Jan-Feb 2015

Richard Wolf launches new ureterorenoscopes

Medical instrument manufacturer Richard Wolf presents two new flexible Sensor Ureterorenoscopes: the single-channel ureterorenoscope (URS) `BOA vision´ and a dual-channel URS `COBRA vision´.

Due to the very small sheath diameter of 8.7 Fr., `BOA vision´ can be introduced through Access Sheaths with a diameter of just 9.5 Fr. This makes it particularly suitable for the treatment of children and adult patients with very narrow ureters. `COBRA vision´ also permits the simultaneous option of using one or two working instruments with outstanding irrigation performance in both cases. This significantly reduces the intervention times compared with single-channel renoscopes.

For more information, visit: www.richard-wolf.com

Nordic Light – Krill & Fish Oil Omega 3

Nordic Light – Krill & Fish Oil is an ideal combination of krill and fish oil. It is rich in both Omega-3 and antioxidants. It can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It improves memory and concentration. It has positive effects on skin aging and protects the skin against UV radiation. It has positive digestive effects. It counteracts depression and improves the quality of life. Nordic Light has documented effects on PMS relief. It counteracts sore and stiff joints; and is beneficial for cholesterol.

For more information, visit: www.healthgate.me

Berchtold introduces TABLEGARD Patient Care System to combat hypothermia and provide true pressure relief

Whether it’s the development of postoperative pressure ulcers or complications from perioperative hypothermia, patients face a wide range of risks from prolonged surgical procedures.

That’s where TABLEGARD comes in. This revolutionary patient care system from Berchtold is the only OR table mattress that provides both pressure management and warmth during surgery. The result is a significant reduction in pressurerelated sores and ulcers, as well as anaesthesia- induced hypothermia.

TABLEGARD’s innovative design is based on the body’s own physiology, mimicking the peristaltic motion of muscles to generate even, gentle movement in 15-minute cycles throughout an extended procedure.

TABLEGARD is also changing the way surgical teams maintain safe core temperatures during procedures, especially with today’s ORs being kept extremely cold to prevent cell death. Berchtold’s integrated system produces a surface temperature range of 28-43º C, helping reduce the risk of perioperative hypothermia.

For over 90 years Berchtold has been one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of high quality surgical equipment. The company offers surgical lights, OR tables, ceiling supply units, video and camera systems, and customized surgical solutions.

For more information, visit: www.Berchtold.biz

Timesco Callisto single-use laryngoscopes at the forefront of preventing cross contamination and spread of disease

Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis C, Sepsis, MERS, with the proliferation of contagious diseases across the world, cross contamination between patients has become a major issue. Timesco single-use laryngoscopes Callisto are leading the way in preventing the spread of microorganisms, infections, spores and prions.

In guidelines published in the association of anaesthetists of Great Britain magazine, Anaesthesia, it was recommended that all laryngoscopes blades and handles should be autoclaved and the use of single use devices encouraged. However, autoclaving does not guarantee the total elimination of prions on laryngoscopes.

Timesco’s Callisto single use laryngoscopes offer ready-to-use convenience and cost savings compared to reusable laryngoscopes: Guaranteed control of cross contamination; no reprocessing or autoclaving costs; clinically clean, single use pre-packed; will not bend / deform in use ; can be used with fibre reusable handles: Optima, Sirius, Optima XLED and single use handles Callisto S and Callisto LED.

The Callisto system is latex free, non-toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA, etc. worldwide approved.

Timesco Callisto Laryngoscopes are the No. 1 choice for cross contamination prevention.

For more information on Timesco’s full range of products, visit: www.timesco.com
Email: export@timesco.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: Z1 F19

Bovie Medical Corporation introduces J-Plasma technology and other new devices at Arab Health 2015

Bovie® Medical Corporation, the first name in electrosurgery, continues to transform the healthcare industry with electrosurgical products for the physician office, outpatient facilities and the hospital operating room.

The Bovie name represents ongoing innovation and superior surgical performance. At this year’s Arab Health exhibition, Bovie introduces the heliumbased technology J-Plasma® – another historical first destined to transform how surgeries are performed. J-Plasma has recently won the prestigious SLS 2014 Innovation of the Year Award.

Dr Craig E. McCoy, OB/GYN surgeon, reports: “I’m able to treat tissue near vital structures, and actually see it be excised cell layer by cell layer without any thermal spread.”

This kind of precision is made possible through the use of cool, tissue-sparing effects found only with helium plasma. There is extremely low risk of injury to surrounding tissue, giving surgeons control at the micron level.

