Jan-Feb 2013


Carestream launches new tabletop laser imager for general radiology, mammography imaging applications

The new Carestream Dryview 5950 Laser Imaging System produces 508 pixels-perinch output for general radiology and mammography images.

The new imager can support efficient printing and time-saving film cartridges that can benefit healthcare providers of all sizes across the globe. The Dryview 5950 laser imager also can deliver an enhanced quality control system for mammography images.

This innovative internal quality control system that includes a built-in densitometer will produce test prints and display data needed to support mammography quality control charting – which can eliminate the need for an external densitometer and can greatly reduce the time required for mammography quality control.

Carestream’s imager offers DICOM connectivity and can be used to output images from a PACS network or from any DICOM modality. Carestream’s Smart Link remote technology solutions can remotely provide software updates and enables real-time response and analysis of service issues from a remote location.

The Dryview 5950 laser imager will offer two film cartridges on-line and will support five film sizes: 14 x 17 inch (35 x 43 cm), 14 x 14 inch (35 x 35 cm), 11 x 14 inch (28 x 35 cm), 10 x 12 inch (25 x 30 cm) and 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25 cm). Daylight-loading film cartridges make changing sizes fast and easy, and the imager can output up to 110 films per hour for 8 x 10 inch images.

This new imager complements Carestream’s family of printers which currently includes: DRYVIEW 6850 Laser Imaging System, Dryview 5850 Laser Imaging System, Dryview 5700 Laser Imaging System and Dryview Chroma Imaging System. For more information, visit:

DTR Medical unveils single-use cervical biopsy punch

DTR Medical – a leading sterile singleuse surgical instrument manufacturer – is launching a new high quality, cost effective cervical biopsy punch customised to surgeons’ specifications.

Consulted surgeons, concerned about the risk of cross contamination when using hard-to-clean instruments on patients undergoing cervical biopsy punches, requested an affordable, sterile single-use instrument with a rotating jaw, providing first time sharpness and a precise cut.

Currently, single-use alternatives are commonly either plastic and cost effective but without a precise cutting jaw, or metal but unable to consistently meet the quality requirements.

These alternatives often “mash” the tissue, creating poor biopsies and risking continued wound trauma that leads to longer patient recovery time.

With approximately 260,000 annual cervical biopsies conducted in the UK and the increased HPV testing demands, DTR Medical’s new product has the opportunity to enhance current procedures and aid the prevention of cross-contamination.

The nylon-based trigger handle and the metal jaw are made from high quality materials, utilising the advice of surgeons to create a truly fit-for-purpose product. Made from stainless steel, the shaft and inner rod actuate the jaw ensuring no movement occurs in order to achieve a sharp, clean cut.

For more information, contact the sales team on: +44 (0) 1792 797 910 or email: info@dtrmedical.com or web: www.dtrmedical.com

DTR Medical now provides a ‘benefits of single-use instruments’ summary document in Arabic. Please contact us for a copy.

Harloff offers low-cost medical carts

Harloff is now offering a low-cost, economically priced line of medical carts: the new V-Series.

V for Value: Value priced medical carts designed for facilities under budget constraints.

A cart for any application (Emergency, Infection Control, Treatment), these carts are competitively priced with the same Harloff quality.

Tall or short cabinet heights available Extended wheel base with projected front casters to prevent tipping Seamless painted steel top work surface Carts available with break-away lock bar or key lock Integrated drawer pull handles Full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides Five inch full swivel casters, two with brake Ships with wheels installed and ready to use Twelve year manufacturer’s warranty Latex free Durable, hard-baked powder coat finish

Harloff is a quality manufacturer well known in the medical industry for our storage solutions. We back our products with a 12 year warranty, and we are FDA Certified. Everything is manufactured in the USA, with sales and production under one roof at our facility in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

The Harloff brand of products provides secure storage solutions for every department in the hospital, including the ER, OR/Surgery Centers, Infection Control, Pharmacy, Sterile/Central Supply, Orthopedics, Radiology, and patient care.

Harloff has the broadest line of Medical Carts and Cabinets available, and we offer the ability to customize and adapt our carts to meet your needs.

For more information visit: www.harloff.com

Red Bag introduces new tech for on-site processing of bio-hazardous waste

Steam is recognised worldwide as an accepted standard for sterilizing bio-hazardous medical waste. More recently, ozone, a powerful oxidant capable of destroying bacteria and viruses, has been introduced and accepted as a technology capable of sterilizing a broader range of bio-hazardous waste with less energy and water consumption than other technologies, including steam.

