Jul-Aug 2013

Roche Diagnostics produces new technology to help monitor patients on anticoagulation therapy

Roche Diagnostics is committed to following the latest technologies to ensure easy and handy solutions that serve patients’ needs. The ability to move testing closer to the patient, so-called point-of-care testing (PoCT), has been possible with continuous advances in technology that have produced steadily more sophisticated devices measuring an increasing range of analytes.

The focus of Ambulatory Care within the PoCT is to bring clinical decision making closer to the patient, improve workflow efficiencies for the health care professional and improve clinical outcomes for the patient. With the increasing incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease, the need to screen and monitor patients effectively, assess risk and manage long term conditions, has also increased. Roche Diagnostics’ portfolio of products provides a solution to support this growing need.

Home testing is a key solution that is delivered to move testing closer to patients. The CoaguChek XS system is a great example that resembles practical home based testing. CoaguChek XS is a convenient, portable and user-friendly instrument for monitoring oral anticoagulation therapy. It determines the value PT/ INR (blood clotting time) testing from a drop of capillary whole blood – simple, precise and reliable. The CoaguChek XS system is ready for use anywhere at any time. Patients can use it for self-monitoring at home or on vacation.

Long-term oral anticoagulant treatment (blood-thinning drugs) is a strain for many patients, for instance when it comes to the frequent checks of therapeutic levels. Coagulation and monitoring are an area where Roche can offer impressive medical value: CoaguChek systems offer rapid, accurate and almost painless, minimally invasive measurement of the International Normalized Ratio (INR) clotting time as it is particularly important for patients taking bloodthinning drugs like warfarin as it helps doctors determine if the prescribed dose is working properly, therefore improving the management of oral anticoagulation therapy, for indications such as Atrial Fibrillation, Mechanical Heart Valves and Thrombophilia.

The meters measure the thromboplastin time (prothrombin time, INR, % Quick value) using capillary blood from the fingertip or non-anticoagulated venous whole blood. IT connectivity to the PC or data management system is provided either with the CoaguChek XS Connect device at the patient’s home computer or by using the handheld base unit (HBU) in the professional setting. The latter presentation describes the CoaguChek XS Plus/ Pro system’s IT connectivity data communication, pre-requisites and support, which is suitable for the Hospitals and key health centers that requires connectivity to laboratory systems rather than the Home Testing simple connectivity.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted CLIA-waived status to the CoaguChek XS Plus system. The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) are regulatory standards that apply to all clinical laboratories testing performed on humans in the U.S., except clinical trials and basic research. The waiver means that the monitoring technology may now be used in a broader range of clinical settings, such as labs that do not meet the requirements to do moderate- or high-complexity testing as defined by CLIA.

The CoaguChek XS Plus system provides results in about a minute and has a 97% correlation to lab analyzer results. In addition, recent enhancements to the system include the ability to hold up to 1,000 patient results and the reduction of the sample size requirement to eight microliters. The CoaguChek XS Plus system offers state-of-the art connectivity, particularly to the cobas IT 1000 application outside the United States.

In the US, the system works with the RALS-Plus software, a commercial information management system, which provides reporting and device management capabilities. It helps hospital staff streamline the regulatory compliance process, capture reimbursable costs, and improve their organizational efficiency.

The CoaguChek XS Plus system uses two-level, built-in quality controls to help ensure the accuracy of PT/INR test results, but also offers optional liquid quality controls for facilities with policies requiring the use of external quality control measures. Today, in the U.S., more CoaguChek test strips are sold for point-ofcare anticoagulation testing than all other brands combined.

Carestream wins “Best in KLAS” for DRX-Evolution System

For the second time in one month, Carestream Health has again earned a top rating from medical professionals using a Carestream digital X-ray system as reported by KLAS, an independent research organization that monitors healthcare vendor performance.

The recent “2013 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipment & Infrastructure” report cites the Carestream DRX-Evolution as receiving the highest overall score against seven competitors in the digital X-ray category, with 100% of users stating they would buy Carestream’s system again. The report is compiled from the feedback of thousands of healthcare providers at physician offices, clinics, hospitals and IDNs throughout the United States and Canada.

