey Stick’ models.

Developed in collaboration with John Phillips, an ENT surgeon in Norfolk & Norwich, this new product has the potential to streamline tonsillectomy surgery. The design of the single-use sterile dissector combines two existing instruments thereby freeing the surgeon to better perform the procedure.

The new model, based on the Gwynne Evans blade pattern, has an aspirating handle and delivers optimum first time sharpness.

“The tonsil aspirating dissector provides focused suction in the plan of dissection,” comments Phillips. “In doing so visibility is improved as blood loss is kept to a minimum, leading to improved efficiency and shorter operations.”

The collaborative development of the Tonsil Aspirating Dissector highlights DTR Medical’s determination to listen to clinicians’ needs when developing new products. The complete range of single-use instrumentation has been created in this manner to improve procedure and help save time, lives and cost.

● Visit: www.dtrmedical.com  

Inditherm – the way forward for perioperative patient warming  

Inditherm Medical have revolutionised patient warming practice. Using an innovative flexible carbon polymer technology, Inditherm systems are now in use worldwide.

This unique patented technology reduces costs, helps to improve clinical outcomes and offers significant environmental advantages.

Clinical research has established that wound infection rates and recovery times can be dramatically reduced as a direct consequence of perioperative patient warming. The evidence also shows significant reductions in mortality and morbidity. Clinical evaluations in the Operating Room have shown that the Inditherm system out-performs traditional technologies such as forced air warming. Inditherm patient warming can deliver superior performance and greater convenience at the same time as delivering enormous reduction in costs, and this has attracted strong international interest.

Inditherm CEO, Nick Bettles commented: “We now have a strong International network of distributors and see that the combination of superior clinical performance and substantial cost reductions that our systems offer are driving a rapid increase in uptake of our technology. Following our attendance at Arab Health in 2010 we have managed to establish representation in many Middle East countries and hope to find additional partners at the 2011 meeting.”

The Inditherm system has brought patient warming up to date with its patented carbon polymer technology. The Inditherm polymer is unique in its ability to produce a completely uniform heating effect with no hotspots. Excellent pressure relief is fully integrated, eliminating the need for gel pads. Mattresses and blankets are lightweight and X-Ray translucent and the system is silent in operation. All products operate at low voltage, with precise digital temperature control and independent thermal cutouts for complete patient safety.

Inditherm’s patient warming technology is currently used in operating rooms, neonatal areas and emergency departments. It has proved its robustness in use by all military branches in many countries.

● Visit: www.inditherm.com/medical  

Rimage offers DICOM Media System, an all-in-one solution  

digital publishing solutions, will present the new DICOM Media System at Arab Health 2011 in Dubai. The DICOM Media System incorporates Rimage’s industrial grade robotics, innovative printing solutions and professional recording technologies with Perennity’s DICOM edition software, offering an all-in-one data publishing solution for the medical industry.

Using the Rimage/Perennity turnkey solution, medical facilities around the globe can conveniently output medical examination data, such as images, video and reports, from any DICOM-compatible modality or PACS system to CD, DVD or Blu-ray, drastically reducing production costs compared to traditional film.

“Perennity’s intuitive web-based user interface, streamlined with Rimage’s leading automatic publishing and printing capabilities, provides medical facilities with a workflow-centric solution that is easy to use,” says Ralph Heick, regional business manager Eastern Europe & Middle East, Rimage Europe. “The solution plugs directly into existing DICOM workstations, resulting in quick turnaround and cost-effective data publishing and archiving.”

The solution combines Perennity DICOM edition, Level 2 software with the Rimage Producer 6100N Professional 5400N, Professional 3400 or Desktop 2000i autoloader. Perennity software extracts all relevant metadata (patient and study information) from the DICOM images and stores it in a central database (MySQL or MS SQL Server) for future retrieval. The Rimage system automatically burns data to DVD and Blu-ray discs to be used for secure and long-term off-line storage, as well as distribution between hospitals, doctors and patients. The disc surface is clearly-labelled, and a DICOM viewer is added to each disc, enabling convenient browsing and data manipulation.

