Jan-Feb 2016

France at Arab Health

130 French companies will be taking part in Arab Health-Medlab, from January 25- 28, 2016. With 1,440 sqm in exhibition space across 2 halls, 1 entirely dedicated to laboratory equipment and diagnostics, and expanding every year, the international trade show for medical systems offers a prime venue for them to show off their know-how. Business France – the National Agency for the Internationalization of French Business which supports them, has reported record-high registration levels for this year’s event.

The French medical equipment industry is powered by cutting-edge companies, 94% of which are SMEs, or even VSEs. French manufacturers are geared at diagnostic imaging tools, disposable systems, implants, prostheses and orthotics. Their innovative tools are used in two main growth markets: aging surgery and plastic surgery. They also enjoy wide recognition in the fields of technical assistance, minimally- invasive surgery and in-vitro diagnostics. On the international front, they are further borne by the French health system’s positive image and leading authorities in medicine. This has brought about real cooperation between France’s manufacturers and medical-surgical teams, both in R&D and in actual use of the devices produced. France’s manufacturers are generally positioned on hightechnology niche markets (IVD and implants).

Highly dynamic, they also meet every ethical and regulatory requirement on safety and quality.

As the not-to miss event in the Near and Middle East, Arab Health-Medlab attracts more and more manufacturers each year, from all over France, with a uniquely innovative offer; one-third of them are participating for the first time. Exhibiting in both halls, they will be unveiling their latest in products for orthopedics (surgical implants for bone surgery, prosthetics, digestive surgery), diagnostics (biopsy tools, reactants and laboratory equipment, blood analyzers), consumables and equipment for health-care establishments, air treatment (air decontamination and filtering), waste treatment, hospital supplies (medical equipment and furniture: beds, carts) and in-home care (home stay, patient transfer).

With the help of regional partners such as CENTRECO, Lille Eurasanté, Biomédical Alliance and, for the first time, the Aquitaine Region, all on-site at the France Pavilion each with some ten companies of its own, France’s latest in innovation will be center-stage at the 2016 Arab Health Show. Their technical expertise perfectly aligns with a local market that is highlydemanding and currently burgeoning in these fields.

Timesco Callisto Flare preloaded LED single-use handles

Over the past decade Timesco has become market leader in the field of Laryngoscopy with an unrivalled range of quality brands; reusable: fibre Optima, Sirius, standard Orion and single-use: fibre Callisto and standard Europa light.

Timesco’s range of laryngoscopes have been further upgraded by addition of LED light for the reusable and single-use handles and standard blades.

The single-use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

Timesco’s Callisto single-use laryngoscopes offer control of cross contamination, no reprocessing or autoclaving costs and convenience. In a recent study in the United States comparing costs of the reprocessing of reusable and single-use laryngoscopes it was found that the reprocessing cycle cost for reusable blades and handles was $17 and if there was a Hospital Acquired Infection the cost would increase to $27! The Callisto system is latex free, non toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste.

Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA, etc approved worldwide. Timesco Callisto Laryngoscopes, your no: 1 inexpensive, cross contamination prevention and convenient choice.

For more information, visit: www.timesco.com

Arab Heath stand Z1 F18 on the British Pavilion.

Advantech to showcase latest telemedicine solutions at Arab Health tradeshow

Advantech, a leading innovator of medical computing platform services and solutions, plans to showcase its latest telemedicine solutions at Arab Health 2016. With the maturation of virtual consultation technology, telehealth is expected to transform healthcare delivery and reduce costs while increasing patient engagement. To satisfy the specific needs of hospital environments, Advantech constructs open platforms that fit customers’ existing telehealth devices.

Advantech also plans to showcase its clinical mobility, critical care, emergency fleet management, patient services, and hospital public spaces solutions developed together with its channel partners, Alminhaj, and Emitac Healthcare, and Taiwan Institute for Information Industry.