Red Bag Solutions (RBS), a manufacturing and waste management services company based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, offers both steam (SSM) and ozone (OSM) technologies for the on-site processing of medical waste.

SSM and OSM are designed for safe and cost-effective processing of a broad variety of medical waste, including: Biological agents and infectious materials, Needles, syringes, and disposable surgical instruments, Sharps containers and needle boxes, Confidential media and proprietary materials, Blood products and body fluids, Pathogens: bacterial, viral, fungi and other infectious agents, Contaminated animal carcasses and animal bedding, and Some pharmaceuticals.

With SSM, waste is macerated and particles are simultaneously surrounded by superheated water and steam until sterilization is achieved. With OSM, waste is macerated while particles are surrounded by ozone and ozone-infused water until sterilization is achieved.

After processing, waste is sterile, safe and no longer recognizable as medical waste. Liquids can be discharged into the sanitary sewer. Solids are converted into a confetti-like by-product that can be recycled or disposed of as ordinary municipal trash. Confidential material such as paper, CD’s, microfilm and other media is completely destroyed and is no longer recognizable or readable.

Processing is odor-free and no negative air emissions are released. In addition, both systems are more environmentally friendly and less costly to operate than other on-site medical waste processing alternatives.

Both SSM and OSM are easy to install and cost-effective and safe to operate. Units have a smaller footprint than other on-site medical waste processing technologies. Waste volume is reduced by as much as 90%. Red Bag Solutions offers customizable options to support the acquisition and operation of SSM and OSM equipment.

For more information visit: www.redbag.com
Contact Red Bag Solutions at: +1-443-524-4245. European inquiries: +31(0)88 - 008 03 00

Inditherm launches new neonatal accessory range

Inditherm Medical, who specialise in patient warming, have launched a range of neonatal accessories to complement their highly successful CosyTherm systems. Designed and constructed to the highest quality the products are effective, fully withstand hospital washing standards and have a cheerful appearance to help create a feeling of normality for parents.

The range includes CosyNest to recreate the boundaries that the newborn has experienced in the womb, constructed to completely encircle the baby, providing a comfortable boundary at head, feet and sides. CosyHood fits to cribs to protect the baby from excess light whilst also reducing exposure to draughts and noise. CosyCover is available to fit a variety of incubators, giving infants protection from light and noise, whilst allowing all-round observation of the patient and access without compromising aseptic techniques, without removal of the cover.

All the accessories come in a range of shapes and sizes.

For more information contact Inditherm on: +44 (0)1709 761000 or email: info@indithermplc.com

Schiller medilog holter systems – where burnout detection is going to happen

Burnout has become a buzzword. There are a number of self-tests and other methods available to analyse it. But how reliable is this? The criteria are often unclear and the patient’s perception differs for the same symptoms.

Therefore Schiller has developed a revolutionary new way of measuring the “Fire of Life”. The time interval between two heartbeats varies from a healthy person from beat to beat. These temporal differences, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), provide information about the exercise and recovery phases of the body and shows how well the person reacts to it. The heart rate itself is continuously adjusted by the autonomic nervous system, the controlling network of the human body.

With Schiller’s medilog ECG recorders and the “Fire of Life” software the HRV is analysed and displayed in a new way to help judge the function of the autonomic nervous system. Viewing the “Fire of Life” it can show if therapeutic actions or lifestyle changes are successful in reducing stress and improving recovery. This opens up new diagnostic possibilities.

Perfect sleep Severe autonomic dysfunction

Schiller’s HRV (Darwin) provides the best beat to beat measurement available noninvasively and is an ideal tool for screening for autonomic failure, syncope, neuropathy and detailed research into HRV and its associated conditions. It is part of the range of Schiller medilog products which have been used for recording ECG and diagnosing arrhythmias for over 30 years. The latest range of ECG and HRV recorders and software now puts a reliable, affordable and non-invasive screening device and research tool in your hands. So now you can make a difference in treatment and cost.

For more information, visit:

Kugel medical provides safety cabinets for the lab

Kugel medical products have the ideal solution to insure laboratories are a safe working environment, especially with the handling and the storage of flammable liquids, solvent and other chemicals.

With the new transportable safety storage cabinets for maximum flexibility and safety Kugel can achieve individual storage requirements of acid and base. Among other innovations are the construction with integrated, transportable base as well as the 2- colour-concept with a choice of 7-doorcolours (at no extra cost).

All safety cabinets correspond to the international standards of fire and environment protection.