“The Rimage/Perennity DICOM Media System is the highestperforming system for the DICOM-compliant medical industry,” says Heick. “We look forward to working with Perennity and showcasing our solution to the healthcare community at the Arab Health Exhibition.” ● Visit: www.rimage.eu  

Wireless measuring station seca 284 – height, weight, BMI  

The golden rule of industrial design – “form follows function” – applies completely to the new wireless measuring station seca 284. Every detail is aimed at the fast and accurate measurement of height, weight and BMI in a single step and trouble-free integration in the seca 360° wireless network. The range of uses for the weighing and measuring station is broad – from paediatrics and cardiology to nephrology.

Precise results

The heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated Frankfurt Line make sure that the head is in the right position for exact height measurements from 30 to 220 cm. The scale features a stable glass platform and a high weight capacity of 300 kg. The seca 284 displays the measured weight in precise 50-gram steps.

Print and analysis

The seca 284 has two displays. One display is for direct read-out of height from the headpiece. The other is a three-line multi-function touch display with white backlighting that makes the display of height, weight and the automatically calculated BMI visible under all lighting conditions. It takes just the touch of a key to transmit the measurements to a seca 360° wireless printer or a PC with the software seca analytics 105, which analyzes and formats the data. When the user enters gender, age and PAL (Physical Activity Level) via the Input key on the multi-function touch display, the scale calculates the resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption and prints out the results on the seca 360° wireless printer. The seca 284 can also calculate percentiles for children and compare its findings to statistical norms.

● Visit: www.seca.com  

Allibert Medical to showcase dynamic & modular hospital furniture

France-based Allibert Medical will be introducing its latest innovations at Arab Health 2011 in Dubai.
● A medical cart featuring a drawer box to facilitate bedside computerised patient file management, which can in particular be used to validate prescriptions administered to patients as well as their treatment. Made of light aluminium in a sturdy design, the drawer box has shock-absorbers for opening and closing. It can be easily dismantled for optimal cleaning.
● The modularity concept of Allibert Medical’s hospital furniture helps configure and customise all units using the various components and accessories as the needs of the medical staff evolve.
● The new closing system featured on the carts and medical cabinets is equipped with a lockable roller shutter, which is removable by hand for optimal cleaning. All Allibert Medical products (whether mobile, fixed or hanging) are exceptional because of their:
● Sturdiness and hygiene: frames made of aluminium or stainless steel; trays, drawers and shelves made of non-microporous polypropylene, easy to clean thanks to their monobloc shell, easy to dismantle by hand and without tools, and meeting the strictest hygiene standards.
● Adaptability and modularity: Allibert Medical has adopted a standard size throughout its range (600 x 400mm) allowing the medical furniture to be fitted at will with any drawers, shelves and/or mesh abs trays, thereby providing a homogenous, comprehensive solution by virtue of all components being interchangeable. The savings stemming from this dynamic storing system is a key benefit to any health facility.
● Ergonomics and easy handling: lightweight, with rounded shapes, and featuring ABS shock-absorbers, the furniture is of a specially-designed height to prevent injury and backache among medical staff.
● Aesthetics: fashionable design with a colour range appropriate to a medical environment.

● Visit: www.allibert-medical.com  

BERCHTOLD brings Full HD to the OR  

Berchtold, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high quality operating room equipment, now offers its ChromoVision Camera Systems in Full HD. The cameras can be integrated in the surgical lighting of the Chromophare E-series or mounted as an external camera system on a separate support arm. With the high-resolution video technology, the operating room events are transferred to monitors in accurate colours in the widescreen format 16:9 or the classic 4:3 format. The surgical team controls the image settings via a handle or electrically with an infrared remote control and control unit.

With more than 2 million pixels, ChromoVision Full HD captures images at five times the resolution of conventional systems. The camera system thus fulfils the highest requirements with regard to image quality. Thus external camera, as well as the camera integrated Chromophare Eseries can be optimally positioned, since the system is suspended in the operating theatre without a limit stop and can be turned 360 degrees. ChromoVision Full HD features a 10x optical zoom and a 12x digital zoom. At the control unit there are a number of video connections, and analogue and digital outputs can be operated in parallel. A serial link interface serves to remotely control the system via external systems. The camera system can thus be easily integrated into the existing operating room infrastructure and fit with any connection.

The ChromoVision Full HD camera series, and the Berchtold Communication System ORICS, forms a modular overall design for video and communication in the operating theatre. Images and video sequences can be carried live and then easily saved on external media or the server. Medical findings, interventions or operating techniques then remain available digitally as video, audio or image files.