KLAS has a longstanding reputation for accurately and impartially measuring vendor performance, and offers ratings on more than 250 healthcare technology vendors and over 900 products and services. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, KLAS processes have been independently audited to ensure that KLAS provides a transparent window into what users actually think of products.

“Healthcare providers using our digital X-ray systems have again expressed their high level of satisfaction with the many benefits our products deliver, including exceptional image quality and rapid access to images and information,” said Diana L. Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream. “Our people are passionate about delivering the best X-ray and IT solutions to the market, and we have many new products in our pipeline that will benefit patients, physicians and medical staff for many years to come.”

Earlier, the company’s Carestream DRX-Evolution system scored highest for overall performance in another KLAS survey of more than 200 radiology professionals. One user stated: “I would compare the DRX-Evolution to Apple’s products. It is very intuitive and it tells users in layman’s terms how to get procedures done.”
- For more information, visit www.carestream.com

Timesco single-use laryngoscopes provide 100% infection control

Timesco Healthcare, England, has been at the forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture and innovative developments in intubation for the past four decades.

Today Timesco manufactures the best single use laryngoscopes systems available, with the traditional bulb in the blade, ‘Europa’ and fiber optic, ‘Callisto’ systems, enabling millions of intubations to be performed by medical professionals worldwide.

Both the Europa and Callisto systems feature unique low profile, “non touch” blades and are complemented with the single use Callisto and Europa handles.

Specialist blades for difficult intubation e.g. Eclipse tilting tip are also available in Callisto designs.

Timesco single use laryngoscopes are supplied clinically clean in individual packaging and conform to ISO international standards of fittings and manufacture. |

Timesco is a progressive and innovative company; we have recently introduced new Energy Efficient Systems for extended battery life, kinetic energy power systems and new rechargeable systems to power our laryngoscopes and diagnostic systems. New LED handles and LED single use laryngoscopes blades have also been added to the ranges.  Timesco will be at: Fime, Miami, USA, 7-9 August 2013.

- For more information, visit: www.timesco.com

Phibo expands global presence with Middle East subsidiary

Phibo, with 20 years of experience in dental products and services, offers solutions from bone regeneration to the final prosthesis itself, without neglecting implant systems, and always taking patients’ health, comfort and aesthetics into consideration. Phibo offers predictability in the results, optimisation of treatment times, reduction of the possibility of error, in short we ensure better quality for the patient.

For Phibo what is really important is offering reliable and flexible integral solutions that improve the work of our clients, making difficult work easy.

Phibo is present in the international market strongly than ever. This year Phibo is expanding its global presence in to Middle East, Colombia, France, Germany and Benelux, including its nowadays operations in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The international dental company manufactures implant systems and CAD-CAM prostheses as well as other digital solutions.

Phibo CAD-CAM prostheses are 100% customized solutions which satisfy all patients’ needs with the most attractive results. Moreover, Phibo provides all their CAD-CAM restorations on any implant system thanks to the Phibo Library, the most complete list of implant systems of the market.

The most revolutionary product on the prosthetics market is Adhoc, screw-mounted Cobalt Chrome by Phibo, for all screwmounted metal-ceramic restorations. This product combines the best of different technologies to provide the best results where needed: best ceramic grip and best fit for the connection area. This product is available for all types of structures: from single parts to anatomic structures with any number of parts, and complicated hybrid structures to the simplest of bars.

In addition to Adhoc, Phibo introduces Cronia, the temporary aesthetic prosthetic that provides the most similar result as possible to natural teeth, while patients are waiting for the definitive restoration. This product is made of Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) 100% biocompatible and non-allergenic. Cronia helps to care for, model and maintain the soft tissues.

Phibo offers the most comprehensive CAD-CAM solutions: from cemented structures to restorations on implants, from hybrid structures to removable bars in all materials -Cobalt Chrome, Zirconia, PMMA, Titanium as well as cemented restorations in IPS e.max CAD.

