Jul-Aug 2007

CareStream’s new PACS has many innovative features

Carestream Health (formerly Kodak Health) has announced worldwide availability for its latest Kodak CareStream PACS that offers optional integrated applications such as image fusion and orthopaedic surgical templating in addition to native 3-D imaging and advanced cardiac features.

The built-in dynamic streaming capabilities of this new PACS system make advanced functionality readily available to authorised users inside and outside the medical facility allowing clinicians to review the first images in an exam while the rest of the study is being transmitted. In addition, a new licensing structure allows facilities to purchase optional features according to the number of concurrent users, so these tools are not restricted to specific workstations.

The newest version of CareStream PACS has many new features some of which include:

- Native real-time 2-D and 3-D capabilities including MIP (maximum intensity projection), MinIP (minimum intensity projection), MPR (multiplanar reconstruction), volume rendering, tissue definition and vessel tracking functionality from a single virtual desktop.
- Specialised cardiac functions including: cardiac review and analysis; cardiac cage removal in 3D imaging; and cardiac calcium scoring.
- Native single media archive (CD or DVD) that includes shelf management support to benefit small sites that desire a low-cost solution for data backup and archiving.
-Integrated Siemens Medical Solutions’ FUSION7D Software that delivers enhanced visualisation of cancerous tumours and lesions. This software automatically overlays and registers image data from PET, CT, SPECT and MR systems,

For more information or visit www.carestreamhealth.com

New pulse oximeters

Mediaid the manufacturer of pulse oximeters, has launched its new Model 30 series pulse oximeters. After great success with Model 300 series pulse oximeters, the new Model 30 series oximeters offer many additional features with a compact and robust design.

Model 30 Pulse Oximeter is a handheld oximeter designed for convenience in spot-checking and is ideal for the physician's office, hospitals and clinics, diagnostic centres and home health care. Model 30 has bright LED display visible in most lighting conditions and comes with bar graph displays for Pulse Amplitude & Perfusion Quality indication.

The inbuilt rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery runs the oximeter for around 18 hours. Model 34 Pulse Oximeter is a handheld oximeter ideal for most continuous monitoring applications. The salient features of Model 34 are bright LED display, bar graph, audio / visual alarms, memory, rechargeable battery, USB & Infrared ports and printer option.

The Model 34 can store 136 hours of patient data and can be used for sleep screening or continuous monitoring. Model 34 can output / print trend data via USB & infrared ports. Online / remote monitoring is possible through USB port. Model 34 can be supplied with an optional battery charger docking station.

For more information visit: www.mediaidinc.com

New developments for ultrasound platform

Siemens Medical Solutions Ultrasound Division introduced the 5.0 release of their ACUSON Antares ultrasound platform at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting in San Diego, 5-9 May.

The 5.0 release offers powerful innovations in five clinical application areas, including breast and OB/GYN imaging. Siemens' eSie Touch elasticity imaging technology includes a speedof- sound adaptation designed for fatty breast imaging, and bundles with Siemens' Advanced SieClear spatial compounding, which provides an industryleading 13 lines of sight applied at greater steering angles, as well as Dynamic TCE tissue contrast enhancement technology providing speckle reduction and motion correction.

For OB/GYN applications, the Antares 5.0 release offers Advanced fourSight technology, a comprehensive suite of acquisition, rendering, and postprocessing tools, and syngo Auto OB Measurements, to streamline and improve workflow. Amnioscopic rendering is another key innovation – this unique surface-rendering technique developed by Siemens Corporate Research provides stunningly realistic and detailed views of the foetus, enabling greater diagnostic confidence in 3D and 4D imaging.

With Advanced fourSight technology, users now have greater flexibility to analyse 2D, 3D and 4D studies. New features include MultiSlice Imaging, which displays a matrix of 2D images from any plane in a volume, just like on a computed tomography scanner, and Automated Volume Measurement for rapid segmentation and capture of volume measurements from any 3D volume.

Visit: www.siemens.com/medical

Disposable absorbers

Intersurgical has launched The Pyramid – a new, easy to use disposable absorber designed for use with Draeger anaesthetic machines.

The Pyramid is an alternative option to loose fill absorbents and offers ease of exchange with minimal handling. The Pyramid can be used on all Draeger anaesthetic machines that have been fitted with the CLIC adaptor.

The Pyramid range offers a number of key benefits to the users:
- Speed and ease of absorbent change
- Integral foam filters reducing dust emission
- Gas dispersion chamber ensures optimum flow and dispersion, resulting in a better utilisation of the soda lime granules and a more visible colour change
- An air-tight cap provides a seal to protect the absorbent from moisture and carbon dioxide in the air.

Intersurgical can also provide a full choice from a range of absorbent; including LoFloSorb – alkali hydroxide free absorbent, Spherasorb – conventional type Soda Lime but with a reduced risk of drying out and only a very low level of alkali hydroxide and finally Intersorb plus – Standard soda lime.

For more information visit: www.intersurgical.com

Intersurgical launches new flexible laryngeal mask

In addition to a standard range of laryngeal mask airway and the MRI compatible nonferrous valve varieties, Intersurgical is now producing a range of single-use laryngeal masks with wire-reinforced flexible airway tubes.

The flexible tube Solus is an ideal solution for shared airway procedures such as ENT, dental, oro-maxillary and eye surgery where the rigidity of airway devices can obscure surgical access. The wire-reinforced tube permits flexion without kinking and can be moved at any time midprocedure without concern for cessation of gaseous flow.

These are currently available in four sizes and have increased the range of Solus laryngeal mask airways to a choice of eighteen different varieties.

For more information visit: www.intersurgical.com

Non-invasive diabetes system

A one-minute experimental diabetes screening system that uses light to detect diabetesrelated biomarkers found in skin regardless of color was previewed 24 June for the first time at the 67th annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association.

Previously reported studies of a prototype of the portable desktop system have shown it outperforms both the fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test and the A1C test as a rapid and non-invasive screen for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The device is still undergoing clinical trials in the US. It is being designed for use at physician-supervised pointof- care locations. Known as Scout DS, manufactured by VeraLight, Albuquerque, New Mexico, the simple-to-use device weighs about 4.5 kilogrammes and does not require the patient to fast or provide a blood sample.

Using light directed onto a small area of an individual's forearm the device is able to detect abnormal concentrations of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs), which correlate well with diabetes and prediabetes and are associated with the disease's serious complications. The medical device is expected to be introduced to the US market in the second half of 2008.

Derungs flexible lighting

Bedrooms need a flexible lighting system which meets the criteria of at least two user groups. The residents would like a cozy, beneficial, and easy to operate lighting system Care staff need effective, bright background support for carrying out their daily tasks.

General lighting, light for reading in bed, light for examinations and bedside treatment, and lighting for nighttime or orientation are essential in this area. Using its clever lighting control system, the Dlite vanera light creates a homely and comfortable room climate, which also communicates security and supports residents according to their needs.

It creates an ideal working environment for the requirements of care staff (examination lighting), helps with nighttime orientation (nightlight), and has a separately adjustable reading light which enables relaxed reading in bed.

Homely feel for every mood. The new lights come fitted with reflectors and prismatics for the optimal lighting of the room. The room is homogeneously and pleasantly lit, and is free from shadows and glare. The Dlite vanera is unobtrusive and can be integrated into the architecture. It conforms to the high safety and quality standards of the medical industry.

Visit: www.derungslicht.com

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