Tough times for healthcare SMEs in the UK
With government spending cuts across the board in the United Kingdom, including healthcare, small and medium sized enterprises in the healthcare industry are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their products in the National Health Service and are being forced to look abroad. 
Optimising radiation dose
With a dramatic increase in the use of CT over the past decade, a key issue in the industry now is how to reduce the radiation dose for paediatric patients and patients who may receive multiple scans. Dr Sabah Al-Lawati reports.
Retail medicine could catch on in the Middle East
Already quite widespread in the West, retail medicine could be a lucrative prospect in the Middle East given the growing popularity of the shopping mall culture.
Results have been released from the large-scale ARISTOTLE trial which shows that the new oral drug Apixaban is superior to the standard Warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation for preventing stroke, reducing bleeding, and saving lives. Middle East Health reports. 
The importance of determining 'value' in healthcare
This is the first in a series of articles in which Dr Arby Khan looks at the concept of ‘value’ in healthcare. He assesses this concept in the context of medical practice in the United States and considers its implications for countries which have a developing healthcare infrastructure, such as those in the Middle East.
The Evolution of Healthcare Education – opportunities for the UAE
Methodist International in Dubai, hosted and sponsored a roundtable discussion at the Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai in October last year to discuss the evolution of Healthcare Education and Training opportunities in UAE.

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