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I’m delighted to say that, yet again, your favourite regional health publication is marking the start of another year with its biggest-ever issue. This is not only a great testament to the creativity and hard work of the MEH editorial and marketing teams, but also to the resilience and strength of the Middle East health industry. The enormous advertising support that we have received clearly demonstrates the increasingly positive light in which the local market is viewed. While much of the rest of the world is still grappling with stagnant growth, or even decline, healthcare infrastructure development in this part of the world continues to surge ahead, the key reason why more and more companies in the global medical industry are turning their sights in this direction.

For many years Saudi Arabia has been the main market in the region as it built new hospitals across the kingdom (and it continues to do so), but now Iraq, with a sense of security returning to the country, is becoming a focus of some the world’s major medical players. Fortune favours the brave, they say – and the rewards are big as the government substantially increases spending on healthcare development in an all-out effort to rebuild its devastated infrastructure. In 2012 alone, it plans to spend some US$6bn on healthcare, as shown in the Iraq Report on page 42.

There has been an increased buzz in the air in Dubai over the past few weeks as the local medical industry prepares to play host to the giant Arab Health trade fair this month. In response to demand, we have extended our product news section to showcase some of the many new medical devices to be launched in the Middle East at the event. See page 162.

Each year we partner with Methodist International, the overseas arm of the prestigious Methodist Hospital in Houston, to host a specialist panel discussion. These have proved to be popular with our readers in the past, and this year should be no exception, as a panel of experts from a variety of fields looks at the innovative role of simulation in medical education. Highlights from the discussion are on page 124.

Apart from the above features, there’s a lot more to interest you in this issue’s 184 pages. In CT we look at the hot topic of radiation dose management. In Cardiology we look at the ARISTOTLE trial, among other topics. On page 58, you’ll find a critical report on the current state of the UK medical industry. We also look at the concept of retail – or ‘mall’ – medicine and pose the question of whether it could catch on here as it has done in the US.

Do browse through this bumper issue – there is an abundance of news and many interesting medical research articles that should appeal to you not matter what field of medicine you are in.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last year, and to wish you, your families and everyone everywhere a very happy, prosperous and above all healthy 2012.

Brian Wilkie

(Jan-Feb 2012)



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