Jan-Feb 2014


Carestream’s newest image acquisition/mini-PACS software adds support for DR imaging systems

Carestream’s newest version of Image Suite Software offers a flexible image acquisition, processing and storage platform that now supports CARESTREAM wireless DR as well as CR imaging systems, and an optional mini-PACS. Image Suite offers Web-based patient scheduling, image review and reporting, and flexible archiving solutions.

Unveiled the same week as The International Day of Radiology, this versatile offering is ideal for urgent care centers, imaging clinics and a broad range of physicians and specialists, including orthopaedists, podiatrists and chiropractors. The new software is available worldwide.

“We offer a flexible platform for customers who want to move from CR to DR or from film to digital imaging. Our software offers the same user interface and workflow for both modalities, which reduces training time and makes the transition easier,” said Heidi McIntosh, Carestream’s Global Marketing Manager for X-ray Solutions. “Existing Image Suite users can upgrade to DR technology with a minimal investment because they keep the same console and software platforms and just add a DR detector and license.”

The software now supports images captured by Carestream’s wireless DR systems using the DRX-1 and new small format DRX 2530C (25 x 30 cm) detectors, as well as Carestream’s tethered TDR 3543 detector and TDR 3543C detector that are available in select markets. This is in addition to the current support of the DIRECTVIEW Classic CR and the DIRECTVIEW Vita family of CR systems.

Carestream’s optional mini-PACS delivers advanced reading and reporting tools – and the newest software also delivers the ability to view imaging studies on mobile tablets such as iPads in select countries outside of the U.S. The system also supports a wide variety of specialty measurement tools including Lippman- Cobb angle, goniometry and coxometry. Other new Image Suite software upgrades include: l Vendor-neutral exposure index value for each image so technologists can see if they are within the exposure range. l Hardware and software that can automatically acquire DAP and technique information from multiple vendors’ generators and DAPs. This eliminates the need for manual data entry; and l Supports transfer of images to OrthoView software for pre-operative orthopaedic planning and templating.

Software supports enhanced image sharing capabilities

Image Suite also features new CARESTREAM OmniLink Software that can provide secure Web-based transmission of imaging studies and deliver many of the capabilities of a virtual private network at a fraction of the cost. OmniLink Software enhances the sharing of images by offering rapid transmission speeds, high-level security features, and the ability to compress and encrypt files for transmission. This software notifies the sender and receiver when an imaging study is received and alerts the sender if the file is not received. It also supports transmitting image to a PACS using cell phones or mobile devices for healthcare facilities outside of the U.S.

Image Suite systems provide DICOM storage for MR, CT and ultrasound exams and reporting software allows users to create, edit and view reports attached to studies. Users can output imaging exams to CD/DVDs, DICOM printers and other PACS systems. Imaging services providers of all sizes can minimize capital investment and achieve obsolescence protection by purchasing PACS, image sharing and vendor-neutral archiving on a pay-per-use basis with Vue for Cloud-Based Services.

For more information, visit: www.carestream.com

Welch Allyn solutions designed for use in settings requiring portability, flexibility, efficiency and patient safety

Welch Allyn, a leading global provider of medical diagnostic devices, recently introduced several new solutions designed to help improve patient outcomes including a new connected electrocardiograph (ECG), integrated light-emitting diode (LED) lamp technology and a disposable single-patient-use blood pressure cuff.

The user-friendly Welch Allyn CP 150 was designed to help improve practice workflow. The seven-inch, color touch-screen display with an integrated user interface eliminates the need to track between the display and keyboard and allows for fast and easy entry of patient data helping to save time and reduce errors. A lead quality display is also incorporated into the touch screen, which helps easily and efficiently identify lead connection problems. An instant-on feature powers up the device quickly to take an ECG at a moment’s notice and the advanced filters provide optimal ECG trace quality to ensure accurate readings. The CP 150 can be transported easily with the battery-powered operation and up to 100 test results can be stored on the device. ECG results can also be transferred directly to a USB memory stick for additional storage or uploaded to the practice’s data management system through the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation.

Now available to customers outside the United States and Canada, optional LED lamps will be offered in the company’s four most popular core diagnostic device platforms—traditional otoscopes, MacroView otoscopes, traditional ophthalmoscopes, and PanOptic ophthalmoscopes. The efficiency of LED lamps also results in lower temperature output which may increase comfort for both the patient and the caregiver. Welch Allyn LED lamps feature patented SureColor technology, which provides consistent color output while light intensity is lowered to improve the view or increase patient comfort. It allows the color of the light to remain the same even as the light intensity is dimmed.