● Visit: www.berchtold.biz  

Brown Medical products earn ease-of-use commendation  

Three products manufactured by Brown Medical Industries (BMI) have earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

The Arthritis Foundation programme recognises consumer products designed to be comfortable and effective, as well as easy to use by patients with arthritis. BMI earned the foundation’s seal on IMAK Arthritis Gloves, IMAK SmartGlove and Nice Stretch X Lite night splint for plantar fasciitis.

Products earning the commendation undergo rigorous testing at a research facility, including evaluation by a panel of individuals with varying degrees of arthritis. The research process includes both a quantitative and qualitative review that encompasses both the product and the packaging.

“We’re pleased to partner with such a respected authority on arthritis,” said Ivan E. Brown, CEO of the company. “We believe the collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation will allow us to expose more patients to our products. Improving life is our passion, and this alliance strengthens our ability to realise that mission.”

Brown Medical Industries manufactures and markets medical devices worldwide, with production in the United States as well as Asia. BMI is an ISO 9001-certified facility with offices in Spirit Lake, Kansas City and San Diego.

● Visit: www.brownmed.com  

Carestream Health’s mammography system gets US FDA approval  

Carestream Health has received final approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for its Directview computed radiography system for mammography and has begun commercial distribution of this system in the US.

The Carestream Directview CR Mammography Feature enables mammography images to be captured digitally while utilising a healthcare provider’s existing mammography x-ray unit and workflow processes. It is intended for use in the same clinical applications as traditional screen-film based mammography systems. This optional mammography feature is available when purchasing a new Carestream Directview Elite, Classic or CR 975 System, or as a retrofit to installed Elite, Classic or CR 850/950/975 systems.

In addition, the optional Carestream Directview CR Mammography Total Quality Tool is available to streamline objective mammography image testing and QC measurements.

The US FDA has also approved a Premarket Approval (PMA) supplement for enhanced screens and image processing software for the Carestream CR mammography system. The company’s EHR-M3 screens are its third generation of screens designed specifically for mammography. The system has higher DQE (detective quantum efficiency) with the new screens, which were designed to enhance the quality of the acquired images. The latest approval also covers the application of Carestream Health’s advanced image processing algorithm that was designed to enhance the overall displayed quality of mammography images.

The company has been selling its CR mammography system in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Japan, Latin America and Canada for several years, and has installed thousands of systems in clinics, breast imaging centers and hospitals of all sizes.

The company offers a digital portfolio of women’s healthcare solutions that includes: digitizing systems for converting film images for softcopy comparison; mammography modules for its RIS/PACS platform; a multi-modality breast imaging workstation that allows reading of all breast imaging modalities as well as general radiology exams; CAD solutions; and high-resolution output to DRYVIEW Laser Imaging Systems.

● Visit: http://mammo.carestreamhealth.com  

Ampronix unveils touch screen autosync HD display

As an innovator in medical imaging technology, Ampronix provides solutions for industry wide dilemmas. By employing a user-centric approach to product development, issues of system compatibility and image quality are solved while keeping a close eye on cost reduction. This year, Ampronix upholds this reputation with the unveiling of Versapaxx, the world’s first autosync touch display that records and stores HD video for radiology, cath/angio, CR, RF rooms, surgical, endoscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasound recordings, and modality viewings / recordings.

With the integration of multiple functions, Versapaxx eliminates the need for a separate capture device, scan converter and PC. This system allows for simple operation and greater efficiency, saving time and money, while maintaining reliability and image quality. Connectivity to any source is made possible with a complete array of inputs and outputs including DVI-D, HDSDI, S-Video, 1 – 5 BNC, VGA, component, and composite. The DICOM compatible Versapaxx will accept any digital or analog signal, autosync to any modality, and upscale to 2MP Resolution. Users can view, play, and record HD 1080p video on the unit’s hard drive or DVD burner. The Versapaxx includes an internet connection for storage on a server and USB output for storage on an external hard drive. Standard features also include a touch screen interface, DICOM store and print send capability, and a patient modality work list.

Three dedicated models provide optimal performance in specific medical environments. The Versapaxx HD accepts analog signals for use in diagnostic imaging applications. With 1 – 5 BNC, component, composite, S-Video, and VGA inputs, the Versapaxx HD will auto sync to any modality and upscale a signal to 1600 x 1200 resolution. For surgical and endoscopic procedure rooms, the VersaPaxx HD Digital accepts digital signals for viewing, capturing, archiving, and importing at resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p through a DVI-D, HDSDI, S-Video, component, and composite input. The Versapaxx Viewer is solely used for viewing applications. With reliability and versatility as a core value, Versapaxx provides the ultimate cost-effective imaging solution.

