Jul-Aug 2012

Berchtold integrates Endolite into Chromophare system

Berchtold has integrated the EndoLite indirect lighting system in the suspension of its Chromophare surgical light series. The installation in the central light suspension ensures the environment is lit even more homogeneously, regardless of the positioning of the light heads.

EndoLite improves the working conditions for surgeons during endoscopic procedures. Seven white and four green LEDs shine in white or white-green colour mode and guarantee an optimum colour reproduction. EndoLite combines LED and reflector technology. This allows for a strategic lighting for homogeneous ambient lighting. The image on the monitor is more easily visible with the EndoLite ambient light than without. The LEDs ensure clear contrasts on the screen. EndoLite has a smooth yet shock-resistant surface which can be cleaned easily. The indirect lighting is easy to install and maintain in the light suspension. In the future it will be possible to equip all surgical lights of the E and F generation with EndoLite as an option.

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Ampronix celebrates 30 years as a leader in the medical imaging industry

Ampronix celebrated its 30th anniversary in May. The company is recognised as one of the leaders in the medical imaging industry by providing superior quality products that include modality solutions, surgical displays, PACS/Clinical Review displays, DICOM converters/capture devices, and printers/recorders.

“Ampronix has had a successful 30 years because we have always focused on customer satisfaction and creative, cuttingedge products,” said Nelson Fathollahi, president and CEO of Ampronix. “We pride ourselves on our reputation as a leader in our market, so we will continue striving to improve and innovate.”

Ampronix’s success stems from its development of original and sophisticated medical equipment, which provides high value solutions to its medical clientele. After years of hands-on experience repairing other manufacturers’ products, Ampronix decided to change its approach to business, ultimately deciding to add a sales department in 1986. With the great success of this department, it was evident that Ampronix could generate a higher volume of business without comprising its value or service standards. By maintaining relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Ampronix has also allowed for substantial price discounts on its sales. In 1998, Ampronix added a research & development department to compete with the increasing demands of the medical industry. This key department contributed to Ampronix’s success by developing some of Ampronix’s most successful products that helped solve the medical dilemma of that time; transitioning from CRTs to LCDs in the medical industry. In 2006, Ampronix moved to its current location in Irvine, California due to the company’s rapid growth. Today, Ampronix is a worldwide recognised company that employs highly trained staff and experienced technicians from different key departments, including research & development, service, and sales.

Ampronix has received many industry awards. In 2008, Ampronix was recognised by Sony Electronics. for being a leader in the medical imaging industry by contributing extensive FilmStation sales. In 2009, Ampronix received an “Innovations in Healthcare Award” from the Adaptive Business Leaders Organisation for providing the solution to a current global dilemma in the medical imaging community. Ampronix provides the only multi-modality product on the market that auto synchronises to any legacy colour or grayscale analog and digital modality, for Cath Lab, MRI, CT, RF rooms, C-Arm, Endoscopy/Surgical, Portable X-Ray, and Nuclear Medicine applications.

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Omron’s new lightweight nebuliser incorporates ‘Virtual Valve Technology’

Many doctors and patients are now discovering the benefits of gentle, systematic inhalation using the latest pocket-sized nebulizers. These deliver precise doses of the nebulised medicine directly to the lower respiratory passages, bringing almost instantaneous relief to sufferers of asthma, bronchitis, pulmonary emphysemia or other respiratory disorders.

Omron nebulisers are made for long lasting use while maintaining the highest standard of quality. They provide high aerosol output and well-controlled nebulization of medication, making them a leader in this field. Omron is complementing its range of compressor nebulisers with the new CompA.I.R NE-C801KD. With a lightweight (approx. 270 g), handy design and a sound level of 46 dB the CompA.I.R NE-C801KD which allows for a very quiet and comfortable operation. The CompA.I.R nebulizer kit also features Omron’s Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) ensuring an efficient drug delivery. The V.V.T. (Virtual Valve Technology) nebulizer chamber adapts to the person’s breathing, thus matching their breathing pattern. This technology reduces drug wastage while breathing out and maximizes the drug availability when breathing in. For more information, visit www.omron.com

Carestream Health starts shipping new DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray

Carestream has begun shipping its much anticipated DRXRevolution Mobile X-Ray System. Dozens of healthcare facilities around the world have already placed orders for this versatile new system that features customer-driven innovations.