Welch Allyn FlexiPort EcoCuffs are designed to remain with one patient for the duration of the hospital stay and then be disposed of upon release. As part of the FlexiPort line of disposable blood pressure cuffs, EcoCuff utilizes the FlexiPort single-point connection standardization system, allowing the EcoCuff to follow the patient into virtually every room and connect to nearly every device in the hospital. The lightweight EcoCuff is made of 100 percent polypropylene and does not contain BPA, DEHP, Latex, PVC or other materials that can leach into the environment in a landfill or release harmful chemicals when incinerated. EcoCuff is capable of being recycled in areas where polypropylene recycling is available. l For more information, visit: www.welchallyn.com

Walmark is a leading producer of food supplements

Walmark is a leading producer of food supplements in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has one of the most modern pharmaceutical plants in the Czech Republic complying with GMP standards. It has a strong market position in the domestic Czech market as well as in another 7 European markets through its subsidiary companies (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia). Besides the domestic market and subsidiary markets, there are systematically developed business activities in more than 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Walmark has a comprehensive product portfolio. The product portfolio is constantly modified according to global trends on one side and to particular needs of customers on the other side.

One of the significant novelties in Walmark’s product portofio is Spektrum Gummies – a complex of vitamins in balanced proportions for adults in gummy form which is so easy to use. Every day you can get the key essential vitamins in order to maintain physical and mental vitality. Spektrum Gummies is available in two delicious fruit flavours with no artificial colours.

For more information, visit: www.walmark.eu

Fanem to exhibit their neonatology products

Fanem, a leading manufacturer of neonatology products, will once again participate in the Arab Health Fair 2014, in the Brazilian Pavilion, exhibiting its advanced products that increase the efficiency of health services and the efficacy of health treatments. The software update of the Fanem Vision Advanced 2286 Incubator will be a highlight during the event, equipped with fourth generation (G4) technology that permits a higher data processing speed, better screen response time and visualization of the parameters, which enhances the user’s operation. The alarm management system, incorporated into the update, brought to the Vision Advanced 2286 Incubator an evolution of pulse oximetry monitoring, enabling less alarm triggers related to saturation (SpO2) measurements, thus reducing undue triggering. It also counts on an alarm sound volume adjustment and a distinction between low, medium and high-priority alarm settings.

For more information, visit: www.fanem.com.br

Timesco at forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture

Timesco Healthcare, England, has been at the forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture and innovative developments in intubation for over four decades.

Timesco manufactures the world’s number one single use disposable fibre optic laryngoscopes system “Callisto”, which is complemented with Callisto single use and Optima reusable LED handles.

Complete ranges of single use, “Callisto”, “Europa” and reusable “Optima”, “Sirius” laryngoscopes systems covering from neonate to adult intubation, as well as specialist, Robert Shaw, Seward, and difficult intubation “Eclipse” tilting tip blades are available.

The Timesco Laryngoscope programme is also available with a new Rechargeable system. Timesco has also added innovative, award winning, energy savings systems for extended battery life, EES and ION.

The Timesco Laryngoscope programme is part of Timesco product ranges which cover all disciplines of surgery. Timesco surgical and medical ranges cover premium O.R. quality Surgical Instruments, Dental, Electro surgery, Diagnostic, EMS etc

Timesco has been established since 1964 and is one of the largest privately owned quality surgical and medical companies in UK. We are approved suppliers to many MOH’s throughout the world including the NHS in UK. We have regional distribution in the Middle East and have an office in Dubai.

Contact the manager, Misbah Jabbar, email: misbah.jabbar@ timesco.com, phone: 00971 508 451019. Timesco is an ISO, FDA, CE and SFDA registered company.  Arab health: Z1G30

For more information please visit: www.timesco.com

Richard Wolf introduces integrated operating room management system

Richard Wolf will present, during the Arab Health in Dubai, the first fully networkbased integrated OR core nova as well as the compact media management platform core.media and core.expert – a comprehensive operating room management system. Richard Wolf is setting new benchmarks in 3D endoscopy with its ENDOCAM Epic 3D HD a high-resolution 2x3- chip system.

Furthermore, Wolf will also launch two new flexible sensor ureterorenoscopes – BOA VISION and COBRA VISION. Richard Wolf is a mid-sized company manufacturing medical instruments. It employs a workforce of more than 1,400 and maintains a global network of 14 subsidiaries and 130 foreign representatives. The company develops, manufactures and markets a large range of products for minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy in human medicine, and for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and technical endoscopy. l For more information, visit: www.richard-wolf.com

Obtain Nature-standard editing on your research manuscripts and grants

Balancing a clinical workload with obtaining funds and writing research papers can be challenging, but Nature Publishing Group (NPG) and its exclusive partner Macmillan Science Communication (MSC) can help.

NPG Language Editing (languageediting.nature.com) uses native English-speaking editors familiar with the language convention in your field, with graduate-level training at top US universities. Thanks to a stringent quality check, the edit improves the clarity and sense of the writing, to help reduce the risk of misunderstandings or rejection due to poor English.