Advantech’s Telemedicine Carts – customizable mobile telemedicine stations Telemedicine is set to be one of the main healthcare industry trends in 2016. “With telemedicine solutions, distance is no longer a barrier to healthcare. New devices and platforms that connect patients and doctors, as well as other involved parties including specialists, family members, insurers, and health and wellness coaches, to a vast array of information sources and extend their clinical reach are continually being created,” said James Fan, Senior Solution Architect Manager. Advantech is set to reveal its latest telemedicine solution – an open mobile platform that can support telemedicine systems created by different vendors – at the Arab Health 2016 tradeshow. Advantech’s AMiS telemedicine carts support dual displays and multiple video inputs. Featuring a point-of-care (POC) medical computer and secondary display, these carts provide the ideal platform for virtual applications such as tele-consultation, tele-monitoring, and tele-visitation. Advantech’s AMiS cart and POC computers are designed to meet strict safety and reliability regulations and have secured UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 certifications.

This ensures that Advantech’s telemedicine carts can be employed in even the most critical environments. Boasting a state-of-the-art design, the system features internally routed cables and DIN rails for accessories to facilitate intelligent upgrades and customization in the future.

“Many hospitals are currently integrating telemedicine systems with existing medical carts to provide mobile telemedicine stations. However, this process involves numerous challenges related to cable routing, power supply, application requirements, etc. To address these issues, Advantech aims to develop an open platform that can satisfy hospitals’ current and future requirements,” said Harry Wang, Product Manager of AMiS, Advantech Medical Computing Group.

Medical tablets facilitate clinical mobility Advantech produces diverse medical tablets that range between 5, 7, and 10 inches in size. The tablets demonstrated in this show include MIT-W101 and MICA-071. The MIT-W101 10.1” medical tablet computer is expected to be officially launched in late February or early March 2016. In addition to meeting strict industry regulations, the MIT-W101 is compatible with diverse accessories and module options, allowing customers to customize the system according to their needs. The MICA-071 7” tablet with 1D/2D barcode scanner and Microsoft 10 is specifically designed to support clinical environments, healthcare applications, and hospital procedures.

Medical-grade computers enable Integrated Operating Rooms Advantech’s medical computers are produced in a range of sizes (from 15” to 24”) and comply with the relevant safety standard. At Arab Health 2016, Advantech also plans to showcase its POC-W242 24” medical computer linked to an anesthesia machine for integrated operating room applications.

Furthermore, from Q1 of 2016, Advantech’s 21” medical-grade computers will be equipped with the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors. With its sleek, thinner-than-ever design, ability to boot up in seconds, and enhanced computing performance, Intel’s 6th generation Core™ processor has set new industry standards that promote the continuing innovation of technology.

All aforementioned platforms and solutions will be showcased at the Advantech booth (Booth Number S1C45) at Arab Health 2016, in Dubai, 25-28 January 2016.

Introducing the new Altair™ 240 analyzer

EKF’s Altair240 is a compact, reliable and fully automated clinical chemistry benchtop analyzer.

Supported by a full-range of bar-coded, liquid-stable and readyto- use Stanbio Chemistry reagents, the Altair™240 also features a user-friendly interface with LIS bi-directional connectivity. Whatever your requirements, the Altair™ 240 provides a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.

To find out more about the Altair240 and our comprehensive range of Stanbio Chemistry reagents, visit www.ekfdiagnostics. com/altair_240.html

or call our US sales team on +1 830 249 0772. Arab Health stand Z1G30

FalconMedia MEDILINE: Certified optical media solutions for medical application

FTI is a leading world-class manufacturer of professional optical data storage media and archival solutions. From the company’s start in 2005, in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, to the current day, quality is a strategic priority and a value that supports the brand. FTI offers the most reliable and top-quality optical media in the market. For the best filmless imaging data storage solution, FalconMedia MEDILINE offers the most reliable and highest quality CD and DVD recordable media, specifically designed for healthcare environments. All FalconMedia MEDILINE products are registered as medical grade and are CE certified. This combines DICOM compliance with professional top grade media. The combination ensures the highest read/write performance at all speeds matched with excellent compatibility with PACS systems and modular drives, resulting in a reliable, consistent quality media with an extended lifespan for recorded patient data. FalconMedia MEDILINE is an ideal solution for:

• Providing patients with imaging reports, radiology reports and treatment history

• Distributing medical reports economically to patients, referring physicians and other healthcare facilities

• Archiving patient data to comply with the EC Directive

• Publishing teaching files and video used in conferences and physician trainings Outlined below are some features and benefits of FalconMedia


