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Compiled by Jay Franco

Medicine Cabinet

This App is designed for the consumer to keep a list of medications for one or more people. It enables the user to keep track of what medications they need to take and when the next dose is due. The lists can easily be shared by email.

The user can store the prescription number, doctor information, date filled, expiration date, duration of the medication, and any other essential information the user may want to store. Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. ($ 0.99)

Voxie for Medical

The physician can record voice notes and the spoken notes can be transcribed into text by professional transcription staff provided by the developer. A monthly paid subscription to this service is required.

It is a great tool to set reminders or appointments, or send quick messages to friends or a group, dictate long emails, letters or blogs, and even make a note of a good idea.

With the Voxie pro version, the user records the notes and then selects ‘Transcribe’ from the actions menu. The message is then transcribed from voice to text and sent to the intended recipients, who can be selected from the address book. An email with the copy of the message is sent to confirm that the transcription was sent.

It works with iPhone or iPod Touch. (Economy plan per month: $12.95)


Developed by Skyscape, this app keeps medical professionals up-to-date on the latest developments in one’s medical specialty. The MedAlert service delivers incontext and specialty focused journal summaries, trial results, breaking clinical news, drug alerts and information to the mobile device.

MedAlert is built into the Skyscape Medical Resources app (see Middle East Health’s May 2012 issue, Medical Apps section for details), and the user will be notified if new information is available when the App is opened. Also included within the App are RxDrugs (detailed information on drugs), Archimedes (medical calculator) and Outlines in Clinical Medicine (information on several diseases and symptom-related topics). (Free)

Normal Lab Values

This app enables medical professionals to interpret test results by displaying normal laboratory values on iPad, iPhone and iPod. The reference values are shown in US and SI units, and can be viewed alphabetically or by category listing. The user can use the search field for easy access of values, and double tap to magnify values.

A Lab Unit Converter app would be handy to convert values between US (conventional units) and SI units (Syst me International), which is also developed by DoctorCalc. ($1.99)

PubMed on Tap

This application helps medical professionals search PubMed while on the go. One can do an advanced search, specify fields and search mode using AND, OR and NOT logic operators.

The results can be emailed (as formatted text or RIS tagged record) or imported into reference management applications like Bookends and EndNote. References (with PDFs) can be stored in a personal and searchable library, and emailed (with PDFs) within the application. Full text copies of articles can be ordered using Loansome Doc Ordering System. It works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and comes with EZproxy support. ($2.99)

Instant Heart Rate

This super tool monitors your heart rate in less than 10 seconds from opening the app to obtaining a reading, and it does not need any external hardware.

The user places the index fingertip over the camera until a reading is seen on the display and a beep heard with your pulse. It works by tracking colour changes in the light that passes through the finger and a real-time chart shows every heartbeat.

It is important not to press your fingertip too hard on the camera as it will reduce blood flow thereby making it difficult to get a proper result.

This useful app is based on the technology of medical pulse oximeters. ($0.99)

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