See for yourself how J-Plasma works to deliver remarkably low thermal spread with a high level of precision and versatility across open and laparoscopic gynecological procedures.

Bovie will also be exhibiting its complete line of electrosurgical generators including the new IDS-310, 300 watt operating room electrosurgical generator with tissue fusing technology and the Derm 101 High Frequency Desiccator, an extremely affordable unit for simple skin procedures. Alongside our equipment Bovie also supplies a full line of electrosurgical accessories and Smoke Evacuation products.

For more information, visit: www.boviemed.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: 1 D59

CIM Med’s triplyarticulated arm is super-efficient

CIM Med’s height-adjustable, triplyarticulated arm is incredibly efficient in daily hospital work. If a larger distance is required between the mounting point of the carrier arm and the monitor itself, then this carrier arm system by CIM Med is the ideal solution. The arm is available in an upward as well as downward version. Whatever the position or monitor model, personnel will be able to work ergonomically. An example: finding an ergonomic monitor position is difficult, particularly with underside-mounted patient and observation monitors that are fixed in a high position. A carrier arm oriented downward is an optimal way to counter this problem. The carrier system can swivel 360 degrees, but an integrated stopper prevents turning beyond a certain limit. This avoids any potential damage to the cabling inside. If need be, staff members can easily change cabling. No tangle of cables also means easier cleaning.

For more information, visit: www.cim-med.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: Z3 E19

Armstrong’s Aluminum A-SMART Premier Carts are
the perfect fit

Dependable and durable, Armstrong’s A-SMART® Aluminum (doesn’t rust) Premier™ Carts are the perfect fit no matter what your department. Eighteen colours and hundreds of accessories make A-SMART Carts the most versatile on the market. A-SMART Carts are offered with either a key, breakaway or push-button lock. Also, don’t forget that all A-SMART Carts are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 certified standards, and all full-size ASMART Carts come with double side-wall construction, stabilizing frame with bumper, soft-grip handles, high-quality swivel casters (two locking, one tracking), and ball bearing drawer slides as standard features.

For more information, visit: www.armstrongmedical.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: 1 C38

Cobia Sense – sensible X-ray constancy checks

Cobia Sense is dedicated for use with an external detector such as RTI Dose Probe, Light Probe, CT ion chamber or external Invasive mAs probe. The wide selection of external probes enables a big flexibility in the performance of regular constancy checks for most modalities. The measured values can be read directly from the large and clear display, and are stored in the Cobia Sense for later viewing.

As the newest member of the Cobia family, Cobia Sense has the same form factor and large display which features the Cobia’s familiar and easy-to-navigate menu structure. The Cobia Sense is targeted for routine constancy checks, with the ambition to make those tasks quick and easy.

Thanks to the Plug-and-Play functionality the Cobia Sense will automatically recognize the different detectors you connect and instantly be ready for your measurements. This together with the easy-to-read display, Cobia Sense is the perfect tool also for untrained users.

With Cobia Sense there is no need to reset between your measurements, so you can remain in the control room until all your measurements are made. The practical data log allows you to store measurements for later viewing. As well as English, you can choose to run your Cobia Sense in several languages such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. This can easily be selected via the Cobia menu and we constantly update with more languages.

For more information, visit: www.rti.se/products/product-detail/cobia-sense

CooperSurgical offers range of uterine manipulation devices

CooperSurgical is proud to offer our comprehensive portfolio of surgical devices, providing enhanced visualization and control for pelvic laparoscopic procedures.

The reusable RUMI® II handle is safe, effective, and capable of 140-degree articulation, providing excellent visibility and access and reducing time spent in the operating theater. The redesigned shaft has a reach two full inches (5cm) longer than the original RUMI, and a built-in, friction-free locking mechanism ensures stability during laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery.

The RUMI II accommodates an assortment of flexible silicon single-use intrauterine surgical tips, ranging in size from 5.1 mm x 3.75 cm to 6.7 mm x 12 cm, that provide unmatched durability during caudal retraction. The distal ends are soft and flexible enough to reduce the risk of puncture trauma, but strong enough to accommodate intrauterine balloon saline inflation.

For physicians who prefer the light weight of a disposable uterine manipulator but require more strength, we offer the Advincula ArchTM. The radial design permits easy insertion from any angle and a unique curve provides outstanding elevation for superior visualization and manual control.