• DICOM standard compliant

• CE certified medical grade media in accordance with European EC Directive 93/42/EEC

• Compatible with PACS image recording systems

• Compatible with the majority of professional and consumer Inkjet printers: Canon, Epson, HP, IMT, Microboards, Primera, Rimage and Thermal printers: Rimage (all models) and Teac, (Prism and some Everest printers)

• Exclusive and practical packaging design, developed specifically for the healthcare environment

• Extraordinary read/write performance, characterized by the use of high quality original Japanese materials and a fully controlled manufacturing process

• Guaranteed archival life span of 50 years for CD-R and 30 years for DVD-R

For more information, visit: www.falconrak.net

Tcore – a new non-invasive temperature monitoring technology from Dräger

Tcore employs a unique dual-sensor heat flux technology, which, following a short ramp-up time, calculates core body temperature continuously and accurately. A simple, self-adhesive sensor placed on the patient’s forehead is all that’s required.

This single-use sensor can be connected through a battery-powered adapter to all current Dräger monitors (except the Vista 120 patient monitor), eliminating the need for a dedicated display.

Because Tcore is non-invasive, it brings the advantages of accurate core temperature monitoring to a broad range of patients. Tcore can be used with comfort and ease, even with fully conscious patients who would not tolerate conventional invasive methods. The disposable sensor helps to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination and therefore reduces the likelihood of nosocomial infections.

For more information, visit: www.draeger.com

Arab Health stand S3D30

JD honingberg’s Accudxa2 peripheral bone densitometer provides quick way to determine fracture risk

The Acudxa2 Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment system provides a quick, convenient, and economical measure for determining a patient’s fracture risk. Light (12.5kgs) and small in size (38x29x30cm), the accudxa2 includes sophisticated technology. Everything needed to quickly and confidently assess a patient’s BMD is in the unit. The simple test can be performed in a physician’s office and does not require garment removal or the application of messy gels or creams.

Accudxa2 measures Bone Mineral Density by imaging and analyzing the intermediate phalange of the middle finger. Only one finger is exposed to a very low radiation level. The radiation exposure to the patient is less than 1% of a chest x-ray. The x-ray scatter to the operator is also extremely low. 15,000 exposures would be needed to reach the limit of 2 mR/week. Complete results are obtained in 1 minute. A laser guide helps position the hand for more precision in the results and repeat studies. The machine’s DEXA technology is very reliable and precise with a deviation of <1%.

A large memory capacity (8 GB) enables it to store up to 2000 patient images. Software upgrade is easy via the USB port.

For more information, visit: www.jdhmedical.com

Arab Health stand: 1C38

Big Case Back Tables take less space in OR

Tables are specifically designed for surgical cases holding large instruments (Neurosurgery, Endoscopy, Cardiovascular, Spinal Fusions, Orthopaedics, Craniotomies).

The table is ideal for small Operating Rooms as the upper shelf eliminates the need for a 2nd table to be used at the same time during procedures, thus taking less space than 2 conventional tables. The upper and lower shelf enable more instruments to be set up in a smaller Operating Room space.

The upper shelf can be removed to create one large table when extra instruments are required such as in spine, cardiovascular, trauma and general surgery.

For more information, visit: www.jdhmedical.com

Arab Health stand: 1C38

Intersurgical introduces TrachSeal closed suction systems

Closed suction enables a clinician to clear the lungs of secretions whilst maintaining ventilation and minimising contamination with the least possible disruption to the patient and exposure to the care provider.

Intersurgical TrachSeal closed suction systems are available for 24-hour or 72- hour usage depending on patient requirements. There are two length options to allow attachment to either endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes. The endotracheal products feature a catheter length of 54cm and the tracheostomy tube variants have a catheter length of 30.5cm.

The new closed suction systems feature an ultra clear, soft sleeve. This allows the clinician greater feel when inserting the catheter with optimum visibility of blockage assessments. The suction control valve is responsive and allows for single-handed control of the applied suction force. The positive locking mechanism is designed to prevent suction being accidentally applied.