- For more information, visit: www.Phibo.com

Siemens’ Symbia Intevo, the world’s first xSPECT system, integrates SPECT and CT


At the 2013 annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), in June, in Vancouver, Canada, Siemens Healthcare introduced two new platforms with the potential to change how molecular imaging is performed.

Symbia Intevo – the world’s first xSPECT system – combines the high sensitivity of single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) with the high specificity of CT, completely integrating the data from the two modalities, to generate high resolution and, for the first time, quantitative images.

In traditional SPECT/CT imaging, the SPECT image has always been reconstructed at a low resolution matrix – much lower than the CT portion of the exam. As a result, the CT resolution must be downgraded dramatically to the level of SPECT to enable mechanical fusion of the two modalities. Siemens’ new Symbia Intevo xSPECT system reconstructs both the SPECT and CT portions of the image into a much higher frame of reference than previous systems for precise, accurate alignment facilitating the extraction and deep integration of medically relevant information. This ability is also the basis for differentiating between tissue boundaries in bone imaging. With xSPECT Bone, physicians can potentially provide additional support for detection and distinguishing between cancerous lesions and degenerative disorders.

Symbia Intevo’s precise alignment of SPECT and CT provides physicians with essential volumetric information from the CT scan, enabling accurate and consistent quantitative assessment – a numerical indication of a tumour’s level of metabolic activity. With accurate quantitative assessment, the physician can apply quantitative information to assess whether a patient’s course of treatment has regressed, stabilized or grown – something that is difficult to do with a purely visual assessment of the tumour.

While Symbia Intevo uses more CT data than ever before, Siemens is still able to limit patient dose by offering Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE). These applications, which are unique to Siemens, include the CARE Dose4D technique, which can reduce patient CT radiation dose by up to 68%.

- For more information, visit: www.medical.siemens.com

GE Healthcare unveils 2 new 1.5T MR systems

Two new 1.5T MR scanners from GE Healthcare, the Optima MR360 Advance and Brivo MR355 Inspire, have recently received US FDA 510(k) clearance. Redesigned with new enclosures symbolizing GE’s Humanizing MR strategy, both systems are engineered to address the demand for increased performance, and reduced total cost of ownership for the facility while providing a comfortable experience for the patient.

“Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the image quality, especially the quality of abdomen and pelvis images, which are excellent when compared to 3T,” said Tamotsu Nomura, Chief Technologist at Ishikawa Hospital in Osaka, Japan who owns the first Optima MR360 Advance in the country.

Dr Gloger of Verbundklinikum Landkreis Ansbach Klinik, Rothenburg, who owns the first system in Germany said: “After a smooth and fast installation, my radiographers learned very quickly how to scan, including those with minimal MR experience.”

The Optima MR360 Advance is designed to deliver a comfortable patient experience and advanced performance. This system offers a newly-designed Express suite of coils with 16 channel head and neck array, anterior array, and flex coils that enable faster workflow. Additionally, the Optima MR360 Advance is available with a portfolio of 18 new clinical applications including the Needle Free suite of applications that strives to improve patient experience by reducing the need for biopsy, contrast, and sedation. The Optima MR360 Advance also features the acclaimed OpTix RF, which offers analog to digital signal inside the scan room to minimize noise and signal degradation resulting in highquality clinical images, but away from the patient to enhance patient safety.

The Brivo MR355 Inspire is designed to be an easy-to-use 1.5T MR system. This system also features OpTix RF as well as READY Interface, which streamlines workflow by offering simplified control of the scan parameters that may allow for greater consistency from technologist to technologist and ultimately from patient to patient. The Brivo MR355 Inspire system is engineered to combine the diagnostic benefits of high-performance MR technology with a low total cost of ownership.

Both the Optima MR360 and the Brivo MR355 are ‘ecomagination’ certified and are engineered to drive low operating costs by using eco-friendly technologies like efficient gradients, water-cooling systems, super capacitors, and power distribution units.

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