India Report - India makes its mark on global medical tourism map
More than 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry. Many hospitals in these countries have established international patient services departments in an effort to facilitate medical tourism and attract foreign patients to their facilities...
Paediatrics - Study shows increase in liver transplantation for hepatoblastoma while improving outcomes
Liver transplantation for hepatoblastoma, the most common liver malignancy in children, is on the rise because more tumors are being detected earlier, improving outcomes for these sick patients, according to a study by Children Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. 
M.R.I. - Children examined in MRI without anaesthesia
For the first time, Bochum clinicians have been able to show on the basis of a large sample, that it is possible to examine children’s heads in the MRI scanner without general anaesthesia or other medical sedation.
Healthcare Economics - Determining Value in Healthcare
Providing comprehensive healthcare to all citizens and creating “value” at the same time is a challenging task. To create “value”, healthcare systems need to measure, quantitatively, elements critical to the efficient & cost effective delivery of high quality, universal health care

 Date of upload: 18th Jul 2013
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