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Hepatitis - one of the biggest threats to global health
The World Hepatitis Alliance has issued a call to governments around the world not to forget the plight of 500 million people living with hepatitis B and C. The call was made as the World Health Assembly postponed discussion of a World Health Organisation resolution on viral hepatitis - one of the biggest threats to global health.
62nd World Health Assembly - Influenza threat takes centre stage
The 62nd World Health Assembly, held from 18-22 May in Geneva, was shortened by several days so delegates could return to their countries to prepare for a possible influenza pandemic. Despite the curtailed session, there was vigorous debate on a range of public health issues with that of pandemic influenza preparedness taking centre stage.
Climate Change - The biggest threat to health in the 21st Century
Climate change will be the biggest global health threat in the 21st century, but little is known about its possible effects on developing countries, where the impact will be felt most, says a new report.

Qatar Report - Healthcare in transition
On the back of new-found wealth from its massive oil and gas reserves, Qatar is implementing fundamental changes to it healthcare system with the building of several new hospitals, the establishment of world class medical education and clinical research facilities...
Womenís Health - Breast reconstrucion with re-innervation
Doctors in the Group for Advancement of Breast Reconstruction Surgery are pioneering new methods of breast reconstruction after mastectomy without the need for implants. Using the patientís own tissue & with microsurgery to reintroduce blood flow and nerve sensation they are able to recontruct a breast near identical to the original.
Paediatric Oncology - Childhood cancer is not a death sentence
Evidence-based treatment protocols are having far-reaching effects on paediatric cancer survival rates. The American Hospital Dubaiís Dr Nidal Mahgoub stresses the importance of specialist paediatric oncology centres and the need for more data specific to the region.
Germany - Leading the way in medical technology development
The Middle East is fortunate to have strong ties to Germany as the country is a world leader in research, innovation and development of medical technology. Middle East Health reports.

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