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Clemenceau Medical Center cares for patients from Lebanon and the region

Clemenceau Medical Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International is an ultra-modern medical center in Beirut. Its mission is “Caring, Safety, Excellence”, aiming to provide quality healthcare services for patients from Lebanon and the region. CMC was accredited by JCI in January 2009, reaccredited in January 2012, and again got the triennial Accreditation in January 2015.

CMC is proud to adopt the world’s most optimal quality Standards and Ethics for the healthcare industry, and to join the elite group of few hospitals worldwide who really embrace the culture of excellence and relentless commitment for high quality patient care. In September 2014 CMC got the MTQUA certification as a World’s Best Hospital for Medical Tourism.

The hospital, with 158 operating beds, provides all the essential medical services a patient might need from outpatient to inpatient care – doctor’s visits, testing, surgery, laboratory, imaging and hospital care – all under one roof, in a five-star hotel ambiance with first class-service.

CMC also includes 16 ICU/CCU beds and 6 NICU beds, where patients are monitored in private rooms with the most advanced technology, with a one-on-one nurse ratio. CMC provides a ward with 8 beds for patients undergoing ambulatory and day surgeries. Full emergency room services and urgent care are also provided at the hospital.

CMC houses all the specialty branches and offers a completely film-less digital medical imaging environment, and has built and equipped nine of the most modern Operating Theaters complemented by advanced laparoscopy, OR automation systems, which provides real-time video tele-conferencing from any Operating Theater with the main auditorium and the outside world.

CMC was the first facility in Lebanon to introduce the multi-disciplinary Robotic Surgery program using the Da Vinci Robot and recruited a team of specialized surgeons.

Centers of Excellence
CMC accommodates Centers of Excellence for neuroscience, digestive diseases, bariatric surgery, cardiology and orthopedics. CMC
recently opened a Cancer Care Center, which in addition to oncology, surgery and chemotherapy includes a radiotherapy unit that provides comprehensive treatment including radio surgery and stereotactic services as well as advanced chemotherapy.

The Clemenceau Clinic and OPD facilities incorporates 82 consultation clinics: Eye and Laser Vision Correction Center, ENT and Hearing center, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Center, Women’s Clinic, Dental Clinic, and Aesthetic Medicine clinic and Medical Spa.

Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI), is responsible for the advancement and spread of the Clemenceau Medicine’s mission of patient care regionally and internationally. CMI’s expertise and know how ensures the development of modern institutions in accordance to the highest international quality standards. Being part of the Clemenceau Medicine Network (CMN) enables all members of the network to benefit from the skills and technical expertise. CMI is currently engaged in several healthcare projects in Amman, Riyadh and Dubai.



Date of upload: 16th Jul 2016

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