May-June 2014


Infinium Medical launches new Omni series patient monitors

Infinium Medical recently introduced the latest Omni series patient monitors with 2014 version A.1.0 vital signs software. This product offers a new level of performance, customization, and connectivity and accommodates a full range of acuity levels for all areas of patient care. The New A.1.0 software user interface is easily navigated and simplified with a standard touch screen. The Infinium Omni series offers standard parameters of Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, ECG, Temperature, Respiration, SpO2, Invasive Blood Pressure, and Capnography. For higher acuity measurements, 12 lead ECG and Cardiac Output can be added as options.

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Timesco Callisto single use laryngoscopes at forefront of preventing cross contamination and spread of disease

AIDS, Hepatitis C, Sepsis, MERS, with the proliferation of contagious diseases across the world, cross contamination between patients has become a major issue. Timesco single use laryngoscopes Callisto are leading the way in preventing the spread of microorganisms, infections, spores and prions.

In guidelines published in the association of anaesthetists of Great Britain magazine, “Anaesthesia”, it was recommended that all laryngoscopes blades and handles should be autoclaved and the use of single use devices encouraged. However, autoclaving does not guarantee the total elimination of prions on laryngoscopes.

Timesco’s Callisto single use laryngoscopes offer ready to use convenience and cost savings compared to reusable laryngoscopes: Guaranteed control of cross contamination; no reprocessing or autoclaving costs; clinically clean, single use pre-packed; will not bend / deform in use; can be used with fibre reusable handles: Optima, Sirius, Optima XLED and single use handles Callisto S and Callisto LED.

The Callisto system is latex free, non-toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA, etc. worldwide approved. Timesco Callisto Laryngoscopes are the premier choice for cross contamination prevention. l For more information, visit:

Vernacare Single Use System – a new approach for infection control

Vernacare’s single use disposable system helps hospitals reduce operating and cleaning costs, as well as reducing the financial burden of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) such as Clostridium difficile and Escherichia coli. The Vernacare disposable single use system brings a number of financial, infection control, nurse time and environmental benefits. These include eliminating the breakdowns and blockages which may be associated with the use of bedpan washer/disinfectors.

Single use disposable systems are used within 94% of UK hospitals and can break the chain of infection by providing a clean product for every use. Single use items, provided new and unused to patients for each use, are disposed of in the Vortex disposal unit, using cold water and significantly less energy than traditional bedpan washers. Vernacare’s single use products are manufactured using over-issued clean newspaper and a wax resin to ensure products hold water for up to four hours. No bleach colouring is added, to ensure products are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Vernacare is the only company to manufacture the complete human waste disposal system, including Vortex disposal units and range of single use products. Working alongside a global network of international partners and employing over 200 people, Vernacare aim to provide their customers with the highest standard of educational support, technical assistance and customer care, on a global scale. l For more information, visit:

Varian’s i5DR U-Arm gets digital upgrade

Varian’s i5DR digital upgrade will improve workflow, enhance image quality and prolong the life of your asset. The i5DR software is a cost effective solution that is fully integrated into industry standard U-arms. The i5DR user interface provides fully integrated control of the u-arm positioner, collimator and generator allowing for seamless image acquisition. I5DR is optimized for use with Varian’s 17” x 17” (43cm x 43cm) flat panel digital detector. The i5DR upgrade provides significant savings in comparison to purchasing an entirely new digital system and extends the life and utility of the existing asset. l For more information visit:

A fresh look at pediatric environments

The approach to pediatric medicine is markedly different to adult medical treatment. So it stands to reason, if pediatric medicine is specialized, why wouldn’t the pediatric environment be special too? Since parents are the real consumers in choosing a pediatric healthcare provider and parent satisfaction equals a successful practice, modern pediatric practices are designed to appeal to both parents and children.

Transforming a space into a pediatric environment that captures the imagination of children and parents means more than applying a fresh coat of brightly colored paint. It means creating a synergy between the elements in the space. Clinton’s ‘Clinton Kids’ brand is the ultimate in coordinated child-friendly pediatric products. This innovative product line features exclusive designs created by Clinton Industries that have universal appeal to children and parents everywhere.

The ‘Clinton Kids’ Fun Series features treatment tables in fun vehicle shapes. These tables offer unobstructed 360 degree access, washable high pressure laminate graphics, full storage and a comfortable padded top. Imagine being an astronaut, living under the sea or exploring deep into the rainforest, Clinton’s Imagination Series of treatment and scale tables take you there and more places with bold, colourful graphics, large storage areas and a comfortable top.

Both the Fun Series and Imagination Series of tables, have complementary cabinets with companion graphics that carry each Clinton theme from table to casework. Clinton doesn’t stop there. With the introduction of “Clinton Complete” Clinton designers transform ordinary medical space into an extraordinary pediatric environment. Plus, “Clinton Complete” offers a package discount on table and coordinating cabinets.

With over 100 different products and dozens of options Clinton and its Clinton Kids brand has become the premier name in innovative pediatric environments. l See all Clinton’s products at

Cochlear launches its new Nucleus Profile implant series

Cochlear Limited, the market-leading in implantable hearing solutions developer, has announced the recent release of its Cochlear ‘Nucleus Profile’ series internationally. The Cochlear Nucleus Profile implant with the Contour Advance electrode (CI512) is the first in the Profile series launched by the company. The Profile Series has the thinnest implant body on the market and will be the platform for Cochlear’s next generation of implants.

The Profile with Contour Advance electrode is an improved version of CI500 series of implants. The new product was approved by TÜV Rheinland, a global technical, safety and certification services provider, after the company relocated and built a new production process at its Macquarie University facility. Cochlear will introduce more Profile series implants with different electrodes in the coming months.

Richard Brook, President, EMEA & Latin America, Cochlear Ltd, said: “We have successfully expanded what is already the industry’s largest cochlear implant portfolio, with the launching of C1512. Our latest product supports a wider range of surgical techniques among implanting surgeons, giving them and their patients the greatest possible choice.”

Cochlear Limited invented the world’s first multi-channel cochlear implant over 30 years ago. The company conducts extensive research and development on hearing products and has made breakthroughs in developing world-class hearing solutions. Together with the support of the well-developed healthcare sector in the region and particularly in the UAE in Dubai Health Care City, Cochlear aims to make a difference in the life of every person with hearing disabilities. l For more information, visit:

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