MSC Scientific Editing (msc.macmillan.com/en/editing) goes even further, by allowing you to benefit from highly detailed, Nature-standard editing and advice. MSC’s editors understand what it takes to get published – almost all have both professional experience of editing at a high-impact journal and a PhD. NPG journal decisions are independent of MSC (and NPG Language Editing), so you can get extensive pre-submission input from experts who think like journal editors, without harming your chances of publication.

CTK Biotech obtains worldwide exclusive license from CDC for use of patented, chimeric virus in dengue diagnostic tests

CTK Biotech, Inc. and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reached a license agreement that grants CTK the worldwide-exclusive, diagnostic commercial rights to a patented dengue virus developed by a CDC laboratory.

Utilizing this advanced technology, CTK has recently launched an improved line of its OnSite Rapid Tests for the detection of antidengue IgG and IgM in serum, plasma and whole blood specimens. Previous generations of dengue diagnostic tests were limited in their ability to detect IgM which is particularly important during the early stage of dengue infection when it is the predominant disease marker.

“The chimeric virus developed by the CDC has the potential to dramatically improve the diagnosis of dengue virus infection,” said Ta-Hsiang Chao, PhD, Director of Research and Development at CTK Biotech.

“It preserves all antibody binding sites on the viral surface, a critical factor for detecting both IgG and IgM produced in response to the native virus. The improved capacity to detect, diagnose and treat dengue is particularly significant as the global spread of dengue continues. An estimated 400 million dengue virus infections occur annually; 40% of the world’s population lives in areas with dengue virus transmission.”

While Southeast Asia typically bears much of the global burden, dengue virus transmission is common in 100 tropical and sub-tropical countries around the world, including Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean. In 2013, Europe experienced its first sustained transmission of dengue fever since the 1920’s. Until a safe and effective dengue vaccine is available, further spread of the virus is inevitable.

Joel Heidecker, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CTK Biotech, reinforces the importance of virus detection when trying to control the spread of a disease, stating: “Early identification and distinguishing between primary and secondary infections can lead to early treatment aimed to limit the severity of the disease, an important step in reducing mortality rates. Our top priority at CTK is to develop high quality, cutting-edge point of care diagnostic products that effectively respond to the needs of the population. Our recent partnership with the CDC positions us at the forefront of the IVD market with the advantage of using the most advanced dengue technology for our research.”

CTK Biotech, Inc. is a privately-owned biotech company located in San Diego, California that develops and manufactures innovative immunodiagnostic tools and point of care in vitro diagnostic test kits for distribution in more than 60 countries. CTK’s product lines include OnSite Rapid Tests, ELISA Test Kits and Positivia External Controls specialized in blood borne, tropical/ parasitic, hepatitis, respiratory, gastrointestinal, sexually transmitted and hormone/neonatal diseases. CTK facilities are ISO 13485 certified and in compliance with Food and Drug Administration Quality System Regulations.

For more information, visit: www.ctkbiotech.com

HI-CARE, the TLV Healthcare ultimate OT media bridge

This suspended media bridge optimizes the quality of surgical interventions by providing surgeons, anaesthetists and operating room staffs an easy access to power supplies, communication technologies and data transfers, medical gas that can be easily positioned hand reach according to each procedure, thanks to the amazing flexibility offered by its eight internal and external sides thanks to its innovative rotating corners system.

The HI-CARE can be adapted to suit any multi-disciplinary operating theatre as each one is individually tailor-manufacture to perfectly fit dimensions and organisation of this high risk area. In one single unit, HI-CARE combines energy distribution, equipment carriage and peripheral lighting of the area...

Perfectly adapted equipment

To comply with all international norms and standards, the HI-CARE suspended distribution beam is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of each customer: extra low voltage/ low voltage electric currents, medical gas alarm monitoring, any brands and standards on internal and/or external beam sides, rail(s) and tube(s) on internal and/ or external faces of the unit, cover(s) and/ or tube(s) on the housing using the whole length of the beam.

Easy access to functionalities

The recommended under-beam height (2000 mm) allows easy access to the features, which are within hands reach of all staff members while keeping the distribution unit compact. The HI-CARE thus contributes to the quick availability of the room for the next intervention in the multidisciplinary operating theatres.

Operating room turnover

The rotating corners with indexation enable rapid modification of equipment positioning and therapy devices between two operations, ensuring the benefit of an optimised workspace for anaesthetists, surgeons and their staffs.


Compatible with all ceiling laminar air flow systems thanks to its tailor-made design, the HI-CARE contributes to the fight against nosocomial infection by protecting the air flow from turbulence since all additional shielding is designed by aeraulics specialists.

Cleaning and decontamination

The smooth shapes and surfaces allow easy cleaning and decontamination between two operations.


The technical equipment fixed at the back of the unit with direct access through dedicated clipped covers procures quick maintenance, optimizing the availability of the operating rooms.