Kugel also produces laboratory furniture, preparation cabinets, exhaust units as well as several down-draft grossing tables. Arab Health booth ZN19.

For more information visit:

Sysmex innovates automation of urinalysis

Sysmex’s UX-2000 answers a longstanding customer wish for greater convenience and automation in urinalysis. Now, a single device incorporates the two most common testing methods in urinalysis. At a single push of a button, this bench-top analyser takes on the complete urine screening process using criteria that you define in line with your needs – to the highest regulatory standards and with high clinical utility and some of the most comprehensive parameters available.

In the UX-2000, Sysmex believes they have addressed all the major challenges in urinalysis: cost, speed, quality, networking and standardisation. To date, lab staff has always had to run two separate tests: test strips and particle analysis. No longer. Now the UX-2000 offers both test strip analysis for three types of test strip, and particle analysis using Sysmex’s world famous fluorescence flow cytometry plus hydrodynamic focusing, now applied in urinalysis.

You can free up significant time for your lab staff to concentrate on other matters. Choose which type of tests you wish to apply. Test for a large number of parameters and eliminate errors associated with the manual testing process. You can also offer the high-quality standardised testing called for by today’s extensive legislation.

For more information, visit:

Static Systems sustain success with VoIP Nurse Call

Since introducing VoIP integration into its nurse call systems some five years ago, Static Systems Group (SSG) has established itself as a proven supplier of this technology, including involvement with a number of projects in the Middle East where speech communication has been recognised as an effective means of improving staff efficiency and providing quality patient care.

The platform independent technology underpinning SSG’s Fusion-IP system can work with a range of propriety IP telephone systems to network busy medical and surgical wards.

Using industry standard SIP and RTP protocols to achieve speech clarity, the nurse call system is routed to wireless handsets. Medical staff can respond immediately to calls from patients via their personal handsets and either, deal with patients straight away, or grade the call’s importance to assess whether the need is less urgent. In effect, the staff handsets become mobile nurse station indicators.

Every nurse call/VoIP installation is tailored to suit each hospital’s specific nursing management practices and procedures – an important consideration where nursing and care resources are stretched.

Further, the platform independent nature of Fusion-IP allows many technologies to work seamlessly as one integrated system. Advanced facilities (apps) available include: intelligent, real-time location of staff and patients, remote access to server based information using smartphones and tablets, and patient control of their immediate environment for improved wellbeing.

- Videos demonstrating the Fusion-IP apps are available at: http://youtube.com/user/staticsystems

- For more information visit:

Brownmed showcases new arthritis products

Cooler weather often brings along with it an increase in aches and pains in the joints and muscles. For those with arthritis, this is not just an inconvenience, but truly debilitating.

A manufacturer in the United States, already specialising in quality ergonomic and pain relief soft goods, is proud to introduce several new products to help these patients remain compliant and to ease their pain

In 2012 Brownmed introduced Active Gloves, Arthritis Socks, Finger Sleeve and Arm Sling. Active Gloves feature the outstanding comfort of the traditional IMAK Arthritis Gloves, but with unique gripper dots to help those with arthritis grip objects much easier.

Active Gloves have earned the Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation. The Arthritis Foundation programme recognises consumer products designed to be comfortable and effective, as well as easy to use by patients with arthritis. Products earning the commendation undergo rigorous testing at a research facility, including evaluation by a panel of individuals with varying degrees of arthritis. The research process includes both a quantitative and qualitative review that encompasses both the product and the packaging.

“We’re pleased to partner with such a respected authority on arthritis," said Ivan E. Brown, CEO of the company. "We believe the collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation will allow us to expose more patients to our products. Improving life is our passion, and this alliance strengthens our ability to realize that mission.”

Another new offering, Arthritis Socks, allow the moisture wicking comfort of cotton and spandex – similar to the Arthritis Gloves – for the feet. It allows each toe its own separate warm covering . . . like a pair of gloves for the feet.

Finger Sleeve can cover a finger joint for warmth, compression and comfort. It features a gel insert which can be chilled for cold therapy, to help reduce swelling.

And the new Arm Sling offers a therapeutic hand exerciser and neck/shoulder comfort pad filled with massaging ergoBeads for gentle, effective therapy.

Brownmed manufactures and markets medical devices worldwide, with production in the United States as well as Asia. It is an ISO 9001:2008-certified facility with offices in Spirit Lake, Iowa, Kansas City, Missouri and Hamburg, Germany.

