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Experts gather at 3rd Roche Days Middle East to discuss central role of in-vitro diagnostics in modern healthcare

Now, in its third year, and a key event in the industry’s annual calendar, the recent Roche Days Middle East again attracted key opinion leaders of the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry from across the region to the three-day event.

The event serves as a platform to acknowledge, develop and engage the region’s experts. Topics covered at Roche Days Middle East included unmet medical needs, screening for infectious diseases, diagnosing women’s infertility, and diagnostic tests used to assess heart problems.

Moritz Hartmann, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East, said it is an exciting time for the diagnostics industry. “The pace of healthcare in the Middle East and worldwide changes almost daily and there has never been a greater need for the delivery and application of advanced IVD solutions,” he said. “This means that both quality and efficiency need to be aligned in order to increase the accuracy and speed of in-vitro diagnostic services by healthcare professionals to ultimately benefit and provide unmatched care to patients across the region, giving them peace of mind that their condition is being properly investigated with the best tests available.

“Ultimately, our main focus is and will always be quality and efficiency. As Roche Diagnostics, we play our part in ensuring this is always met to the highest possible standard, whilst our choice in serving and pairing with some of the strongest regional partners allows for the delivery and provision of this to the market” added Hartmann.

Roche Diagnostics’ commitment to quality and efficiency is reflected in many of the game changing solutions the IVD leader provides to the region. These include Roche’s online learning platform that offers professionals continuous training by experts in the field, as well as the Roche Diagnostics Customer Support Center – the only IVD Application and Technical Support Hotline in the Middle East – that provides a cost efficient back up for labs, with expert advice just a phone call away reducing the need for often timely field support.


Hartmann said it was these factors that spur those working in the in-vitro diagnostics industry to continually innovate and stay one step ahead.

“This is a rapidly evolving industry and it is important for us to continue investing in, and highlighting regional expertise, as well as facilitate the growth of the sector in this market; that is what Roche Days Middle East is all about,” he said. “By bringing together experts from across the Middle East, we provide a platform for networking, sharing of best practice, and sow the seeds for future home-grown innovation. I think that’s why the event is so well received and we see the IVD experts coming back each year,” he added.

Roche Diagnostics is the global leader in in-vitro diagnostics with 20% global market share. On a regional front, Roche Diagnostics was the first IVD manufacturer to have a physical presence in the Middle East. The company has expanded significantly and now operates in 16 countries across the region.

With more than 375 dedicated regional professionals, its global IVD experience, technical know-how and specialized skills are continuously reinforced in the Middle East ensuring the ongoing delivery of real medial value to healthcare professionals and patients across the region.

The company’s commitment to the region includes continuous industry education, support, training and skills transfer about in-vitro diagnostics. By making this support and educational tools available to its customers throughout the region, Roche Diagnostics helps deliver unparalleled tangible benefits to healthcare professionals and ultimately patients.

 Date of upload: 13th Jan 2016


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