RGB (Red Green Blue) Lighting

Indirect integrated lighting on the upper part of the HI-CARE beam provides comfortable vision for the different members of the operating staff whilst enabling peripheral tasks to be safely carried out. The comfort provided by the different dimmable colours of the LED lighting system offers infinite possibilities for the patients emotional management (red light relaxes, blue stimulates) as well as improved vision (green for endoscopy, x-rays). l

For more information, visit: www.tlv.fr

Clinicians welcome high quality single-use cervical biopsy punch

Showcasing at this year’s Arab Health, DTR Medical’s Rotating Cervical Biopsy Punch is a timely development in light of the increasing need for cervical cancer screenings and human papilloma virus (HPV) testing.

This cost effective solution not only ensures clinics can run smoothly through improved instrument availability, but guarantees a good quality biopsy every time. It is clear to see why it has been received so well in the market, with notable positive feedback including:

“The rotating punch biopsy is slick, easy to use and sharp” “The reusable forceps [biopsy punches] consistently produce inadequate samples - cross-cut, crushed or torn - this causes confusion and further unnecessary followup. I want to use these disposable forceps [Single-use biopsy punch]”

The rotating jaw provides first time sharpness and a precise cut with a cleaner wound that heals quickly. Alternatives commonly lack a precise cutting jaw, creating poor biopsies with continued wound trauma which leads to longer patient recovery time.

This addition to an extensive range of Single-use gynaecology instruments is a truly ‘fit-for-purpose’ instrument that can enhance existing procedures. l For more information, visit: www.dtrmedical.com

Mediflex to show open and laparoscopic surgery products
at Arab Health

Mediflex is a pioneer in the surgical retraction field having worked with Dr. Mel Greenberg in the 1960s and Dr. John Bookwalter in the 1970s to design and manufacture neuro and general surgery retractor systems. Mediflex is committed to global and regional improvement of the quality and safety of healthcare. Mediflex has a presence in over 50 countries, and has participated in Arab Health annually since 2010.

Nathanson StrongArm Liver Retraction System

The system includes a Single Arm Strong- Arm Holder and Positioner along with 3 Nathanson Hooks and 2 Instrument Tips. The hooks and tips feature the Mediflex hexagonal fitting and can be easily attached to and removed from any Mediflex surgical holder and positioner with the quick disconnect feature. The system attaches to operating table rails. It offers height adjustability and the ability to position the Nathanson Hook at different lengths and angles. A single central locking knob secures the system in a matter of seconds. The height adjustability also allows the vertical post to be lowered so it no longer obstructs the surgeon or assistant. This system is especially suited for bariatric procedures.

Lapro-Flex Articulating Retractors

These retractors can be introduced through a 5mm cannula and articulated to their shape by rotating a knob in the handle. They are available in several different configurations including right angle, triangular and angled triangular.

Suture Grasper Closure Device and Suture Passer Guide

The Suture Grasper Closure Device is disposable and used for laparoscopic fascia, tacking hernia mesh in position prior to final placement, percutaneous suturing and ligating abdominal wall bleeders. The Suture Passer Guide used in conjunction with the Suture Grasper Closure Device enables surgeons to close each trocar site safely and efficiently. This reusable guide is made of stainless steel and allows for a cost effective and reliable solution for trocar site closure.


The Airway-Assist provides a hands free method to maintain a patent airway and holds consistent neck extension and jaw thrust during Mask General and MAC anesthesia. It also provides an additional “hand” during laryngoscopy and allows precise external manipulation of the glottis for better visualization. It also applies cricoid pressure during rapid sequence anesthesia induction. l Arab Health: 1B56

For more information, visit: www.mediflex.com

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ALLIBERT MEDICAL offers innovative French design for modular hospital furniture

ALLIBERT MEDICAL, with over 20 years’ experience, designs and manufactures in France a smart range of hospital furniture with a low ecological footprint. To provide an efficient organisation, logistics and storage solution in all hospitals areas (OR, ICU, ER, wards and in-patient pharmacies), ALLIBERT MEDICAL emphasized in its conceptions the importance of cutting-edges technologies, modularity, hygiene and safer.

Those unique features and innovative concept set ALLIBERT MEDICAL apart from the competition:

“P20”: an upgrading modular concept: A modular system with total interchangeable components permits to upgrade your trolley in time. The new EasyClip side rails designed by Allibert Medical allow users to choose their own configuration whatever their scope of interventions (emergencies, anaesthesia, exams, bandaging). The special right-Left sliding shelf provides to end-users more comfort during treatment process.

Durability concept : All materials were chose for their long value durability; body frame in aluminium, top tray in ABS, drawers in anti-microbial polypropylene. Easy maintenance is provided through a concept of sliding and removable drawers without mechanical ball-bearing rails system.

EasyClean: To reduce nosocomial infection, ALLIBERT MEDICAL develops a unique concept allowing a quick dismantling of the products without tools for a full decontamination process. Last innovation, the top tray is completely removable for cleaning.