■ Arab Health: Visit Ampronix at booth 1E50
● Visit: www.ampronix.com  

Technogym now a global partner of ‘Exercise is Medicine’  


The international reach of ‘Exercise is Medicine’ has received a welcome shot in the arm with the addition of Technogym as a global partner. The company’s worldwide presence will help activate EIM at a grassroots level in more than 50 countries. First announced at the inaugural World Congress on Exercise is Medicine (June 2010, in Baltimore), the partnership both confirms the growing momentum for EIM as a worldwide movement and provides support to make it happen.

Technogym will support Exercise is Medicine on both the scientific and the communication ground; Technogym Research Center and its Scientific Advisory Board are already working to define evidence-based solutions to treat and prevent several chronic diseases by means of structured exercise and on the communication side the company worldwide network will be cooperating with ACSM to spread the EIM message internationally”

“We are very pleased to give our contribution toward the success of Exercise is Medicine since we strongly believe in the initiative core values,” states Nerio Alessandri, Technogym founder and chairman and he adds: “We spent the last 20 year in promoting Wellness – the Technogym lifestyle made of regular physical exercise, healthy nutrition and positive mental approach – as a social opportunity for everyone: for governments to reduce health service costs, for companies to stimulate their members to be more creative and productive and for all citizens to improve their health and daily lifestyle.”

● Visit: www.technogym.com  

e-Prescribing – More sushi than spaghetti  

India Hardy, Lead Pharmacist from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London recently presented to senior healthcare executives at HIMSS Middle East, Dubai. Her presentation titled “Successful Adoption of Electronic Prescribing and Harnessing the Power of Clinical Decision Support” described the management transition from paper to electronic prescribing.

Hardy’s food analogy captured the audience instantly. She likened paper prescribing to eating spaghetti (information held in several locations, going back and forth in many directions), and e-prescribing to sushi (everything held in its correct place). The e-prescribing system utilises First Databank’s Multilex Drug Data File (MDDF) for the drug database and clinical decision support. This allows a number of important checks to be carried out including drug-drug interactions, sensitive/allergy checking and duplicate therapy. In terms of patient safety, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital was impressed to find a significant 11% reduction in the severity of the errors reported.

Additional changes to the system after the initial roll out saw a mandatory allergy field with decision support lead to a 52% increase in allergy information collected. This in turn led to a 77% decrease in medicines being prescribed to those with a known allergy. The introduction of e-prescribing has positively affected the work of the pharmacy department in a variety of ways. Pharmacists can identify discharge prescriptions through a “dashboard” view as soon as they are written. They can view stock levels on a particular ward and see which require a supply order. This helps to facilitate overall discharge planning.

Patient discharge summaries are sent electronically to GPs, enabling the hospital to meet NHS reporting responsibilities. The ability to order medicines remotely from the wards also provides significant time and labour savings. The new e-prescribing system allows automatic transfer from the ward to the pharmacy, where a robotic dispenser completes the process.

● First DataBank is exhibiting at Arab Health for the first time in January 2011. To find out more about First DataBank’s drug database and clinical decision support, visit us on stand SAJ30, in the Sheik Saeed Arena, from 24-27 January. www.firstdatabank.co.uk  

Innovative Lam Probe treats superficial skin conditions  

Skin Care Consultants has introduced the innovative Lam Probe which enables skin care practitioners to successfully treat: clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, milia, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, telangiectasia, acne pimples, fibroma simplex, and skin tags. The Lam Probe utilises radio, high frequency technology to provide rapid and effective treatments for superficial skin conditions.

The Lam Probe works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat which is released by various probes. Treatments are very quick (some within a few seconds), and may not even touch the skin’s surface. Small skin tags or blood spots disappear immediately and treatments take only a few seconds. There is minimal discomfort for the client patient and healing time is short, from a day or two for skin tags to a few weeks for larger skin abnormalities such as fibromas.

● Visit: www.lamskin.com  

Trumpf’s extension unit supports hip surgery  

Trumpf’s extension unit with MIS-hipdevice supports surgeons and OR staff in efficiently coping with the mounting volume of hip operations. Thanks to its handling concept, both flexible and at the same time safe, it facilitates the entire surgical procedure – and accelerates the healing process for patients.

