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July is usually a relatively quiet month for us on the marketing front, but not this year. Clearly the Middle East is seen as one of the few remaining growth markets in the world and an attractive place to do business. This is evidenced by the record number of clients advertising in this Summer issue – clients who want to make themselves and their products known to the Middle East market. By choosing Middle East Health, they obviously believe they have chosen the right vehicle to do so – and we thank them for their support.

With treatment costs at as low as a tenth of that of America and the UK for certain procedures, but still with English as the medical ‘lingua franca’, India is fast becoming an attractive destination for medical tourists. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India says the country’s medical tourism sector is expected to grow by 30% a year, making it a US$2 billion industry by 2015 – a very healthy sum. In this issue we speak to some of India’s leading hospitals about what they have to offer medical tourists, how many and what type of tourists they are receiving, and how they see the future.

The deadly novel coronavirus that has taken hold in Saudi Arabia, and affected a number of other countries in the region and Europe, has been named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus or MERS CoV. At the time of going to press there had been 70 laboratory confirmed cases and 40 deaths, some of them asymptomatic, meaning that people could be carrying and spreading the virus without even knowing they have it. Health leaders from countries affected by the virus met in Cairo in late June to discuss measures to combat the spread of MERS CoV. Some urgent calls for action emanated from this important meeting, and you should make time to read our timely report on page 24.

And don’t forget to read “The Back Page” at – you guessed it – the back of the mag. In each issue we use this page to highlight some futuristic technology that has found its way into medical devices to ease and facilitate the lives of patients or make the work of doctors simpler and more efficient. In this issue we look at a new communication aid developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation at the request of Otto Bock Mobility Solutions that expands the functionality of electric powered wheelchairs by connecting up the existing wheelchair control system to a mobile phone, PC, TV or games console via Bluetooth. What a wonderful boon for chair-bound people!

The speed of technological development in medicine is indeed both exciting and astounding. The On the Pulse section of this magazine is a good place to keep pace with these product developments, and is one of the most popular sections of our website. If you are an advertising client and have new tech going into your products – send your product news to the editor and, if it’s news-worthy, we’ll publish it here. 

Good health

Brian Wilkie

(Jul-Aug 2013)

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