Universal Design: Daily tasks are made easier thanks to many features as light-weight aluminium frame and ergonomic design . A wide range of attractive color options bestows a modern atmosphere inside hospitals.

Keyless Concept: Improving safety and reducing medication error is part of our achievements. The intelligent electronic lock, which allows track user activity, remains a guarantee for a safe and controlled storage of medicines.

On the strength of its experience, ALLIBERT MEDICAL offer its know-how to serve your equipment projects. Contact us at export@allibert-medical.com

The Infinium Omni III patient monitor

Designed for a fast paced work environment, the Infinium Omni III patient monitor offers an extremely simple and adaptable user interface. Patient information along with vital sign settings can be quickly modified to meet the needs of a patients changing condition. The Omni III offers a standard high resolution 15 inch touch screen to optimize the speed of patient care. The user can therefore make quick screen adjustments, set default settings, alarm limits, and manage up to 72 hours of detailed patient data.


From the general floor to high acuity surgeries, the Infinium Omni series patient monitors are designed to fit-in and move amongst many patient care areas. The Omni III offers standard measurements of: non-invasive blood pressure, ECG with arrhythmia detection, motion tolerant SpO2, Temperature, and Respiration rate. End-tidal Co2, Anesthetic Agent measurement, 12 lead ECG, Cardiac Output and Invasive blood pressure can added on-site by simply attaching our plug in modules. This field upgradability can allow the user to customize the monitor’s acuity level while the patient’s condition changes. If desired, the user can move from a basic vital signs monitor, to a continuous bed side monitor, to an operating room monitor while keeping the patient on a single monitor at all times.


The Omni III offers several connective solutions to network multiple monitors and/or manage patient data on an electronic medical records platform or a HL7 based hospital information system. The Omni III patient monitor offers Ethernet and RS-232 connections with an open source communication protocol. Infinium offer 2 levels of networking and connectivity. The Omni III is HL7 compliant. The HL7 network protocol will allow for all patient information and vital sign trends to be transferred and stored on a hospital information system. For non- HL7 medical facilities, there is the Infinium Omniview central station which allows the real time remote monitoring and network of up to 64 Omni patient monitors. The Omniview archives full disclosure of all patient vital sign trends. The patient data from the Omniview can be very simply saved, stored, printed, and, transferred.

For more information, visit: www.infiniummedical.com

DM Systems introduces Heelift AFO

DM Systems introduces the redesigned Heelift AFO, a unique ankle foot orthosis designed to offload the heel while also providing superior foot drop support. Having introduced the first heel offloading boot of its kind, Heelift Suspension Boot, DM Systems has established a reputation as a global leader in the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. DM has applied that expertise to the traditional AFO, producing a softer, gentler solution. A smooth fabric cover and forefoot strap help to keep the boot in place by allowing the boot to move with the patient while the patient is in bed.

“Instead of creating ‘just another AFO’, we wanted to create a product that solves multiple problems,” said DM Systems’’ founder Denis B. Drennan, MD.

A non-slip sole allows patients to walk short distances (preferably with assistance), meaning the boot does not have to be removed and reapplied each time the patient is transferred from the bed or wheelchair.

Along with its offloading capabilities, Heelift AFO is indicated for: l Dorsiflexion ankle support for paralyzed legs l Use as a comfortable night splint l Treatment/prevention of plantar flexion contracture l Treatment of plantar fasciitis l Treatment/prevention of foot drop deformity l Treatment of Achilles tendonitis

Founded in 1979, DM Systems is committed to quality outcomes across the continuum of care with innovative products developed by orthopedic surgeons to reduce wound prevalence while saving time and money. Other products include the Heelift Glide, Heelift Suspension Boot, and Heel- Safe DVT Hose.

For more information, visit: www.heelift.com

Simply Plug n Play – with RTI’s Black Piranha

The new RTI Black Piranha brings a quickness and power to your X-ray QA work flow. The Black Piranha includes what you would expect in a multifunction meter. Connection to various accessories, tablet and PC is automatic – just plug n play. The Quick Check feature identifies the probes you insert and selects the optimum Piranha settings for your measurements. You can even easily program your own default start-up screen. The Black Piranha can measure on Rad, Fluoro, Dent, Mammo, and CT.

The Black Piranha is complimented by the Ocean 2014 software which makes your workflow more intuitive and work will move quickly. Ocean 2014 can perform instant real-time analysis during your measurements. Ocean also prepares a report in the background as you go. So when the work is done, if you want a complete report of your work – just press print!

Use your tablet/laptop as both an interactive display during the measurements and as a powerful analysis tool when you are back at the office. No unnecessary, time-consuming data-transfer at the end of the day.

Measurements and data are stored – allowing for analysis, trending and printed reports – even months after you have completed your measurements.

Ocean 2014 also features Quick Check mode. This Ocean 2014 feature provides a quick and easy way to start your measurements. Simple and accurate measurements along with data and waveforms are instantly displayed. Templates are provided. Just power-up and go.