Working on the basis of new findings in the field of arthrosis prevention, greater and greater emphasis is being placed on arthroscopy in hip surgery. By focusing on preserving the joint, minimally invasive surgery reduces pain for the patients, boosts efficiency in daily OR work and speeds healing processes, thus helping to relieve the load on the healthcare system.

TRUMPF’s extension unit with MIShip- device perfectly matches this medical progress. In preparation for arthroscopies or total hip replacement using minimally invasive procedures, the nursing staff can gently extend the patient’s leg as required while still achieving optimum access to the operating field. The leg can be extended, rotated, flected and both abducted or adducted. A combination of all these movements is also possible. The extension unit features a high degree of flexibility coupled with the necessary stability, enabling it to reliably withstand even the high forces encountered, for example, when the femoral head is dislocated during hip arthroscopy. Furthermore, a novel extension boot ensures that the patient’s foot is held securely in the correct position at all times. To prevent the patient’s pelvic bone becoming misaligned as a result of the extreme position, tandem-joint struts may be used to put the other leg in a compensatory position.

New capabilities are also opened up for intraoperative X-ray diagnostics. Using the version with carbon-fiber extension struts, assisted by the intelligent arrangement of the attachment points, low-artifact 360- degree fluoroscopy of the entire pelvis is possible. The healthy leg is swung out of the range of the X-ray equipment and the damaged or diseased hip is examined using a C-arm. ■ Arab Health:

Visit Trumpf at booth 3A10
● Visit: www.trumpf.com  

Coldway smart containers provide temperature regulation under the most extreme conditions  

Fully integrated into isothermal containers, the thermo-chemical system patented by Coldway produces cold through a chemical reaction requiring no power connections. Coldway provides health professionals with an alternative solution to meet their growing need for mobility, quality and reliability. The company will present its active and passive transport solutions at Arab Health 2011 in Dubai.

Cold is generated by the evaporation of liquid ammonia into a gas that goes on to react with salts. Once the stock of ammonia is depleted, heat resistance is regenerated in the system by plugging the container into a 230 V/50-60Hz power supply for 5 to 8 hours, depending on the volume.

Alacatherm containers provide autonomous refrigeration without connection nor link to the vehicle carrying them. More economical than refrigerated vehicles (no fuel overconsumption), they were especially developed to meet the most demanding physical and logistical constraints of the cold chain while preserving the environment:
● Temperature regulation under the most extreme conditions (heat waves, severe winters, etc.)
● Silent and ventilated cold production even when the vehicle stops, allowing to compensate the door openings during multi-stop deliveries
● Reliable, sturdy system requiring little maintenance

The active, ventilated cold system provides a temperature range from 2°C to 12°C, which can be extended to a range of -20°C to 37°C. This patented refrigeration provided by the Alcatherm for the 7- to 1,000-litre range is silent, reliable and requires little maintenance.

Coldways’s Alcatherm range contains an integrated traceability system monitoring the inside temperature and door openings, which can be operated on PC. Coldway meets environmental concerns, using no fluids prohibited by international agreements.

● Visit: www.coldway.com  

Intersurgical’s Oral Care range reduces risk of VAP  

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a growing concern in modern hospital environments. Many recent studies document that it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia by performing basic patient oral hygiene.

Intersurgical is introducing an extended range of Oral Care products to target the fight against VAP. The product portfolio now includes:

New OroCare Mini - the extra small toothbrush for targeted cleaning The OroCare Mini has been designed with a small atraumatic brush head and soft bristles. It also features a long curved neck, which allows the user to reach all areas of the oropharynx. It is ideal for paediatrics and those with challenging oropharyngeal situations.

OroClean Complete - the complete all-inone solution, OroClean Complete is a convenient pack designed for use on those requiring a little more attention, such as elderly patients, patients in longer term care or patients with specific requirements.

OroCare 2 - the fast and convenient solution, OroCare 2 has a product handle that acts as a reservoir for the separately available antibacterial mouthwash vials. The mouthwash is released by gently squeezing the handle whilst carefully brushing the patient’s teeth with the soft atraumatic bristles. Standard suction tubing may be attached to the end of the handle and can be controlled by a comfortably located thumb hole.