For more information, visit: www.brownmed.com Or email: paul.katzfey@ brownmed.com

The Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Program

TLV Healthcare introduces HI-CARE – a new light in the operating room

Many studies have proved that proper lighting influences people’s mood. For a few years now working staff in hospitals have been using RGB (red-green-blue) lighting to improve comfort and performance at their work place. With sustainable development, LED has shown the way to low energy consumption when used over long periods, with low maintenance and cost saving factors.

As a worldwide, long term indirect lighting specialist, TLV Healthcare has integrated both these cutting edge technologies in its brand new HI-CARE media bridge to ensure comfort and safety to operating theatre (OT) staff.

For the first time ever, RGB dimmable LEDs, or green LEDs lighting provide efficient vision to anaesthetists, surgeons and their staff to perform their tasks even during minimal invasive surgery or endoscopic procedures.

This is a new concept in patient care - consider better X-ray analysis and a top MIS procedure performed under perfectly tuned green light, or an improved patient preparation to anaesthesia under a cooling red light, or a quicker recovery using a tonic blue and white light between different surgeries… which now is fully integrated all-in-one unit!

HI-CARE is 100% studied and tailormade in France according to customer specifications, this OT supply system combines indirect lighting, power supplies, communication technology; data transfers interfaces, medical gases and all needed accessories within reach.

Monitoring equipment and biomedical accessories contribute to the highly flexible ergonomics of HI-CARE – its swivelling corners and external and internal rails, and is totally flexible and can be configured in different angles to fit all surgeries.

In order to fight airborne contamination, this unit has been cautiously designed to limit laminar flow supply and air ceiling turbulences thus improving air quality in the working environment. For optimum hygiene, the smooth surfaces and recessed sockets facilitate cleaning and decontamination of the unit.

For more information, visit:

Proviasette frozen biospecimen container comes to
the Middle East

Provia Laboratories has expanded the distribution for its unique Proviasette frozen biospecimen container. Under an agreement with ProScan Middle East FZE, the Proviasette will be marketed to hospitals, laboratories, research universities, tissue banking companies and pharmaceutical companies throughout the Gulf Region and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Provia Labs introduced the Proviasette, the next-generation biospecimen storage container, in 2011. The Proviasette improves upon a design used by leading academic and commercial laboratories around the world to efficiently store hundreds of thousands of snap frozen and OCT-embedded biospecimens in -80 degree C or vapour-phase liquid nitrogen (LN2) freezers.

In hundreds of labs worldwide, tissue samples sometimes valued in the thousands of dollars are stored in glass, foil or other makeshift containers. These containers are subject to failure at low temperature, are difficult to label and track, and take up far too much freezer space.

Well-designed and GMP-manufactured, the dual polymer construction of the Proviasette prevents the cap and base from seizing at low temperatures. It is virtually indestructible in a lab setting, and is certified 95kPa compliant. Highly space efficient, the Proviasette enables up to 8,400 samples to fit conveniently into a standard -80 degree C freezer.

For more information visit:

Berchtold’s Chromophare F Generation – functional and aesthetic

The new F Generation combines proven reflector technology with the newest LED technology. In specifics: In contrast to other technologies, the light beams are mixed within the light head. Hence they produce light with exceptional spectral qualities. This mixing is achieved using a very flat free-form polygon reflector and total reflection. In doing so, the beam from the LED light source is targeted with help from the reflector in the light head. Up to 420 facets generate more than 650 overlapping beam paths for a homogeneous light beam and glare-free light field. Colour-cast shadows in the surgical field are reduced to a minimum.

Chromophare lights meet the highest demands for design and functionality. A screwless housing with minimal seal ring area, closed shapes with smooth, seamless surfaces and soft, edgeless contours make the lights simple and efficient to clean. The materials of the light head comply with the high hygiene requirements in the operating room.

Another highlight of the F Generation is the interactive multicolour touch panel. All light functions are clearly displayed and visually arranged on the touch screen. It can be fastened to the wall or the light suspension.

For more information, visit:

CIM med brings carrier arm to Middle East

Hygiene and state-of-the-art design are two critical areas when it comes to furnishing hospitals in the Arab world. And it is why the high quality standards of German manufacturers are much appreciated in the region. So CIM med, the German specialist for carrier arm systems, will again be presenting its solutions at this year’s Arab Health trade fair. The event will also be an opportunity to expand and deepen the company’s existing relations with local partners.