Whether you use a Windows tablet (Windows 8 Pro tablet) or laptop, this will be an indispensable QA tool.

For more information, visit: www.rti.se

The Intersurgical i-gelO2 Resus Pack contains all you need

In emergency medicine, you need equipment that’s easy and rapid to use. The igel O2 Resus Pack contains everything you need to prepare, insert and secure the i-gel O2 quickly and efficiently: an i-gel O2 supraglottic airway, a sachet of lubricant, airway support strap and a suction tube.

The i-gel O2 has been specially designed to facilitate ventilation as part of standard resuscitation protocols, such as those designated by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC). However, the i-gel O2 also incorporates a supplementary oxygen port for the delivery of passive oxygenation, or Passive Airway Management (PAM), as part of an appropriate Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation (CCR) protocol.

A number of case reports and clinical studies have highlighted the potential advantages our standard i-gel device offers in the resuscitation scenario1,2,3,4, where seconds can make all the difference. With its unique, soft, non-inflatable cuff, valuable time is not wasted deflating and inflating a cuff. This allows a patent airway to be established in the quickest possible time. In many cases, insertion can be achieved in less than five seconds5.

With our new i-gel O2 Resus Pack, you have all the advantages of a standard i-gel in the new i-gel O2, along with everything you need to prepare, insert and secure the device in one pack, allowing you to stay focused on what really matters during resuscitation – the patient.

1. Gatward JJ, Thomas MJC, Nolan JP, Cook TM: Effect of chest compressions on the time taken to insert airway devices in a manikin: Br J Anaesth. 2008 Mar;100(3):351-6 2. Gabbott DA, Beringer R: The i-gel supraglottic airway: A potential role for resuscitation?: Resuscitation. 2007 Apr;73(1):161-2. 3. Soar J: The i-gel supraglottic airway and resuscitation - some initial thoughts: Resuscitation. 2007 Jul;74(1):197. 4. UK Resuscitation Council Advanced Life Support Guide (5th Edition). Revised June 2008. 5. Bamgbade OA, Macnab WR, Khalaf WM: Evaluation of the i-gel airway in 300 patients. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2008 Oct;25(10):865-6.

For more information, visit: www.intersurgical.com www.i-gel.com

HARD Manufacturing launches new critical care crib

HARD Manufacturing is introducing its newly designed Doernbecher II Critical Care Crib. The Doernbecher II Critical Care Crib is specifically designed for the PICU when a Safety Top is necessary for the patient who may become more active. When the Safety Top is not needed, the Doernbecher Critical Care Crib is available for the PICU.

HARD Manufacturing manufacturers and sells cribs as small as 61cmx91cm Cribette for the NICU to as large as a 91cmx211cm Youth Bed for the Pediatric patient population. Every Electric Crib we manufacture has the availability of the optional built in Weigh Scale. The Weigh Scale has the accuracy rate of +/- 0.1kg. All Pediatric Cribs and Youth Beds are standard with an Anti-Microbial Epoxy Coating.

Since 1876 the HARD commitment to quality, performance, and value has never changed. Through continuing improvements and developing new technologies, the HARD goal is to maintain its earned position of leadership. Only in this way, can HARD Manufacturing continue to serve the Healthcare marketplace with products that meet its ever-demanding needs.

HARD Manufacturing is the world’s #1 manufacturer of Hospital Cribs and Youth Beds. l Arab Health: US Pavilion # 1A42

For more information, visit: www.hardmfg.com

Analox are launching the Medical ACG, a revolutionary medical gas monitoring system

The Medical ACG can be used for continuous or spot check testing of O2, CO2, VOC’s, CO, H2O, SO2, NO and NO2 all in one system. This enables users to check gases such as: Medical Air, Medical Grade Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide and to verify compliance with industry standards such as the European Pharmacopeia, NFPA99 and HTM 02-01.

The Medical ACG is easy to install and maintain and offers peace of mind and better safety for patients. Its Datalogging feature also offers full traceability and negates the need for manual recording or external testing.

It is the perfect solution to ensure compliance with mandatory legislation and duty of care. The system can be used in numerous applications such as: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases) Treatment, ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), Cardiac & Trauma wards and Neonatal units.

Analox also offer a wide range of laboratory gas safety products including Oxygen depletion monitors, portable and fixed CO2 detectors, flammable gas sensors and OEM sensor technology.

For more information, visit: www.analox.net

Combating hypothermia and pressure related tissue trauma through warming and true pressure relief

Whether it’s the development of postoperative pressure ulcers or complications from perioperative hypothermia, patients face a wide range of risks from prolonged surgical procedures.

That’s where TABLEGARD comes in. This revolutionary patient care system from BERCHTOLD is the only OR table mattress that provides both pressure management and warmth during surgery. The result is a significant reduction in pressurerelated sores and ulcers, as well as anaesthesia- induced hypothermia.

