Jan-Feb 2017

EKF Diagnostics’ point-of-care HbA1c analyzers come with connectivity package to transmit data

EKF Diagnostics will be previewing the new connectivity solution for their range of point-of-care HbA1c analyzers at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai.

Quo-Test and Quo-Lab now come with a connectivity package that allows the analyzers to transmit patient data to most Lab Information Management Systems (LIS).

The connectivity package uses the POCT1-A2 communication protocol and unlocks a host of new features aimed at improving security and quality control.

For the first time, patient demographic information and additional test commentary can be added to each test result including name, date of birth and patient ID number, using either the standard barcode scanner or the new add-on keyboard. This enables patient results to be linked and traced throughout the healthcare system.

Operator IDs can also be added to each test result, significantly improving the traceability and security applied to every HbA1c reading. A controlled list of trained operators assures that only those with sufficient competency have access to the system.

In addition to these functions enhanced quality control is available with multiple user-defined QC lockout options, ensuring that tests can only be run according to localised quality assurance procedures.

These new connectivity solutions take Quo-Test and Quo-Lab to the next level in point-of-care patient management.

Progressa Bed System is more than just a bed

With the help of the Progressa Bed System’s integrated functionality and lift system, caregivers can maintain optimal therapeutic positioning, deliver evidencebased therapies and help restore mobility to minimize the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and muscular disorders, as well as delirium.

StayInPlace is a ground-breaking technology that is only available with the Progressa Bed System which prevents patient migration; hence, minimizing the need for patient repositioning.

The Progressa Bed System is the only ICU bed platform on the market that meets the needs of Critical Care patients in different ICU disciplines through upgradability and configurability.

The Progressa Bed System can be configured and upgraded to meet a wide range of requirements within a hospital, while providing a consistently superior user experience. You can decrease total-cost-ofownership by using one supplier to reduce maintenance, spare parts and training costs.

Clinical efficiency provided by the Progressa Bed System:

  • Eases the individual steps of Progressive MobilityTM at every level of patient acuity and tolerance
  • Significantly contributes to shortening ICU length of stay
  • Enables Progressive Mobility while reducing the risk of adverse events such as line displacement
  • Shortens time to first out of bed.
  • For more information, visit: www.hill-rom.com/international

Primera Technology showcases efficient specimen identification at MEDLAB

Primera Technology is set to showcase its Signature line of specimen identifi cation and printing solutions at its MEDLAB stand #Z5B42.

Primera’s Signature line includes the Signature Slide and Cassette Printers. They are for use in pathology, cytology and histology labs. By placing a cassette printer at each grossing station and a slide printer at each microtome station the labs’ effi ciency is signifi cantly increased while the risk of specimen misidentifi cation is reduced or even eliminated. Labs can certainly afford and cost-justify to do so as the Signature printers cost less than all other monochrome-only slide and cassette printers currently available. They are easily integrated into existing LIS or can be purchased as stand-alone systems.

Other benefits include: -

  • Fast, full-colour or black printing of text, graphics, linear and 2D Barcodes
  • On-demand on-slide or direct-tocassette printing eliminates handwriting or expensive and difficult-to-apply labels
  • Cost reduction by inventorying only white-frosted slides and white cassettes
  • Small and space-effi cient
  • Designed for effi cient, hands-free operation
  • Two years’ warranty (after product registration within 6 months)

Primera’s Signature printers offer a new and better way for laboratories as well as medical, education and research organizations to process and manage slides and cassettes.


Konica Minolta’s AeroDR X30 Mobile X-ray easy to manoeuvre for bedside exams

Not all X-ray exams can be performed in the X-ray room itself. Sometimes, care needs to come to the patient. Konica Minolta’s AeroDR X30 Mobile X-ray System enables you to perform digital diagnoses wherever the patient is in the hospital or medical facility.

Bedside exams may be needed in case patients can’t be moved or diagnosed in regular X-ray rooms. In those cases, Mobile Digital X-ray is the right technology to use. Aero- DR X30 is specifi cally designed to carry out bedside exams as easy and straightforward as possible.

The AeroDR detector can be easily stored and at the same time automatically charged in the bin, even during driving. The unique Lithium-Ion-Capacitor technology of the AeroDR detectors allows charging whenever and wherever without losing any performance capacity.

AeroDR X30 is easy to manoeuvre and is a very compact system with a smart, space saving design. Two detectors can be carried along in the bin. AeroDR X30 can be combined with Konica Minolta’s robust, carbon fi bre Flat Panel Detectors available in various sizes: 10x12’’, 14x17’’ and 17x17’’.

ivNOW fluid warming system improves efficiency


The ivNOW fluid warming system enables clinicians to improve operational effi ciencies, clinical outcomes, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

Ready immediately: Unlike an inline warmer which can only be set up at the time of the procedure and must be set up for each patient separately, the ivNOW warmer can warm IV fl uid or Contrast Media fl uid ahead of a procedure by being turned on 24 hours. The ivNOW can warm several bags at the same time for use on several patients simultaneously.

