Jul-Aug 2010

CyberTrone is new kid on the block

There is a new kid on the block! CyberTrone, a new medical device with state-of-the-art technology. The CyberTrone medical device is a bioresonance therapy device for general analysis and balancing of body energy fields, stress reduction and promotion of wellness. The CyberTrone is used for quick diagnoses and treatment without herbs or drugs.

Registered and certified as a CE class IIa medical device in Europe, it is considered to be one of the most advanced technologies based on Quantum Physics. Not only lightning fast, but also easy to learn and to use, it provides the intuitive software always an excellent overview and access to the different modules.

Wolf-Dieter F. Kehren, Director of AussiMed in Brisbane, Australia, says: “In our opinion, CyberTrone is the medical device practitioners were hoping and waiting for.”

The easy to use logical interface, the nearly uninterruptible hardware and software and a very short learning process make the CyberTrone a very clever investment for any medical practitioner. The database can be edited; new information signals can be added by the user. This is quite unique with this type of device.

• For the first time the CyberTrone is presented at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai on 31 July, 6 pm. Call Patricia for more information on +971 (0) 50 63 283 44.

● Visit: www.cybertrone.eu

Intersurgical launches ‘IS Can’

Intersurgical has launched the ‘IS Can’; a convenient pre-filled disposable CO2 absorber designed for use with the Aisys, Aespire and Avance anaesthesia machines. It can also be used on the GE Healthcare ADU machine.

The IS Can range provides:
• Ease of absorbent exchange with minimal handling
• A choice of unique medical grade absorbents
• Excellent CO2 absorption

Intersurgical provide a full range of absorbents including: LoFloSorb alkali-hydroxide-free absorbent, Spherasorb medical grade soda lime and Intersorb plus standard soda lime. The addition of the ‘IS Can’ to the wide range provides an alternative to loose fill absorbent for the majority of anaesthetic machines.

● For further information visit: www.intersurgical.com/info/absorbents

TLV launches PLAIN AIR air-purifier

The plume of air-borne ash that recently grounded jet planes for days in Northern Europe reminded us all that air space is our common heritage, precious and fragile. On the domestic front, the air we breathe is an essential component of our environment – no longer intangible and to be taken for granted. The cleaning of air has to be made patent. TLV, in partnership with Philips and Ahlstrom, was quick to respond to this trend with a plug-in air purifier – PLAIN AIR – designed by Patrick Norguet.

As the European number two in hospital equipment, TLV has developed a miniaturised air purifying device able to work in the most stringent conditions and suited to the needs of both healthcare professionals and households.

PLAIN AIR was launched 1 May 2010.

PLAIN AIR cleans air by accomplishing three major tasks:

- breaking down the main pollutants (CO2, dioxins, formaldehyde, ozone, …) to avoid risk of people contracting ‘Sick Building Syndrome’, which causes nausea and dizzy spells to people who stay too long in a confined space.

- efficient disinfection of air-borne bacteria, spores, moulds, yeasts and viruses, thus limiting the risk of contamination and infection even in pandemic periods;

- swift de-odorization of unpleasant biological and chemical smells by changing contaminated elements into natural molecules.

All three of these de-polluting actions are carried out using the Photocatalysis Oxidation miniaturised technology developed by TLV, which uses Philips light sources to mineralise pollutant particles and turning them into natural molecules. The device has been tested by the Institut Pasteur and by university hospitals in Lyons.

● For more information visit:

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