Conferences & Expos

Booming show reflects region’s growth
Following the development of a small implantable ventricular assist device for adult patients, a research team at Cleveland Clinic in the US is developing a similar heart pump for paediatric use.
Developing a co-ordinated response to emergency
The International Emergency and Catastrophe Management (IECM) conference and exhibition, which takes place in Dubai from 10 to 12 April this year at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre, is the sixth such annual conference to be held in the city.
First Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference set for April
The Centre for Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS) will hold its First Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference in Dubai, UAE, from 4-6 April this year. 
Arab Hospitals Federation to meet
The Fourth Annual Forum of the Arab Hospitals Federation (AHF) “Medhealth Beirut 2006” will take place from 21- 23 June 2006 in the Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon.

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