Watching the rapid development over the past few years of ever more sophisticated medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment has been breathtaking. The technological advancements in MRI and CT scanners, for example, could belong to science fiction. But they are real, and patients are benefiting from their super-advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Talking science fiction, our lead story is about a robot called RP6 that is helping doctors make hospital rounds when they cannot be physically present. The sci-fi-like RP6 is being used in several hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom where it is undergoing a variety of tests. This five-and-a-half foot robot which talks, walks, looks and listens is set to change the face of patient consultation in a world where busy doctors are finding it increasingly
difficult to find time to make hospital rounds.

And in an important development for the magazine, Middle East Health has been appointed official media partner to IMD Dubai, a leading international medical care and diagnostic conference and exhibition, and very important annual event on the calendar of medical professionals in the region. IMD Dubai
is organised by Index, the Middle East representative of the International Hospitals Federation. We speak to the managing director, Abdul Salam Al Madani (Page 48).

Elsewhere in the magazine we look at 64-slice CT scanners (Page 34), we profile Bahrain (Page 54) and we look at keyhole surgery for colorectal cancer (Page 22).

And, of course, you’ll find informative world medical news, Middle East medical news and product news.

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