TABLEGARD’s innovative design is based on the body’s own physiology, mimicking the peristaltic motion of muscles to generate even, gentle movement in 15-minute cycles throughout an extended procedure.

TABLEGARD is also changing the way surgical teams maintain safe core temperatures during procedures, especially with today’s ORs being kept extremely cold to prevent cell death. BERCHTOLD’s integrated system produces a surface temperature range of 28-43 degrees C, helping reduce the risk of perioperative hypothermia.

For more information, visit: www.berchtold.biz

Are you still using BVMs?

In the pre-hospital environment bag valve devices have been the standard of care for the past 50 years. However, because a bag valve device requires constant and steady manual pumping by the operator, it does not guarantee consistent air delivery. The operator is literally setting the tidal volume and respiratory rate with every squeeze of the bag. Unsurprisingly, BVMs have been linked to a high incidence of hyperventilation and gastric insufflation. In addition to the safety concerns of bag valve devices, bagging completely incapacitates a responder from addressing other injuries, performing compressions, attending other patients, or transporting the patient.

So why are BVMs still the standard of care? They are the standard of care because transport ventilators are either too expensive or too complicated to be widely used. A ventilation device that mitigates the potential for injury, reduces operator error, complies with guidelines, and improves a medical responder’s ability to perform other critical tasks is needed.

Just as AEDs made their way from the hospital, to ambulances and eventually to public places, ventilators need to evolve to become smaller, easier to use and more affordable. Simplified Automated Ventilators, originally designed to triage critically injured soldiers on the battlefield, may be the answer. The second generation Simplified Automated Ventilator (SAVe II) is a hybrid between a bag valve device and an expensive transport ventilators. Like many transport ventilators, it is compressor- driven and has an array of sensing capabilities and safety alarms. However, it requires minimal training and uses a height chart to dial in an appropriate initial tidal volume for the patient. It only weights 1.1 kg and can deliver air for up to 10 hours. It’s simple and reliable ventilation for the pre-hospital environment.

The SAVe II is produced by AutoMedx and distributed in partnership with JD Honigberg.

For more information, visit: www.automedx.biz

Carrier arms from CIM med to connect anesthesia machines now TUV- tested

CIM med has announced successful TUV testing of its carrier arm for the Philips IntelliSave AX700 anesthesia machine. These results support CIM med’s ambition to produce the safest clinical mounting systems on the market. CIM med will be exhibiting its new carrier arm solutions at the Arab Health in Dubai, January 27-30, 2014.

TUV Süd, the German safety monitoring agency, examined the CIM med carrier arm for two core criteria. The ground cable connections were tested for impedance and current load capacity (testing specifications IEC 60601-1:2005). Component grounding inside the carrier arms provides the required safety. TUV Süd also tested the system for stability at a 10-degree tilt when fully euipped (DIN EN 60601- 1:2007). The extra-length, triply articulated and height-adjustable, 700-millimeter arm features a special bracket to limit the pivoting arc of the first articulation to 90 degrees. This ensures tilt safety even when carrying 22 kilograms.

The carrier arm is available with connections for PDMS and patient monitors with modules. An authorized service technician can help health facilities retrofit the Philips IntelliSave AX700 with a CIM med carrier arm at any time. TUV-certified carrier solutions by CIM med are also available for anesthesia machines by other manufacturers.

Arab Health: Z3D19
For more information, visit: www.cim-med.com

Hill Rom’s Progressa Bed System has groundbreaking technology

Progressa Bed System is more than just a bed. With the help of the Progressa Bed System’s integrated functionality and lift system, caregivers can maintain optimal therapeutic positioning, deliver evidencebased therapies and help restore mobility to minimize the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and muscular disorders, as well as delirium.

StayInPlace is a ground-breaking technology that is only available with the Progressa Bed System, and prevents patient migration, minimizing the need for patient repositioning.

The Progressa Bed System is the only ICU bed platform on the market that meets the needs of Critical Care patients in different ICU disciplines through upgradability and configurability.

The Progressa Bed System can be configured and upgraded to meet a wide range of requirements within a hospital, while providing a consistently superior user experience. You can decrease total-cost-of-ownership by using ONE supplier to reduce maintenance, spare parts and training costs.

Clinical efficiency provided by the Progressa Bed System: l Eases the individual steps of Progressive Mobility at every level of patient acuity and tolerance n Significantly contributes to shortening ICU length of stay n Enables Progressive Mobility while reducing the risk of adverse events such as line displacement n Shortens time to first out of bed.

For more information, email: eemea@Hill-Rom.com

Static Systems launch wireless nurse call system

Static Systems’ Fusion-IP range of nurse call systems now includes a radio based solution to be shown at Arab Health for the first time. ‘Fusion-IP Aspire’ is fully compatible with other equipment in the IP range and establishes Fusion-IP as one of the most comprehensive and technically advanced healthcare communication solutions available.