For more information on this new range, visit: www.intersurgical.com/products/ critical-care/trachseal-closed-suction-systems

Arab Health stand: Z1C11

Laptop-style ultrasound system has sliding keyboard cover to prevent contamination

South Korean company Alpinion Medical Systems recently introduced a portable ultrasound system, E-CUBE i7. The new system integrates high-performance hardware and software and offers a variety of transducers for high clinical versatility across an extensive range of applications including point of care applications; Anaesthesiology, Pain management, orthopaedic/MSK, Emergency medicine.

The system also features advanced image optimization technologies to support both routine and specialty application needs, such as ‘Needle Vision’ Plus that makes the needle visible without degrading the surrounding tissue image, facilitating quick needle guidance to the target anatomy. The E-CUBE i7 system is characterized by its combination of comprehensive capabilities and compact, user-optimized design. The E-CUBE i7 is the first laptop-style ultrasound system with a sliding keyboard cover. The E-CUBE i7’s streamlined design provides a solution for users who suffer from the wrist pain that often accompanies the use of bulky, heavy systems. The unique sliding keyboard cover and ergonomically located keyboard provide better support for the user’s arms and wrists when typing. According to the study conducted by a Korea-based university hospital (Department of Orthopedics, Korea University Guro Hospital), users experienced a dramatic reduction in carpal tunnel pressure and muscle tension. In addition to these benefits, the new cover design also prevents the keyboard from being contaminated by dust, gel, fluid, and blood.

With the cart-based ultrasound system architecture, the E-CUBE i7 brings a new level of image clarity to compact ultrasound systems. The E-CUBE i7 features Alpinion’s Crystal Signature transducers, which are proven to improve penetration in difficultto- image patients and to reduce clutter so clinicians can view fine structures in precise detail. The system also provides advanced imaging technologies including speckle reduction, spatial compounding and harmonic imaging. Its excellent image quality offers the detail and contrast resolution required to clearly delineate complex anatomy.

For more information, visit: www.alpinion.com

Konica Minolta’s Sonimage HS1 ultrasound system boasts many advanced features

Konica Minolta’s Sonimage HS1 ultrasound system was developed with the highest image quality and ease of use as its first priorities.

It is equipped with newly developed Ultra- Broadband and high-frequency probes that allow for high sensitivity imaging along with an overall uniform image. In addition to the new probes, an advanced level of Tissue Harmonics was developed (3THI Triad-Harmonic Imaging) bringing an important enhancement in image definition and clarity, ideal for use in Point of Care, Orthopaedics and other Musculoskeletal applications.

Furthermore, Sonimage HS1’s Simple Needle Visualisation (SNV) technology reflects the needle tip clearly to ensure safer and more efficient in-plane and outof- plane interventional procedures. Sonimage HS1 features a full touch screen, biaxial large monitor and responsive touch operation for ease of use and even allows for the system to be mounted on the wall of the OT, ER or ambulances.

The user interface can be efficiently customised to fit the user’s needs and improve workflow. The portable cart enables Sonimage HS1 to be used wherever and whenever needed. Adding to its functionality a quick boot-up time of 15 seconds from standby mode makes sure that Sonimage HS1 is ready to go when you are! With Sonimage HS1, Konica Minolta continues to contribute to medical imaging through innovative concepts and designs.

For more information, visit: www.konicaminolta.com

Arab Health stand: S1E50

The S-Cube is Starkstrom’s latest innovation

Starkstrom for over 40 years has been a pioneer within Operating Rooms focusing on electrical safety and integrating the most complex parts of a theatre into an easy to use Surgical Control Panel.

Starkstrom was recently acquired by Progility and as a result expansive growth in R&D resulting in the objective to provide solutions and services that fully satisfy our customers. Efficiency, integrating the latest technology and building a stateof- the-art upgradable infrastructure is a key focus. Starkstrom is proud to be actively promoting innovation, excellence and producing world class equipment from the United Kingdom. The latest innovation in the surgical area is the state-ofthe- art, clinically orientated and engineered Operating Room that will be modular in design to allow the user to continually adapt to the changing operating room environment, it’s called S-Cube.

S-Cube features

• Smart modular: A four-panel system that allows for the fastest modification within the operating room.

• Infection control: Full stainless steel capsule including stainless steel rounded edges allowing for better infection control.

