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The past year has been good for healthcare in the region. We have seen considerable expansion of new infrastructure. Many new hospitals have opened in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. This is good not only for the many advertisers in this magazine who are now seeing greater demand for their products across the region, but importantly, it is good for many people on the ground who now have easier access to healthcare, where before it may have been more difficult. This is particularly the case in Saudi Arabia where a massive government-funded drive to build hospitals is ongoing. In this issue you can read the news about Saudi King Abdullah inaugurating 420 healthcare facilities across the kingdom and laying the foundation stones for a further 120 health infrastructure projects.

This phenomenal growth is reflected in this bumper issue of Middle East Health, our largest to date. Thanks to the excellent advertising support, we are able to cover a lot of ground editorially. We look at news of the novel coronavirus that has killed 5 people in the region and could potentially trigger another world-wide scare similar to SARS a few years ago. We report on a new Atlas of Health and Climate released by the WHO and the World Meteorological Organisation to help regional health organisations be better prepared to deal with weather-related disasters, which are expected to get more frequent and intense as climate change takes a hold. Also in this issue you will find news on an important study released in December that looks at the global burden of disease and the remarkable epidemiological changes that have occurred over the past two decades – people are now living longer, but ironically more people are living with sickness.

We run an interesting report on Iraq – potentially the next big healthcare market in the Middle East. A doctor, who volunteers for Médecins Sans Frontières, writes about his experiences doing surgery in a cave in Syria for victims of the bloody civil uprising there. We look at medical ethics and whether doctors are failing to disclose conflicts of interest on social media.

This is just a taste of what this expansive issue of Middle East Health encompasses. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together.

Thank you to the readers for your positive feedback during the past year and to the support of the advertisers which makes the production of this magazine possible.

We wish you all a productive, healthy and profitable 2013.

Brian Wilkie

(Jan-Feb 2013)

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