Jul-Aug 2016

Timesco Optima NEO Desk diagnostic sets perfect for clinicians

The Timesco Optima Neo Desk diagnostic sets have been designed to offer the clinician with perfect diagnostic instruments for ophthalmology, aural, nasal and oral examination.

The Timesco Optima Neo Desk diagnostic sets feature superb quality fibre optics, precision glass lenses and Xenon illumination for pure bright white light.

Individual Ophthalmoscopes and Otoscopes as well as a combination of both in Diagnostic and EENT sets are available in hard cases.

The Optima Neo Ophthalmoscopes feature durable construction, superb bright white Xenon light Illumination and six apertures: small, medium and large, macular (spot) fixation, slit and red free filter and 28 dioptre lenses ranging from +ve 0 to 40 and –ve 1 to 25.

The Optima Neo Otoscopes feature high intensity Xenon illumination and fibre optics and are constructed from durable plastics, metal alloys and stainless steels.

The Optima Neo Otoscopes can be used with reusable and disposable speculums. Accessories are also available which allow the Otoscopes to be used, in addition to aural use, for nasal and oral examination. The Timesco Optima Neo Desk sets can be used with Alkaline as well as Timesco Ion rechargeable batteries.

Timesco Healthcare diagnostic products are ISO, CE and FDA approved and guaranteed for materials and manufacture.
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Philips unveils the industry's first MRI-guided user interface to simplify imaging of MR-Conditional implants

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a modality of choice for diagnosing conditions such as neurological disorders, cancer, and muscle, joint and back pain. These conditions are most prevalent in older patient populations, and the population with large joint replacements and implanted cardiac devices is expected to increase by about 70% over the next five years.

The Philips ScanWise Implant, the industry’s first MRI-guided user interface and automatic scan parameter selection to help simplify the scanning of patients with MR-Conditional implants, such as knee and hip replacements, spine implants and pacemakers. The new software helps users streamline exams and supports diagnostic confidence of this growing patient population.

ScanWise Implant adds to Philips’ suite of diagnostic imaging solutions designed to support healthcare professionals’ first-time-right imaging, helping to improve hospital workflow, diagnostic confidence and, ultimately, patient experience.

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Date of upload: 8th July 2016

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