The Koh-Efficient®, comprised of the Koh Cup® and pneumo-occlusion balloon, can be used with both the RUMI II and Advincula Arch. It fits securely over the cervix and places the fornix on stretch, making it easier to identify and protect the ureters and uterine arteries during pelvic procedures. Surgeons can proceed with confidence knowing they have ensured a reliable “margin of safety”. The easy-load Koh- Efficient, which comes in four different sizes to suit a range of patient anatomy, fits snugly and precisely into place, saving valuable surgical time. Select the Ultem® polymeric resin construction for use with electrosurgical equipment or the stainless steel for use with harmonic scalpel or laser procedures.

CooperSurgical is the leading provider of innovative medical devices and procedure oriented solutions that advance the standard of care for women. Our highly reliable and clinically relevant products and services facilitate the delivery of enhanced outcomes for patients regardless of the clinical setting.

For more information, visit: www.CooperSurgical.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: 1 G52

Fanem’s Duetto 2386 Hybrid Unit is state-of-theart technology

The Duetto 2386 Hybrid Unit, which operates as both an incubator and radiant heat unit, is already available in Brazil. The award-winning equipment, together with its accessories, enables versatile use in every newborn care situation. This characteristic reduces the need to transfer patients from one piece of equipment to another, during different procedures, thereby decreasing handling and contamination.

When operated as an infant warmer, the upper part of the hood of the Duetto remains above the radiant heat reflector which, in turn, is positioned externally, eliminating risks of contamination. The front and side access walls fold down, avoiding removal of the patient and permitting up to three professionals to work together in performing critical procedures.

In incubator mode, the hood is spacious and ergonomic, facilitating access and procedures, besides having a safe and stable microclimate, whose air filtration system has sufficient area to retain dirt and microorganisms, thus providing patients with a protective insulation and increasing the useful life of the filter. The Duetto 2386 has five oval hatches with non-toxic fittings; one silicone double tube insert at the unit head, for introducing and positioning the breathing circuits; and eight tube inserts on the four corners of the hood, which enable better positioning of tubes and cables in relation to the patient and sources, thereby avoiding folds, discomfort, disconnection and occasional contamination.

The bed of the Duetto 2386 is spacious and radio-transparent, made of non-toxic, plastic material, with external devices that facilitate operator access and reduce the need for contact with the patient and the equipment internal environment. It has a continuous and smooth operating system, with external manual adjustments for the Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and high horizontal positions, as well as 360° swivel movement.

For more information, visit: www.fanem.com.br

GCX’s smaller VHM-25 Support Arm brings greater flexibility, productivity to healthcare workflows

GCX Corporation, the worldwide leader in medical instrument and IT mounting solutions, introduces the VHM-25™ variable height support arm, a small-profile version of its best-selling VHM™ Series of variable height mounts.

The VHM-25 is available in various configurations to accommodate both IT and medical device mounting applications. Optional horizontal and angled 7-inch (17.8-cm) extension options provide longer reach, while continuing to hide cables internally for improved appearance and cleanability.

GCX created the space-saving, highly flexible design specifically for healthcare environments. The VHM-25 provides mounted devices 12 inches (30.5 cm) of height adjustment; in addition, devices may be pivoted from side to side, tilted at various angles, and rotated between portrait and landscape orientations.

The medical-grade VHM-25 offers healthcare institutions a support arm that’s both easy to clean and durable. The seamless top surface is impervious to liquids, while the cast-aluminum housing will stand up to the rough handling and cleaning solutions that are normally applied in healthcare facilities.

GCX Corporation has been serving the healthcare industry exclusively with medical instrument and IT mounting solutions since 1971. Products are marketed directly to hospitals. GCX also has custom product development relationships with original equipment manufacturers. Major product lines include wall mounts, roll stands, ceiling mounts, counter top mounts, pole mounts, and more, along with a variety of mounting accessories. GCX mounting solutions feature spacesaving, ergonomic designs to improve both equipment and patient access.

For more information, visit: www.gcx.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: 1 C59

Harloff introduces new 16-scope storage cabinet

Harloff’s 16-scope storage cabinet – SC7836DRDP-16 – is a state of the art stationary cabinet that stores and dries up to 16 scopes. This cabinet features two fans and a HEPA filter for drying scopes. The SC7836DRDP-16 can be purchased with or without the HEPA filtration and drying fans. It accommodates colonoscopies, EUS scopes, TEE probes, bronchoscopes and cystoscopies.

It is constructed of sturdy, 18 gauge steel.