OroCath is a single use oropharyngeal catheter for oral suctioning during and inbetween treatments. The flexible catheter extends all the way to the ET tube cuff and allows for oral hygiene in hard-to-reach places. OroCare tooth gel is available in single doses for use with any of our Oral Care toothbrush systems.

● Visit: www.Intersurgical.com  

Speechmagic – for hospital-wide electronic speech infrastructure  
Nuance Communications, a leading supplier of speech solutions, has released SpeechMagic 7 Release 2. SpeechMagic is the healthcare SDK platform for building a hospital-wide electronic speech infrastructure (eSI) in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. This new version contains the main features that Nuance’s global Healthcare IT business partners asked for; it will help healthcare providers achieve faster and more cost-efficient medical documentation. In its set of new features and benefits, the speech recognition platform allows the gathering of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to better assess productivity gains and turnaround-times. KPIs can be used by the hospital management to evaluate their return on investment and optimise their reporting and information capture processes. SpeechMagic 7 Release 2 makes it easier to introduce an eSI – no matter whether at a departmental level within a hospital or throughout an entire healthcare region - serving the adoption of EHRs. The deployment effort has been minimised through one-click deployment without down time for the users; integration into clinical IT systems is straightforward. To further boost initial recognition accuracy, SpeechMagic 7 Release 2 comes with enlarged medical vocabularies and advanced learning algorithms.

“The customisable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in SpeechMagic 7 Release 2 deliver statistical evidence for business decisions. Hospital Managers can use KPIs for the average length of dictations or the time from dictation to validation to decide the allocation of transcription resources – in fact they can explore any variable affecting the entire documentation workflow,” says Mert Oez, Product and Innovation Manager at Nuance Healthcare. “Whatever the goal, the Key Performance Indicators in SpeechMagic 7 Release 2 can deliver the numbers to evaluate performance as defined by the hospital management itself. Those KPIs represent true decision power in the hands of hospital managers to better serve patient care in a demanding economic context.”

Highlights of SpeechMagic 7 Release 2

● The Speech Accuracy Trainer: Doctors using frontend interactive speech recognition can now easily add and remove words themselves. This enables the users to build their own customised recognition vocabularies in addition to the centralised vocabularies for all users of a site. Together with the enlarged outof- the-box vocabulary and advanced learning algorithms, the performance and accuracy of the speech recognition engine is being raised significantly.

● Individual user statistics: A data centric management system gathers KPIs to measure productivity and turnaround times for each user individually. This allows the analysis and adjustment of the workflow for individual users or the entire organisation. This enables the healthcare institution to deploy an eSI that will help deliver better healthcare while optimising its total cost of ownership.

● Roll-out: The one-click deployment concept supports integration of browser and/or pluginbased systems to facilitate large-scale roll-outs.

● Support of latest dictation recording devices: Philips SpeechMike 3000 series, the wireless SpeechMike Air, the Grundig Digta SonicMic and the wireless SonicMic Classic CordEx are supported, giving a larger choice to the users.

Speech-based information capturing in health-IT systems has gained great momentum in recent years, driven by the digitisation of healthcare. Nuance Healthcare technologies are used across the healthcare systems of many European regions, like Galicia in Spain, the Northumbria NHS Trust in the UK, several provinces in Norway or the Friuli region in Italy. Many of these regions have proven multimillion cost savings through their electronic speech infrastructure. SpeechMagic 7 Release 2 is designed to be integrated with health-IT systems.

● Visit: www.nuance.co.uk/ speechmagic/partners.asp  

DIAMOND OR table has Bluetooth functionality  


Schmitz u. Söhne’s DIAMOND operating table series provides greater ease of use with the new Bluetooth control mechanism for selecting various table functions.

The design engineers of Schmitz u. Söhne made their decision in favour of the Bluetooth technology because of its superiority to the often used Infrared control. There is, for example, no need to have direct visual contact when using Bluetooth control. Therefore, a permanent and robust wireless connection with the OR-table is guaranteed at all times. Moreover, the hand or foot control device also communicates with the table.

All DIAMOND control elements have a large and clearly arranged colour display. They offer bi-directional communication, i.e. the operating table itself also transmits information, such as current position, status of battery or security advice to the control units.

The DIAMOND OR table series was first introduced at the MEDICA tradeshow in 2009.

