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World Health Assembly 2012 - Challenges & opportunities
The World Health Assembly, the largest gathering of the world’s health leaders, met for six days in Geneva in May to address key public health issues affecting the global population. Middle East Health reports.
World No Tobacco Day - Combatting the ‘shameless’ tobacco cos.
WHO came out with a strongly worded statement denouncing the tobacco industry, saying national leaders need to be extra vigilant of the “aggressive attacks by the industry which undermine policies that protect people from the harms of tobacco”.
Conferences & Expos - Global taskforce calls for adoption of goal to reduce mortality from NCDs by 25%
In a major scoop for Dubai, the city played host to the biannual World Cardiology Congress in April. Almost 11,000 delegates from across the globe attended the congress to share the latest science on treatment and prevention and meet and exchange knowledge.

 Date of upload: 26th Jul 2012
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