Drying fans 100-240VAC Universal Input
HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles, 0.3 microns, exceeding AORN scope storage recommendations
Holds up to 16 scopes in a secure stationary location
Key locking tempered glass double doors
Engineered to protect scopes and provide easy access
Removable drip tray
Scope arm height 60 inches (152 cm) Assembled Cabinet Dimensions:
78.50”H x 36.10”W x 19.25”D (200 cm H x 92 cm W x 49 cm D)
Cabinet net weight 260 pounds (118 kg)

For more information, visit: www.harloff.com

Neusoft’s new NeuViz 64-slice CT scanner

Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. (Neusoft Medical), a leading manufacturer of medical equipment and service, is a subsidiary of Neusoft Corporation, which is the largest IT solutions & services provider in China. Neusoft Medical has successfully launched its newest NeuViz 64 In/En 64-slice CT scanner. NeuViz 64 In/En is designed to care more, it’s patient-oriented, technologist-oriented and radiologist-oriented. The gantry ring is designed to change colors to inform the patient what phase of the scan they are in. This keeps patients aware and informed, reducing anxiety. LCD navigation integrated into the gantry provides a real-time, accurate display of patient information, ECG and scanning parameters. Entertaining graphics amuse the patient and put them at ease, especially effective with pediatric patients. The bold new design of the control panels includes larger knobs which are easier to operate.

The features of NeuViz 64 In/En are as follows:
Thoughtful design offers you a pleasant aesthetic enjoyment l Unique Quad-Sampling Technology improves acquisition density and increases scanning speed
Dose Platform combine with ClearView IR technology provide true ALARA images
Robust cardiac applications change sophisticated examination to routine scan
Powerful workstation eases your clinical application with seamless workflow

For more information, visit: www.neusoft.com

Hearing aid and personal sound amplifier, headphones and wireless TV headset

More versatile than a TV headset, a sound amplifier will amplify and give clarity to conversations and voices for people that want to hear better or with greater listening comfort. A personal sound amplifier is also called an assistive listening device. Personal amplifiers are not a hearing aid, prescribed by the audiologist. You can use personal amplifiers like the TEO and TEO First as a complement to hearing aids with a telecoil position using a neck-loop. One can also listen to the amplified sound with earphones or a headset.

Tinteo’s headphones offer a high fidelity sound and balanced frequency response. Bass are present, but not overwhelming. Medium are clear. ABA 122 noise cancelling headphones reduce up to 85 % of the surrounding noise. This allows you to enjoy your music safely even while travelling (plane or train rides). You will not have to endanger your ears by listening loudly.

Tinteo’s latest product, TEO Duo headset is a sound amplifier that doubles as a wireless TV headset. Thanks to a small radio transmitter, the receiver gets the sound of your television. You will then listen using your earphones directly to the sound of the television. Transceiver distance is 30 metres indoors and a 100 metres outdoors. The 2.4 GHz radio technology used is secure and user-friendly: no frequency set-up or automatic pairing and no interferences.

For more information, call (Dubai) +971 4 338 8316 Or email: info@healthmart.ae

Karl Storz’s new VISITOR1 enables remote access to the OR

The Karl Storz VISITOR1® system is an intraoperative, mobile robotic communications platform that enables a physician to have remote access to the OR from their home, office, or within the hospital. The VISITOR1™ system is comprised of the Control Station and the VISITOR1 Robot. The Control Station and Robot are linked via the Internet over a secure broadband connection.

While seated at the Control Station a trained surgeon can access the Robot to visit and consult with his/her patients and/ or colleagues. The VisitOR1 makes “Telesurgical Communication Easy” and allows clinical experts to connect and collaborate in a seamless and effective manner. Clinicians on the remote end can dial in utilizing merely the internet and take full control of a robotic articulating head to interact with the surgical staff as if they were physically in the operating theatre.

It is designed to improve patient outcomes by connecting experts from around the globe to any hospital or clinic in an instant. Key Features:

Robotically control your own position in the OR for maximum visualization
Share images and data files for improved collaboration l Extend your interactive reach into the OR via laser pointing
Highlight surgical nuances and consult through telestration
Mobil access via tablet software

For more information, visit: www.karlstorz.com

Konica Minolta’s Sonimage HS1 Ultrasound System offers advanced level of Tissue Harmonics

Konica Minolta’s Sonimage HS1 Ultrasound System was developed with the highest image quality as its first priority. It is equipped with a newly developed high-frequency probe that allows for high sensitivity imaging along with an overall uniform image. In addition to the new probe an advanced level of Tissue Harmonics was developed (Ultra-Broadband harmonics – Triad-THI), this technology is particularly ideal for use in areas such as orthopaedics, MSK, breast imaging and superficial imaging. Furthermore Sonimage HS1’s unique Biopsy Needle Visualisation function reflects the needle tip clearly to ensure safer and more efficient interventional procedures.