Versatility: The ivNOW system can be made of 1 pod or up to 6 pods and can be placed on a counter, affi xed to a wall, a cart or a mobile stand. It can be placed next to patients rather than having to go and get bags from a warming cabinet. Each pod contains one bag. As soon as a bag is removed from a pod to be used on a patient, another bag can be inserted and start warming. It can be used in any department.

Safe Inventory Management: The ivNOW tracks the shelf life of a bag by showing how long a bag has been warming (days / hours / minutes) and will display a message when the shelf life of the bag is expired.

Low Operating Cost: The ivNOW saves energy as each individual pod is turned on only when a bag is present. The ivNOW is low cost to use at there are no disposables (unlike the in-line system).

Champion dialysis chair ensures patient comfort


When designing a healthcare recliner, Champion Manufacturing focuses on durability, ease of use and patient comfort. A large choice of options and accessories help enhance their treatment experience.

Medical recliners must make patients feel comfortable in healthcare centers or homes, while also providing the necessary support and durability (the frame is made of steel to last many years of repeated reclining).

To help fi ght bacteria contamination, the chairs have features that allow easy cleaning which improves infection control and simplifi es the process.

The recliners are manual or electrical and designed to effortlessly change reclining positions without staff assistance.


Kugel Medical exhibits fully automated formalin mixing and dispensing station AFMDS-100


This year we are presenting a very special innovation to the Middle Eastern market: the fully automated formalin mixing and dispensing station AFMDS-100 for contact-free formalin mixing and dispensing. Hence, laboratory staff does not get into contact with concentrated formaldehyde and the formaldehyde contamination in the working area is subsequently reduced.

Thanks to its compact design, the formalin mixing and dispensing station AFMDS-100 is also suitable for small laboratories. All operations such as preparing a 3.7% standard formalin solution or a customized solution with variable quantities of formalin, water and a buffer solution are controlled through one single surface. The integrated microprocessor allows you to safe and recall your settings for later purposes.

The prepared mixture can be drained directly from a tap at the device or transferred to multiple remote stations that can be up to 200 meters away – a particularly interesting feature for laboratories with working stations in different rooms. The integrated peristatic pump enables you to drain the exact quantity of the prepared formalin solution without dripping or leaking.

Multivac provides packaging solutions for sensitive products


Multivac has been offering solutions for the packaging of sterile medical products since 1968 and has invested continuously in this business sector.

Sterile medical products and pharmaceutical drugs are increasingly these days being produced to suit specifi c country requirements, and for this reason they are often packed in small batches. Flexibility and cost effectiveness of packaging lines are important features for global pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of sterile medical products and contract packers. Multivac is continuously developing for this target group new integrated packaging systems for the fully automatic packaging of sensitive products in both large and small batch sizes.

High process reliability and product quality
The reliable and effi cient packaging of sterile medical products and pharmaceutical drugs demands the very strict application of the highest quality standards. Multivac’s userfriendly line-motion control via the HMI 2.0 operator interface, as well as the highly sensitive sensor technology of the machines, ensure that a consistently high product quality is maintained, as well as an overarching quality assurance and a track-and-trace function for meeting the serialisation and mark-ing requirements of individual countries.

Multivac Middle East will be exhibiting at the Arab Health 2017 for the fi rst time.

“Multivac have great references and success stories globally in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. We see the potential and growth in the local market and with our global experience, we want to introduce our innovative packaging solutions to the local manufacturers and to be part of this growing sector in the local region,” says Amir Sotoudeh, Managing Director of Multivac Middle East.

Timesco at forefront of laryngoscope design


Timesco Healthcare Ltd, England, has been at the forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture and innovative developments in intubation for over fi ve decades.

Timesco manufactures the world’s number one single-use disposable fibre optic laryngoscopes system “Callisto”, which is complemented with Callisto single-use and Optima reusable LED handles.

Complete ranges of single-use, “Callisto”, “Europa” and reusable “Optima”, “Sirius” laryngoscopes systems covering from neonate to adult intubation, as well as specialist, Robert Shaw, Seward, and diffi - cult intubation “Eclipse” tilting tip blades are available. The single use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single-use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

The Timesco Laryngoscope programme is also available with a new rechargeable system. Timesco has also added innovative, award winning, energy savings systems for extended battery life, EES and ION.

The Timesco Laryngoscope programme is part of Timesco product ranges which cover all disciplines of surgery. Timesco surgical and medical ranges cover premium OR quality Surgical Instruments, Dental, Electro surgery, Diagnostic, EMS, etc.

Timesco has been established since 1964 and is one of the largest privately owned quality surgical and medical companies in UK. We are approved suppliers to many MoH’s throughout the world including the NHS in UK.

We have regional distribution in the Middle East and have an offi ce in Dubai, manager Mr Misbah Jabbar, email: misbah.jabbar@timesco.com, phone: 00971 508 451019.

Timesco is an ISO, FDA, CE and SFDA registered company.



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