Mobile and stationary mounts for monitors, keyboards and other medical technology contribute a great deal towards optimizing processes in hospitals. Mounting systems featuring CIM med integrated data and power lines enhance hygiene in operating theaters and protect cables from damage. The mounts are ergonomically designed to facilitate the work of caregivers, allowing them to focus completely on the patients and further avoiding incidents. They are made of eloxized and powder-coated aluminum and are resistant to strong disinfectants and cleaning products. Plus, they fit well in the esthetic conception of a modern hospital.

Speaking to Middle East Heath, Manuela Loibl, General Manager of Germany-based CIM med, said: “The need for medical technology is continuously rising in the Middle East. Demand there is for exceptional materials and quality in terms of both function and design. CIM med, the German specialist for mobile and stationary carrier arm systems, is meeting this demand and thereby steadily expanding its sales in the Arabic region. We were able to double our sales in the Middle East in the last year. In the meantime, the region accounts for 15% of our total turnover.

Khalid Scientific, an important partner of CIM med in the UAE, provided support for our largest project in 2012 in the Arab-speaking region. Khalid Scientific installed monitors at the Hamad Medical Corp hospital in Qatar. To do so they resorted to our high-quality carrier arms with integrated cable management. Other key clients are for example Gulf Drug and Dodhy’s in the UAE and Gulf Medical in Saudi Arabia.

“Our growth last year was particularly noticeable in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In 2013, we would like to increase our focus on Kuwait, Jordan and Oman.”

Arab Health booth ZM 19.

For more information, visit: www.cim-med.com

Hospira Plum A+ with Hospira MedNet brings innovative IV therapy to the Middle East

With more than 325,000 pumps installed worldwide, the Plum A+ general purpose infusion system remains the proven choice for caregivers and clinicians alike. In the Middle East, demand for the latest IV therapy technologies has made the Plum A+ a perfect fit. The unique, innovative PlumSet cassette technology and time-saving features simplify medication delivery and help to enhance safety for patients, clinicians and caregivers.

The scalable platform can be initially deployed, and later upgraded to include Hospira MedNet safety software to meet your evolving patient care needs. Hospira MedNet safety software wirelessly manages infusion information from each infusion device and facilitates best practices to help reduce medication errors, improve quality of care and deliver cost savings. Hospira MedNet safety software wirelessly delivers easy to interpret and information-rich reports to help with your complex decisions and support your continuous quality improvement (CQI) efforts. Hospitals in the region that installed the Hospira MedNet platform have quickly seen the benefits.

To help eliminate medication errors, Hospira’s IV clinical integration solution connects the pharmacy validated medication order with the IV pump, the patient and the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) to help streamline workflow and improve patient safety while providing measurable financial benefits.

Arab Health booth: 4G20

For more information, visit:

The Swingle Tier

What do you get when you have the benefits of the height-adjustable single tier desk combined with the adjustable flexibility of a swing lift platform? You get the ‘Swingle Tier’, AFC Industries’ newest addition to its ergonomic height-adjustable workstations.

The importance of the ergonomic desk has risen in direct correlation to the technological advances occurring today. If you find yourself at a computer terminal for more than four hours per day, you are not only at risk of developing Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), but also of shortening your life expectancy.

At AFC Industries, we firmly believe that the ergonomic desk must be designed to allow for the personalisation of user-adjustable heights, tilt and back and arm support. AFC Industries has manufactured the Swingle Tier to address these issues and offer the ultimate in user flexibility and comfort.

You will appreciate the desks electronic height adjustment settings of 28 to 47 inches (71 – 119cm) from the floor for comfortable sitto- stand settings; its articulating monitor arms for the ultimate in focal length positioning; and the swing lift keyboard platform with its single hand height and tilt adjustments that makes this unit equally at home in Radiology Reading Rooms, Laboratories, Security and IT installations. Just another way that AFC Industries creates solutions for working environments.

The Swingle Tier name is a trademark owned by AFC Industries.

For more information, visit: www.afcindustries.com

The CIM Cart series

CIM has met the growing demand for easily adaptable solutions with a series of roll stands. The mobile mounts can be well adapted to the individual needs of clinical personnel and healthcare facilities. They are made of eloxized aluminium and feature integrated cable management. They therefore offer a great deal of flexibility and high standards of hygiene.

The devices are easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. Germs have cannot proliferate anywhere because there are no tangled cables offering them safe haven. Models are available for light or heavy weights. The two models are equipped with high-quality double rollers and are easy to maneuver.

A carrier system with component grounding is also available. All CIM med carrier arms and components can be slipped onto the C-profile of the column. With its expanded range of applications, CIM med enables quick and efficient configuration of workstations. Arab Health booth ZM 19.

For more information, visit: www.cim-med.com

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