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Confilict Zone
With increasing wartime assaults on and patterns of systematic destruction of health facilities in countries affected by confl ict, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on 3 May 2016 to strengthen protection for healthcare workers, the sick and wounded, hospitals and clinics, in war zones.
Leishmaniasis epidemic
The Syrian refugee crisis has precipitated a catastrophic outbreak of Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis now affecting hundreds of thousands of people living in refugee camps or trapped in conflict zones. A similar situation may also be unfolding in eastern Libya, Iraq and Yemen, say the authors of a recently published report on the crisis.
69th World Health Assembly - A new era for health development
Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr Margaret Chanís speech at the opening of the 69th World Health Assembly in Geneva on 23 May, is clearly pertinent to the current state of worldwide health. It deserves publishing it in full.



Date of upload: 13th July 2016
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