The new mobile x-ray system delivers outstanding image quality, exceptional maneuverability and rapid access to patient medical images. “The DRX-Revolution offers unique capabilities that enhance care for seriously ill and injured patients. For example, the ability to easily align the tube with a grid has resulted in better quality images for our ICU and surgical patients,” said Cheryl Malcolmson, RT (R), Manager, Diagnostic Imaging, Hamilton General Hospital, Hamilton, Canada. “In addition, our physicians praised the tube and line visualisation feature that allows them to quickly verify placement of medical devices and avoid the need for repeat x-ray exposures.”

Mirna Bassil, marketing manager Emerging Markets, Carestream, explained: “The DRX-Revolution is true to its name – it revolutionises bedside diagnostic imaging with specialty features that lead to rapid positioning, minimal intrusion on staff and surrounding equipment, and faster capture of high-quality x-ray images for use by clinicians.”

She added that a facility in Saudi Arabia was one of the first in the world to receive the new mobile x-ray.

Some of its features include: a unique software tool that creates companion images from the original exposure: one image is optimized to show tubes and lines so physicians can verify placement, and another optimized image accentuates the appearance of free air in the chest cavity for easier visualisation of the pneumothorax; it’s long, extendable tube head helps radiographers easily capture x-rays despite the presence of bedside medical equipment; the system’s two monitors (the main 19-inch monitor and an 8-inch tube head monitor) allow a technologist to capture and review images without moving away from a patient’s bed; all digital X-ray systems in Carestream’s DRX family, including the DRX-Revolution, share the same DRX-1/DRX-1C wireless detector, which offers flexible positioning and image availability in less than five seconds.

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Civco introduces Ultra-Pro II needle guidance for GE Healthcare 3Sp, 3Sp-D and 3Sc-RS ultrasound transducers

The Ultra-Pro II utilises a two-part system consisting of a custom reusable bracket and a disposable snap-on needle guide and is designed to increase the productivity of ultrasound-guided procedures.

The needle guide offers physicians reduced technique variability – providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time – and its single-use design reduces the risk of crosscontamination. The multi-angle bracket offers professionals different angles for instrument placement while the needle guide and corresponding on-screen guidelines offer physicians real-time visualisation and ensure patient safety throughout the procedure. The Ultra-Pro II’s quick-release function allows for easy detachment of the needle from the transducer.

Ultra-Pro II sterile procedure kits include: needle guide, transducer cover, gel packet and colored elastic bands. Brackets should be cleaned and disinfected according to user guide.

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Getinge wins Red Dot award for SMART trolley

Getinge SMART, the new loading system from Getinge Infection Control, has been awarded the “red dot award: product design 2012 in the Life Science and Medicine category for its exceptional quality and smart design.

Used for transporting goods to and from hospital operating rooms and sterilisation units, Getinge SMART is a line of welldesigned trolleys of the highest possible quality, hygiene and usability. The loading and distribution system is an important part of the workflow in the operating room and sterile supply unit, both in terms of ergonomics and function.

“Product design is so much more than good looks. We have worked really hard to develop surfaces, materials and handling abilities that make Getinge SMART a top-of-the-line product in every detail. Receiving the red dot award is a great honor, and shows our efforts have definitely paid off,” said Peter Palmqvist, Chief Operating Officer of Getinge Infection Control.

Getinge SMART is equipped with a semi-automatic loading function that reduces manual handling of goods when loading or unloading, and a power-drive function that helps the user to move the trolley to desired positions with no or little effort, thus assuring good ergonomics for the users. The innovative – racing-inspired – framework is extremely light, without sacrificing stability under very heavy loads, while the unobtrusively positioned, rattle-free wheels roll easily and steer silently.

All Getinge SMART surfaces are designed to be easy to clean and materials were chosen for their durability in very harsh environments. Its cost-efficient and flexible modular architecture – interchangeable common components and interfaces – allows for customised solutions, easy mounting and dismounting, and facilitates the separation of materials for recycling. The modular construction and design details also create a unique family recognition that runs like a red line through the entire range of loading trolleys.  

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