The next generation

This issue of Middle East Health centres on paediatrics. There are many remarkable developments in this broad field which will have a profound impact on the next generation. However, it is not all good news, as you will see in our report on some rather negative aspects of child health in the region.

In each section – paediatrics, MRI, telemedicine – we focus on child health and some of the latest developments in child healthcare. We lead with an assessment of a report from Save the Children about child mortality in the region which shows that some countries, such as Egypt, are making good progress while others, notably Iraq, are in decline. In the Iraq Report we look at the plight of children there in more depth, with some shocking stories about child abuse and drug addiction.

In the MRI section we lead with a feature on developments in the fascinating field of functional MRI, as well as a report on a particularly interesting study in the United States where researchers, for the first time, are using MRI to track the development of the paediatric brain.

In related stories we look at a new telemedicine initiative set up between SickKids hospital in Toronto and the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) in Amman, Jordan. We also feature a report from the World Health Organisation which cites road deaths as the biggest killer of young people.

And lastly, in line with our policy of continually innovating and expanding the magazine’s coverage, we have launched two new regular sections. The Gene Pool will cover the growing body of genetic research news around the world, and The Laboratory will provide an overview of general global medical research. Do let us know what you think of the new sections – and if you think we should add (or change!) anything else.

Brian Wilkie

(Jul-Aug 2007)



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