• Technologically oriented: Equipped with Starkstrom Surgeon touchscreen control panel and S-View a new OR monitoring system, it’s your first step to a SMART Hospital

• Highly engineered: S-Cube is installed faster than any system due to its new innovative engineered structural design.

For more information, visit: www.starkstrom.com

Arab Health stand: SAF30

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D – revolutionizing 3D imaging

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D is the only 3D Carm worldwide with flat-panel technology that provides a 16 cm edge length per scan volume. It combines 2D and 3D functionality to offer maximum easeof- use. Available with a 30 cm x 30 cm flat-panel, the C-arm offers game-changing 3D imaging and is ideally suited for orthopedics, traumatology and spinal surgery, but also for demanding cardiovascular hybrid applications.

• Patented SmartScan technology

• CT-like reconstruction with ZIR (Ziehm Iterative Reconstruction)

• Gain intraoperative confidence and reduce revision rates

• Complete 3D dataset to show the implant position in just 3 minutes

• Up to 7 vertebrae in a single 3D scan volume

Ziehm Vision RFD 3D has been awarded with the Bronze Stevie Award in the category “Best New Product or Service of the Year – Health & Pharmaceuticals” in the 12th Annual International Business Awards. Ziehm Imaging impressed the international jury with this new product, which offers intraoperative 3D information for enhanced patient care.

For more information, visit: www.ziehm.com/3D

Arab Health stand: S2B70

Continence Care wipes can replace traditional cleaning methods

Clinicept Care 8 in 1 Continence Care wipes have been carefully developed by the UK R&D team at Clinicept Healthcare and are the latest addition to their Clinicept Care patient care & hygiene range.

The 8 in 1 continence care wipes are very convenient and easy to use and replace the need to apply long-established continence care methods, which include the use of bowls of water, dry wipes, foams and barrier type cream applications. Each continence care wipe is impregnated with a very advanced continence care formulation which offers an effective 8 in 1 action. The 8 in 1 action formula offers Cleansing, Moisturising, Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, Barrier protection, Deodorising, Soothing and Restoring.

The highly effective formulation contains Dimethicone which forms a protective layer on the skin, sealing out moisture and protecting the skin from urine and faeces. Clinicept Care 8 in 1 continence care wipes are super strong and soft, pH balanced, alcohol free, Lanolin free, dermatologically tested and contain a special soothing triple complex of natural extracts which include Aloe Vera, Camomile and Witch hazel extract.

Clinicept Care continence wipes are available in single patient packs of 25 large wipes to help reduce the risk of cross contamination. A new 10 pack of large wipes is now available for short stay patients in acute care. The wipe is a luxurious spunlace nonwoven material, which has been specifically designed for continence care.

For more information, visit: www.clinicept.co.uk

A futuristic light for the OR

The cool light of the Aurinio LED OR light protects the tissue of patients from dehydration and ensures ideal work conditions for doctors and personnel. The power LEDs feature extremely low maintenance, are reliable and despite maximum luminous efficacy have a longer service life than other light sources. The design is futuristic, and the form compact, flat and streamlined. The ideal OR light for surgeons who demand a great deal. Aurinio LED OR light for maximum performance with minimum consumption.

For more information, visit: www.trilux-medical.com

Arab Health stand: SAC50

DTR Medical to showcase new sterile single-use suction range for ear endoscopy at Arab Health 2016

Award-winning UK manufacturer of innovative and high quality single-use surgical instruments DTR Medical, are proud to launch the new endoscopic ear range.

The single-use endoscopic ear range has been designed in response to the growing demand for this recent surgical approach. Featuring 3mm and 6mm bends to enable a more specific suction, the endoscopic ear range allows better visualization of the internal ear structure. DTR Medical offer the Otologist a choice of Curved Endoscopic Suction Tubes for use with suction regulator and Curved Zoellner Suction Fine Ends used with a Zoellner Suction Handle. DTR Medical expect to expand this range to include further options.

At Arab Health 2016, DTR Medical will be displaying their full range of new products throughout ENT/MAXFAX, General Surgery, Gynaecology, Neurosurgical, Ophthalmic and Orthopaedic.