Sonimage HS1 features a full touch screen, biaxial large monitor and responsive touch operation for ease of use and even allows for the system to be mounted on the wall of the ER or ambulances. The user interface can be efficiently customised to fit the user’s needs and improve workflow. The portable cart enables Sonimage HS1 to be used wherever and whenever needed, adding to its functionality and a quick boot-up time of 15 seconds from standby mode makes sure that Sonimage HS1 is ready to go when you are.

With Sonimage HS1, Konica Minolta continues to contribute to medical imaging through innovative concepts and designs.

For more information, visit: www.konicaminolta.eu/healthcare

Hill Rom’s Progressa bed system promotes early patient mobility

Hill-Rom, a global leader in patient support systems introduces the Progressa™ bed system, an innovative intensive care technology designed to actively promote early patient mobility. Progressa is the first bed system to incorporate StayIn- Place™ advanced articulation technology that helps keep patients in the optimal position during movements of the bed.

Complications related to patient immobility include deep vein thrombosis, muscle atrophy and weakness, depression, pulmonary embolism, cardiac muscle atrophy, osteoporosis and constipation.1,2,3,4,5

Many immobility-related complications are associated with prolonged hospitalization.


Patient migration or sliding down in the hospital bed can lead to repetitive repositioning and increased lift burden for caregivers. Developed by Hill-Rom’s ergonomic research labs, the StayInPlace advanced articulation technology matches the movement of the bed with the natural elongation of the spine that occurs when a patient moves from supine to upright positions. StayInPlace helps keep patients optimally positioned to minimize movement toward the foot of the bed as the head of bed is raised.

The Hill-Rom Progressive Mobility™ program is a complement to its mobility product portfolio and incorporates education and protocols to assist healthcare facilities in implementing early mobility therapy safely and efficiently.

For more information about early mobility, the Progressa bed system and the Hill-Rom Progressive Mobility program, visit www.MobilityIsLife.com

The DiaSpect hemoglobin analyser has measurement time of just 1 second

The new DiaSpect hemoglobin analyzer is the fastest and most convenient hemoglobin analyser available with a measurement result time of just 1 second! The palmsized device combines laboratory quality performance with unmatched measurement speed and a 10,000 test battery life. The Reagent-free cuvettes can be stored for two and half years (even after opening), providing you with a reliable and highly portable analyser that can be used in almost any environment.

For more information, visit: www.ekfdiagnostics.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: Z1 G30

Paxeramed to showcase imaging tech at Arab Health

Boston based PACS and RIS developer Paxeramed Corp. will showcase the next generation medical imaging technologies at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai designed to automate clients’ workflow, elevate patient care and cut radiology department PACS costs.

The presented portfolio includes PaxeraUltima360, an enterpriseclass data management system that consolidates medical image data from multiple imaging departments into a master directory and associated consolidated storage solution reaching radiologists, clinicians and patients.

The solution provides a single platform that offers anywhere anytime access to varied clinical data and enables study retrieval to relevant, prior exams that might have been done at other facilities through XDS and HIE sharing. PaxeraUltima-360 can manage both DICOM and non-DICOM data and features a smart-streaming technology – the fastest in the industry – allowing almost-instant study viewing and enables users to stay connected to the data from high or low bandwidth.

Designed with productivity in mind the system offers the ability to browse and query from dispersed PACS systems, as well as smart hanging protocols, advanced visualization, patient history timeline and a zero footprint viewer for any browser or mobile device. The patient-centric solution benefits users from having a single place to collect, store, share, and manage health data. Advanced tools such as PaxeraPACSCollaboration- Modules (PPCM) includes Instant Messaging, Peer Review, ED Discrepancy, Critical Results and Messaging Center allow specialists to group chat, share studies, consult with each other and offer real-time collaboration without leaving the unified PACS interface. The all-encompassing tools enhance the workflow and help facilities to provide effective and efficient care.

PaxeraUltima-360 incorporates a vendor- neutral Universal Viewer that offers a powerful new way to access different file formats quickly regardless of the file or study size. Paxera Universal Viewer helps clinicians make more informed decisions through multi-ology, multi-site reading and enables users to stay connected to the data and information they need from any browser or mobile device.

For more information, visit: www.paxeramed.com
Arab Health 2015 booth: US Pavilion Z4 G28

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