Jul-Aug 2011

Berchtold introduces wireless HD surgical camera system

Berchtold has introduced a wireless version of its Full HD ChromoVision camera system. The camera handle has an integrated transmitting and receiving unit, providing reliable and securely encrypted wireless transmission of high-definition true-colour video.

The cameras can be integrated into Berchtold’s Chromophare E series surgical lights.

The Full HD wireless camera is installed and set up using Plug & Play. Image transfer from the control unit to the monitors is conventional, using an HD-SDI cable. However, wireless transmission from the control unit to the monitors is possible.

The wide range of connection options for the control unit includes two HD-SDI ports, one DVI port and a video port. The DVI port also makes it possible to connect by HDMI or optical fibre. HD video streaming can be run in parallel on multiple video outputs. Berchtold also offers an IR interface with a convenient remote control. The serial RS 232 interface also makes it possible to control the camera in an operating room with existing infrastructure.

Compared to conventional systems, the ChromoVision Full HD offers five times the resolution with an image capture of more than two million pixels.

For more information, visit: www.berchtold.biz

Ethicon Endo-Surgery introduces generator for tech in the OR

In an effort to help simplify the preparation for surgery in the Operating Room, Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES) has launched an Advanced Energy Generator made to power both ultrasonic and advance bipolar technologies. It is designed for easy set-up and use in the operating room.

The new EES Generator has several innovative features that enable the delivery of advanced energy technology and meet the need to simplify the OR including:

- One unit that powers all current and next generation Harmonic ultrasonic and Enseal advanced bipolar devices. This includes the newly launched Enseal G2 Super Jaw technology designed to offer surgeons strong, uniform compression while remaining gentle on thick tissue.

- Intuitive touch screen technology display that provides user feedback.

- More compact and light weight than other generators. Its portable design and optional rolling stand make it easy to move in and around the Operating Room.

- On-screen diagnostics that provide step-by-step animations, allowing the user to quickly set-up and troubleshoot.

- Upgradable software feature that gives hospital access to the latest EES energy products and upgrades without the need to purchase additional capital equipment.

For more information, visit: www.ethiconendosurgery.com

Brazilian company produces titanium plate for complex distal radius fractures

Innovation largely depends on a committed team capable of anticipating the needs of the market and supporting the healthcare professionals in an effective way. This is the philosophy behind Brazilian company Ortosintese which exports its products to more than 25 countries and is well connected to the market.

Its products are certified with the CE mark, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), IEC and ISO and comply with the ASME quality standards.

Volfix is their latest product – a titanium F136 plate that is an ideal solution for complex distal radius fractures. It provides an angular stability of comminuted intra-articular fractures and of bones with osteoporosis with less tissue dissection and greater preservation of its irrigation in the area of the fracture.

There is less contact of the plate with the bone, to minimise the vascular lesion. The screws offer a stable fixation, resulting in a low risk of failure during the synthesis.

For more information, visit: www.ortosintese.com.br

HP enters the workflow solutions for healthcare market

HP has made available their HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Healthcare and HP Exstream for Healthcare Providers. These solutions are designed to transform patient experience and significantly reduce readmission rates.

HP says seven of the top 10 healthcare companies are HP Imaging & Printing (IPG) solutions customers and these new products reflect the company’s commitment to building on this sector leadership.

Details of the new solutions include:

- HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Healthcare, in conjunction with Hyland Software, streamlines and automates paperbased processes to ensure accurate document capture and provide immediate access to those assets across an organisation.

- HP Exstream for Healthcare Providers enables providers to reduce hospital readmissions with personalised, easy-to-understand patient communications. Delivered in the patient’s preferred language, delivery channel and format, these clear, customised communications can help reduce readmission.

- Based on the hospital employee’s credentials, clinical documents can be scanned directly into appropriate workflows. Critical patient data needed to make more informed decisions at the point of care, as well as data needed to speed revenue cycle, is automatically distributed and available once captured.

For more information visit: HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Healthcare. http://tinyurl.com/6fgslv9. HP Exstream for Healthcare Providers. http://tinyurl.com/69h2sq6

 Date of upload: 15th Aug 2011

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