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US company invents smartphone thermometer

This is not yet a smartphone App, but the technology is so brilliant we figured we must mention it here. We will soon be able to take our temperatures by using our smartphones. This great innovation follows the recent invention of a non-contact infrared (IR) sensor which can be built into a smartphone or tablet that will accurately measure a patientís temperature in less than one second with no contact with the human body. The California-based company Fraden Corp has recently received a patent for their Fraden Smartphone Sensing Technology and the product is now available for licensing to smartphone manufacturers.

Ideally suited for parents with small children, nurses, doctors, caregivers or anyone that has ever had trouble taking a temperature, the sensor accurately detects infrared signals that naturally emanate from any surface. Just aim the smartphone at the face and it automatically takes the internal body temperature.

A small IR lens is positioned near the camera lens, with no protruding parts, making the device appear identical to existing smartphones. The sensorís wide range, from -30 degrees C (-22 F) to 204 degrees C (400 F), offers broad applications in taking temperatures of not only humans, but also of inanimate objects in the home environment, such as kitchen (cooking and refrigeration), bathroom (baby bath water temperature), school (science class), and industry (automotive and production machinery, chemical processes, energy management, and construction).

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iExaminer captures images from Welch Allyn PanOptic ophthalmoscope

The Welch Allyn iExaminer consists of a hardware adapter and associated software that allows healthcare providers to capture, store, send and retrieve images from the Welch Allyn PanOptic ophthalmoscope using the iPhone 4 or 4S. The PanOptic features patented optical technology that creates a viewing area of the fundus and retinal nerve in an undilated pupil that is 5 times larger than that of a traditional ophthalmoscope and increases magnification by 26% to more easily see retinal details. The iExaminer rapidly captures and transmits the retinal images created by the PanOptic for easy, cost-effective eyeground image documentation.

The iExaminer is available on iTunes App store and is currently pending 510(k) clearance from the US FDA. The iExaminer mount and PanOptic Ophthalmoscope is available from an authorised Welch Allyn distributor.

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View DICOM images on your iPad

The iPaxera is an easy to use PACS application specifically designed for viewing and navigating DICOM studies with an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

iPaxera is the only application that permits the radiologists to retrieve their studies from local folders, PACS or the PaxeraView workstation and do the diagnosis remotely and then dictate or write the report via the embedded reporting tool and send it by email or save it with the study.

Some of the key features include Query /Retrieve DICOM studies with any PACS system; a reporting tool to write or dictate reports and send via email; display and navigate through images by interactive slider, zoom, pan, rotation and distance measurement through two-fingers drag and pinch; change window width / window level through single finger drag; and reset to default image through double tapping.

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Mayo apps enable access to clinical lab expertise

Mayo Medical Laboratories recently introduced two comprehensive mobile applications for iPhones and iPads, allowing physicians and pathologists unparalleled access to clinical laboratory expertise from Mayo Clinic.

The Lab Catalog app provides guidance on test selection and result interpretation, enabling physicians to search for tests by disease, test name or test ID. In addition to test information, the app provides direct access to educational resources such as videos, articles and testing algorithms.

The Lab Reference app provides users with quick access to reference values, uses, method names, cautions, testing algorithms, and clinical and interpretive information for each test.

The applications are optimised for each deviceís screen size. The applications also will work offline and automatically update once a mobile connection becomes available.

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