Robo-doc makes hospital rounds
A new mobile robotic doctor is doing trial patient rounds at a handful of hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom. If successful it could change the face of doctor-patient consultations.
Keyhole surgery for colorectal cancer gets go ahead
A 10-year study in Britain has shown that endoscopic surgery to remove colorectal cancer tumours is as effective as conventional open surgery.
Satisfying the demand for easy portability
Medical equipment manufacturers are improving the designs and functionality to meet clinical and operational challenges in the ever-increasing effort to improve diagnoses, advance healthcare and save more lives.
Imaging - The dawning of a new era
The incredibly fast 64-slice Computed Tomography scanner is being hailed for initiating a new age of medical imaging. This incredible piece of technology is revolutionising diagnosis in cardiology, oncology, neurology and may other areas.
Ensuring everyone’s right to healthcare
Bahrain has a comprehensive network of clinics and hospitals across the island kingdom ensuring that nationals and expats have access to healthcare.

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