In addition to the company’s RNIB endorsed, waterproof patient hand unit, other features that set Aspire apart include a ‘two-way’ health-check for unrivalled system integrity, and exceptionally low power consumption ensuring extended battery life. Furthermore, in common with other Fusion-IP solutions, Aspire can operate standalone, work alongside a wired system, and, being IP based, can connect with a site’s LAN.

In the design brief for Aspire Static Systems were insistent that the look and feel of the devices should conform to that of existing SSG equipment already widely used in healthcare environments. The aim was that patients and staff alike would be familiar with the equipment whether it was wired or wireless.

Other design considerations were that Aspire should be cost-competitive and easy to set up using an ‘out of the box and ready to go’ approach that did not necessarily require specialist support.

Commenting on Fusion-IP Aspire, Static Systems’ Marketing Manager, Jennie Horrocks said: “We see Aspire as most suited to low acuity environments such as health centres, or as a temporary system for use during ward upgrades. However before recommending a solution we look at client requirements, and based on ‘best advice’ recommend either a wired or wireless system.”

For more information, visit: www.staticsystems.co.uk

Career resource for scientists

Naturejobs is the global career resource and jobs board for scientists. At naturejobs.com, search thousands of science jobs worldwide, across a range of disciplines, from studentships to CEO level. Naturejobs can help you throughout your job search and your career:

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Siemens launches Artis one angiography system for universal use

Siemens recently introduced a new angiography system optimized for a broad clinical utilization. Artis one is designed for routine interventions, which represent most angiographic procedures. Energy consumption with the new system is up to 20% lower than with Artis zee floor.

Thousands of angiographic procedures are performed each day worldwide. On the one hand, these include treatment of highly complex cases requiring a high degree of tailoring of the angiography lab’s configuration. On the other hand, there are many routine interventions, which represent the clear majority of cases. These include, for example, revascularizations of peripheral arterial or venous occlusions, functional tests of dialysis shunts (surgical vascular connections between arteries and veins) in patients with kidney failure or of implanted ports in tumour patients. Diagnostic angiographies of narrowed coronary arteries (coronary stenosis) and their treatment or pacemaker implantations are also established routine procedures. Siemens Healthcare developed Artis one to support all of these interventions.

Flexible with low space requirement

Despite being floor-mounted, the new angiography system is similar in positioning flexibility to ceiling-mounted systems and requires substantially less space: Artis one occupies only 25 square meters, compared to the usual 45 square meters required by ceiling-mounted systems. The system features several axes which can be moved independently of each other. This allows physicians and hospital staff to easily position the system where needed – regardless of where the physician is standing. The system covers body heights of up to 2.1 meters without the need to reposition the patient, even for the imaging of peripheral vessels. When necessary, the system allows free access to the patient’s head in order to provide optimal care during the procedure. Buttons on the table side console are tactile so that they can be easily operated even under the sterile covering. The on-screen menu allows the physician to navigate directly using the heads-up display. All information about the procedure is thus kept right in front of the operator’s eyes. The comfortable 30 inch display size delivers images up to 90% larger than conventional 19 inch monitors.

Premium applications, powerful x-ray tube

With Clearstent Live, Artis one offers a feature which until now was only available with the premium family Artis Q and Artis Q.zen. This application for interventional cardiology allows the physician to mask out the movement of the beating heart in order to place the stent in precisely the right position. Furthermore, the new system is equipped with the proven “Megalix” x-ray tube of the Artis zee system family featuring flat emitter technology. Using a tube current of up to 250 milliampere (mA), the system generates images with outstanding quality and high contrast resolution.

In order to keep radiation exposure for the physician and patient as low as possible, Artis one offers the most extensive feature set for dose reduction of any angiography system on the market. By using 20% less energy than Artis zee floor, Artis one also helps reducing operational costs. This is mainly achieved.  

Fresenius Kabi presents the new MRI Guard to the Agilia family

As a new addition to the Agilia family, Fresenius Kabi brings the use of the Agilia infusion and syringe pumps into the magnet resonance units where infusion therapy patients can benefit from uninterrupted treatment during an MR procedure. The MRI Guard Agilia prevents interference generated by the Agilia Infusion pumps from affecting MR image quality, and the guard shields the infusion pumps against electromagnetic disturbances from the MRI system.

An indicator tells you where to position the MRI Guard Agilia safely near the patient, at all times during the procedure, with visual and audible signals. Infusion data is stored in the infusion pumps during the MRI procedure.

New accessories and consumables will be introduced during 2014 such as “Ambulance holder”, new oncology sets, etc. completing our offer for the Agilia range.

For more information, visit: www.fresenius-kabi.com or contact Fresenius Kabi Representative Office Middle East & Gulf: +971 4 346 75 30

 Date of upload: 17th Jan 2014

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