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Measuring blood pressure quickly and precisely

The Terumo Digital Blood Pressure Monitor ES-P302 measures blood pressure quickly and precisely in two simple steps: just wrap the cuff around your arm and press the button.

With an automatically pressurised cuff, a wide easy-to-read digital display and many other thoughtful features, the ES-P302 is ideal for daily blood pressure checks.

- Automatically Pressurised Cuff: The cuff is automatically pressurised to the appropriate level.
- Memory Stores 7 measurements: The convenient memory function can automatically record and store data from seven measurements. The average recorded blood pressure value is also displayed.
- Large readout display: The measurement results appear in large numerals in the large, easy-to-read digital display.

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Bloodlines under stringent quality system

The Haemodialysis Bloodlines from Jamjoon Medical Industries of Saudi Arabia are manufactured under a stringent quality system that guarantees functionality.

Jamjoon bloodlines, for which specific models are available, are Fersenius 2008 single and double needles, Braun HD Secura 400 ml, Braun HD Secura 600 ml and Gambro AK10 for adults.

They have an internal smooth and regular wall with a constant diameter throughout the entire line, reducing the possibility of haemolysis.

The tube is made of medical grade PVC and is nontoxic. It is produced with a greater wall thickness,
which not only avoids obstruction by collapsation (Anti-kinking) but reduces blood volume loss from the patient’s body during Haemodialysis.  Connectors are in Luerlock with double screw. The chamber also has an anti-foam system.

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Taking the temperature from a distance

Thermofocus is the first non-contact thermometer. It can measure a baby’s temperature at a distance which means there are no more tears.

It is also hygienic, safe and easy to use, but accurate and instant. It reads and displays the patient’s temperature immediately.s

Thermofocus has only to be positioned close to the forehead in a perpendicular position until two beams of an aiming light converge. It can also take a baby’s temperature by being held over the navel. The correct body temperature can be obtained by subtracting the corrective value given on the label on the back of the product from the number shown on the LCD.

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Safer way to examine plates and dishes

The Scienceware Plate Reader allows the safe examination of the bottom of microtiter plates and petri dishes without the potential problems of lifting the plate over the observer’s head.

The Plate Reader consists of a clear deck for holding the plate and a large, clear, adjustable 3X mirror for viewing the reflection of the underside of the plate.

This safe approach eliminates the risk of spills on the face and eyes of the observer.

The reader is ideal for hemagglutination, hemagglutination inhibition, haemolysis and agglutination testing. Other applications include counting of bacterial cell cultures for colony or plaque growth.

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Quality air care 24 hours a day

Travel Care offers a team approach in providing the highest quality air medical care available - 24 hours a day.

Services are available anywhere in the world thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, a quick, reliable and safe fleet of aircraft, with highly trained support staff.

Travel Care provides emergency/critical care and basic life support (BLS) transport throughout the United States and internationally.

All aircraft have specially built advanced life support interiors for maximum space and equipment for critically ill or injured patients, including those who need respirators, intraaortic balloon pump support or hemodynamic monitoring. Each aircraft has a flight plane and an air-to-ground radio communication system to talk directly to the medical control physician.

Travel Care medical personnel are critical care specialists. Travel Care provides a nurse/paramedic team on all airplane transports as required. If needed, speciality teams and a physician will accompany a Travel Care transport crew member.

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Sensor provides critical data on neonates

A sensor that delivers respiratory and metabolic data in real time, a critical requirement in the care of high-acuity infants, has been introduced by Diametrics Medical and Agilent Technologies.

Called the Neotrend-L, the sensor is part of the Trendcare Continuous Blood Gas Monitoring System.

While it has been available since 1998, demand from the growing neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) market has resulted in development of the product so that is now compatible with Sherwood Services AG’s Argyle 3.7-French (Fr.) catheter and with new Argyle 5.0-Fr. Single lumen catheters with luerlock hub. A 5.0-Fr catheter is generally used for infants with birth weight greater than 1,500 grams, while smaller patients require smaller access devices.

“Many patients admitted to NICU weigh in at 1,000 grams or less. These babies, dubbed ‘micro-preemies,’ are born extremely early - around 24 to 28 weeks gestation,” said Dr. Mark Mammel, Director of Neonatal Research and Education at St. Paul’s Children’s Hospital, and Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Minnesota.

“Every patient in the NICU requires skilled observation, and many require advanced medical interventions, such as mechanical ventilation and close monitoring of pH and blood gas (PCO2 and PO2) levels. For NICU patients, continuous monitoring of pH and blood gas parameters plays a central role in guiding care decisions.”

Roy Johnson of Diametrics Medical said: “We recognised that many neonates, particularly those who are transferred into a NICU from another facility, often have an Argyle catheter in place. Compatibility with this widely used catheter brand makes Neotrend-L a viable option for more patients.” Added Agilent’s Greg Sebasky: “Neotrend-L is ideally suited for the smallest, high-acuity infants who are most in need of constant surveillance of respiratory and metabolic status.

“Agilent has made a firm commitment to the neonatal intensive care market where we believe our technology can contribute significantly to improving care, and ultimately reduce length of stay and greatly improve the long-term health of these tiny patients.”

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