Cardiology - New heart failure drug looks set to become next gold standard
An investigational new heart failure drug could be poised to change the face of cardiology according to results presented at ESC Congress in Barcelona in August 2014.
Cardiology - Medtronic’s new Reveal Linq device revolutionises diagnosis
One of the most exciting technological developments in the world of electrophysiology in 2014 has been the launch of Medtronic’s Reveal Linq device.
Cardiology - Batteryless pacemaker paces the heart using the power of its own motion
A new batteryless cardiac pacemaker based on an automatic wristwatch and powered by heart motion was presented at ESC Congress 2014 in Barcelona by Adrian Zurbuchen from Switzerland.
The moral code in Islam and organ donation in Western countries: reinterpreting religious scriptures to meet utilitarian medical objectives
End-of-life organ donation is controversial in Islam. The controversy stems from: (1) scientifically flawed medical criteria of death determination; (2) invasive perimortem procedures for preserving transplantable organs...
Telemedicine - Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre consults by phone to increase access to healthcare
As healthcare knowledge and expertise becomes more innovative with time, consumers’ demand for that same medical guidance has increased across the world.

 Date of upload: 10th Jan 2015
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