The OR tables are suitable for all types of surgery. They can support heavy patients up to 360 kg. The table features optimal height adjustment due to its telescopic column which allows even tall surgeons to work comfortably. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped lower section, surgeons enjoy plenty of leg room. The DIAMOND table top offers a wide range of adjustment features for various types of surgery and can be enlarged in longitude and latitude.

● Visit: www.schmitz-soehne.de  

HumaSens – The reliable way to monitor blood glucose  

The monitoring of blood glucose levels is a key element of home blood glucose management for diabetic patients injecting insulin or taking oral medications.

The HumaSens blood glucose meter is a dependable, precise and easy-to-use partner that allows patients a maximum of independence and convenience. It delivers rapid results with just a drop of capillary blood and is available in a convenient starter pack containing practical accessories.

Accuracy of measurement, of course, is of the utmost importance for safe and effective therapy. Recently, the FDA notified healthcare professionals of the possibility of falsely elevated blood glucose results in patients consuming products containing certain non-glucose sugars when using GDH-PQQ type glucose test strips. With the GDH-PQQ method, the presence of these non-glucose sugars in the blood may falsely elevate glucose results, which in turn may mask significant hypoglycemia and/or prompt excessive insulin administration, which can lead to serious injury or even death.

HumaSens uses the glucose oxidase (GOD) method, which is unaffected by this interference.

GOD catalyses the oxidation of glucose to gluconic acid. HumaSens detects the levels of glucose by keeping track of the number of electrons passing through the enzyme and shows no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose! ● Measure anywhere, anytime – giving you more flexibility in your daily activities. ● Intelligent user interface for maximal ease of use ● Large-dimension screen for easy reading even with impaired vision ● Feel secure with the precise measurements of an instrument manufactured to the highest standards. ● Rapid measurement with just a few steps allows you to resume your activities quickly. ● Fully automated measurement helps you lead an active life.

● Visit: www.human.de  

Philips launches new line of neonatal cuffs, air hoses  

Philips Healthcare has launched its newest line of neonatal blood pressure solutions. Philips designed the new line of neonatal cuffs, air hoses, and upgrade kits specifically to prevent tragic misconnection errors that can cause harm to the most vulnerable of patients. Available globally, the solutions are compliant with neonatal connection regulations that became effective in the European Union in December 2009.

The new tubing and catheter standards are part of a larger global focus on patient safety. In order to improve patient safety, the WHO identified “nine effective solutions” that healthcare providers must implement in order to reduce such errors. Avoiding catheter and tubing misconnections is number seven on that list.

“This innovative neonatal blood pressure solution, which replaces the standard, tapered male-female Luer connectors currently in use, is designed to be incompatible with other medical devices, such as feeding tubes, catheters, IV tubing, and needleless IV ports, thereby preventing misconnections that can cause patient harm,” explained David Russell, vice president and general manager, Perinatal Care, for Philips Healthcare.

In addition to being color-coded and graphically labeled, the full line of hoses and neonatal cuffs are available in sizes one through five, ensuring a comfortable fit for the entire neonatal/infant patient population. Intuitive and easy-to-use, the solutions empower clinicians to deliver the highest standard of care. Upgrade kits are also available allowing Philips customers to easily extend the life of existing equipment while still meeting newly introduced safety requirements.

● Visit: www.philips.com/neonatalcuffs  

Visiomed to exhibit innovative infrared thermometers  

Electronic medical laboratory Visiomed Group is a worldwide key player in thermometry. The company designs, develops and commercialises innovative devices for self-measurement, self-diagnosis and care.

The Visiomed Group will showcase its latest generation of contactless, infrared thermometers, the Thermoflash LX-160T, featuring a host of benefits at Arab Health 2011 in Dubai.

Thermoflash LX-160T measures a person’s temperature on the basis of the energy given off, with no interference with surrounding heat. Adapted to the entire family, its ergonomic design and simplicity will make it easy to use on babies or the motor-impaired. Measurement results are reliable and stable. Expressed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, Thermoflash LX-160T will memorise the previous 32 temperature readings.

Small and compact, Thermoflash LX-160T measures the body temperature from a distance of 2 to 5 cm in less than a second. With its voice feature, it is specifically recommended for the visually-impaired.

Thermoflash LX-160T can also take the temperature of food, baths, baby bottles, or the ambient temperature in a room. Since there is no contact with the skin, Thermoflash LX- 160T helps fight bacterial contamination. It requires no disinfection, and no changing of the tip after each use. Thermoflash LX-160T meets all European health and safety requirements. Visiomed Group is seeking distributors and importers for the entire Middle East and the Gulf countries.

