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Watered down science?
Homeopathy, based on the fishy theory that substances diluted in water trillions of times can cure a host of diseases, is swimming in controversy.
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Kids in Ritalin rehab
Controversy has long raged over the use of the powerful psychiatric drug Ritalin.
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Stairway to heaven
The brave new world of bio-pharmaceuticals means a flood of new wonder-drugs.

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Oooh, he’s got your eyes
A flux of new high-tech imaging technologies...
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Middle East physicians ‘need to remove blinkers’ on diabetes
Dubai Herbal Centre gets royal seal of approval
Arab paediatricians set sights on Italy
Middle East epilepsy stigma
Bid to use law and order to curb growing tide of UAE obesity
DHCC links with Harvard
Fatal error of Filipina nurse
GCC must privatise or fail

Sharp finger of HIV blame points to dirty needles
Stubbing out smoking
Super mouse resists cancer
Stem cells raise MS hopes
Peek into medieval cabinet
Crush avoidance
Probe into ‘happy pills’
Virgin Atlantic goes to Iraq’s aid
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