Last year the company celebrated ten years in this market, during which the product range has grown by working with clinicians and academics at leading hospitals worldwide who have increasingly sought sterile single-use alternatives to re-usable instruments. The benefits of such a move come from saving time, lives (reducing risk) and cost.

For further information, email: kmartin@dtrmedical.com

Or visit: www.dtrmedical.com/

Arab Health stand Z1G30

Siemens’s new ACUSON P500 portable ultrasound good for fast imaging

Siemens Healthcare recently introduced its new hand-carried ACUSON P500 ultrasound system, FROSK edition. Its provides reliable and fast imaging through new and time-tested high-end imaging technology in a compact and easy-to-use device, makes it particularly suitable for use in the emergency department.

All this comes in a compact notebook format of 38 cm. Equipped with a battery that offers up to 60 minutes of scanning time, the new platform can be easily carried and positioned in any clinical environment, helping clinicians make quick decisions even in difficult scanning conditions. With a standard rapid boot-up feature, the system is ready for scanning in less than 30 seconds.


The ACUSON P500 system’s clear user interface is easy to learn and operate for users of all experience levels. It features a highly sensitive touch screen display with advanced infrared (IR) technology for accurate gesturing. A dual interface control panel offers flexible use of the touch screen or a traditional control panel based on each user’s own scanning preferences, allowing them to spend less time on the system and more time on the patient.

“The P500 is simple but not simplistic. Novice sonographers will appreciate its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, whereas more sophisticated users will enjoy the state-of-the-art features available,” says Adam J. Ash, DO, RDMS Associate Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, St. Joseph Hospital, Beth Page, New York. “The dynamic persistence and colour artifact suppression technologies make doppler imaging much more accessible, and the inclusion of continuous wave doppler allows those interested to perform truly advanced cardiac studies.” For rapid, reliable visualization, the ACUSON P500 ultrasound system, FROSK edition is highly portable. A small footprint enables easy navigation through cramped ED spaces while superior engineering provides high-quality imaging when and where it’s needed, for greater clinical confidence and speed to treatment.

For more information visit: www.healthcare.siemens.com

Carestream’s new radiography/ fluoroscopy systems now available worldwide

Carestream’s affordable, high-quality CARESTREAM DRX-Excel and CARESTREAM DRX-Excel Plus radiography/ fluoroscopy systems are now shipping to countries across the globe. These systems can enhance workflow and perform contrast exams using fluoroscopy that can be associated with a radiography image, in addition to specialized contrast procedures that record both fluoroscopy and radiography sequences and interventional procedures.

“Many hospitals, imaging centres and other healthcare providers are interested in our new radiography/fluoroscopy systems because of the latest features they offer and our proven ability to deliver outstanding service and support,” said Jianqing Bennett, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. “The convenience of sharing DRX detectors among radiography and R/F systems at a customer’s facility is also an attractive benefit that helps enhance productivity while reducing costs.” Carestream’s DRX-Excel systems are configured with a table and an overhead tube. An optional integrated flat panel detector produces high-resolution images for general radiography as well as fluoroscopic sequences. The DRX-Excel platform also is available as a conventional R/F system that uses either CR cassettes or DRX-1 detectors with an image intensifier. Both DRX-Excel systems offer a source-to-image detector distance of 180 cm, an ergonomic design and the ability to select an image intensifier for fluoroscopy or use the optional flat panel detector. The DRX-Excel Plus has an elevating table that tilts for fluoroscopy exams and can be lowered or raised to provide flexible, comfortable imaging for patients. Table weight capacity is 265 kg. The DRX-Excel has a fixed table with a weight limit of up to 200 kg and has the tilt capability for fluoroscopy exams.

Both systems feature productivity-enhancing capabilities including a positioning pedal that allows the operator to have their hands free – which is helpful for interventional exams – and a remote control that can move the table from anywhere in the room. Other options include: integration of a CARESTREAM DRX detector; four-way float top table movement; and ability to stitch multiple images together for long-length exams.

Carestream enables its DRX detector to be shared with any of its DRX portfolio of imaging systems including DRX mobile or room-based radiography systems as well as R/F systems.

In the United States, only the DRX-Excel Plus model will be available. Both systems will be available in Europe, Asia, Latin America and other countries.

For more information, visit: www.carestream.com

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