● Visit: www.visiomed-lab.com  

Siemens, Olympus test new capsule endoscopy system  

Siemens Healthcare and Olympus Medical Systems Corporation have jointly developed a new technology for stomach examinations that allows comfortable patient procedures. The patient swallows a capsule that is navigated via a joystick and a magnetic field through the stomach. The capsule wirelessly transmits images from inside the stomach to an image processing system where the doctor can view the images.

A conceptual model of the technology was introduced at the United European Gastroenterology Week in Barcelona in October, last year.

The prototype of the magnetically guided capsule endoscope (MGCE) system consists of an innovative guidance magnet, an image processing and guidance information system as well as the capsule endoscope. The patient swallows the capsule together with water. The patient is positioned in the system so that his stomach including the capsule is located in the centre of an artificially generated magnetic field. The magnet generates varying magnetic fields in real time to navigate the capsule. The magnetic field enables the physician to control the capsule with a joystick. The cameras at both ends of the capsule transmit images from inside the stomach to the image processing system where the doctor can view the images. The capsule endoscope is approximately 31 mm long and measures 11 mm in diameter.

Dr Jean-Francois Rey, working on the feasibility study, said: “The magnetically guided capsule system provides reliable results for gastrointestinal endoscopic examinations compared to conventional endoscopy. The capsule enables much less invasive stomach examinations. It means an enormous boost in acceptability for the patient.”

● Visit: www.siemens.com/healthcare  

Zumtobel creates flexible, functional, aesthetic medical supply unit  

By developing CONBOARD, Zumtobel has created a medical supply unit which does not only respond flexibly to technical and functional requirements, but at the same time blends into any architectural environment.

A worldwide leading supplier in lighting solutions, Zumtobel can provide a range of medical units embedded with moisture-proof luminaires. CONBOARD combines technology and design as well as safety. It is made of extruded aluminium sections and concentrates all supply outlets required in a patient room compactly at one location.

Manifold design options

CONBOARD provides both designers and users with plenty of freedom, in technical as well as design terms. Several supply lanes can be individually composed and fitted, either horizontally or vertically. The corresponding number of technical supply components such as medical gas outlets, sockets, patient call, telecommunication and data lines are integrated according to requirements. It provides compact solutions for single, double or multi-bedrooms. Several CONBOARD supply units can be combined smoothly. As a class IIb medical device, it complies with the legal requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 EEC.

Multifunctional wall system

The basic module, a modular front wall made of wood for flush integration of CONBOARD, can be extended to provide a complete wall panel system. The high-pressure impregnated surface is resistant to disinfectants and can be cleaned easily thanks to the flush-fitting design. Additional modules such as automatic infusion devices, monitoring and other supervisory systems can be added simply by screw-fixing a vertical mounting rail.

Lighting module

A lighting module, especially developed by Zumtobel, closes the multifunctional front wall system off at the top. It serves as a reading, examination, room and night light at the same time, and has been optimised in all application areas using state-of-the-art computation methods.

● For more information, visit the CONBOARD product microsite: www.zumtobel.com/conboar

Fresenius Kabi showcases Injectomat syringe pump  

Fresenius Kabi’s Injectomat TIVA Agilia is a single channel syringe pump dedicated to anaesthesia. Depending on your medical practice, it can be used either in TIVA* mode (ml/h or dose rate), or in TCI* mode (plasma concentration or effect site concentration).

The device combines ease of use and a complete set of features, including PK* models for 4 drugs: propofol, remifentanil, sufentanil, alfentanil (in option).

Like all the Agilia devices, Injectomat TIVA Agilia is highly intuitive to use. The learning process is simple and short thanks to a clear front panel, obvious keys and meaningful pictograms. Numerous safety features guarantee a secured use of the device: syringe positioning detector, clear texts and diagrams, and advanced pressure management. Combined with Vigilant Drug’Lib, the drug libraries software (DERS), intravenous anaesthesia becomes even safer.
* TIVA: Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
* TCI: Target Controlled Infusion
* PK: Pharmacokinetic

The Agilia family offers a complete range of infusion pumps, accessories and disposables to cover all major IV drug administration needs.

Arab Health: Visit Fresenius booth 2C30

● Visit: www.fresenius-kabi.com  

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