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Arab Hospitals Federation to meet

The Fourth Annual Forum of the Arab Hospitals Federation (AHF) “Medhealth Beirut 2006” will take place from 21- 23 June 2006 in the Metropolitan Palace Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon in collaboration with its official supporters: Arab Ministries of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), League of Arab States, the World Bank and many other health, medical and financial organisations.

The event is being organised by Mounassabattcom for Congresses and Exhibitions for the fourth consecutive year. Alice Yammine, chief executive officer of the organising company said: “This annual event has become the ideal meeting place for Arab health institutions to get together and exchange views and ideas regarding their different fields. It facilitates problem solving and enables attendees to find out about the latest updates in healthcare from experts.”

Yammine added that this year the federation has adopted the slogan: “Gate of investments in healthcare …” focusing on the enormous investments in the healthcare sector in the Arab world and how this impacts healthcare services regionally.

She added: “We also try to encourage networking between leaders and participants through an open discussion between Arab ministers of health and CEO’s and workers in health institutions from all over the Arab world. This discussion will be moderated the famous Lebanese talk show host, Said Ghorayeb, and will be broadcast on television.”

MedHealth Beirut 2006 will feature two simultaneous conferences: one focussing on health management, including the different kinds of investments in health informatics, human resources, medical equipment, quality, the Arab health insurance system, among other topics; and the the second conference will focus on the medical sector, specifically the culture of safety in hospitals in all its aspects, such as the safety of patients, health workers as well as medication safety.

Guest speakers have been invited from Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, United Kingdom and France. This event brings together a distinctive panel of Arab ministers of health, CEOs of health institutions, administration & finance directors, IT managers, quality management directors & human resources managers in health institutions as well as senior managers from investment banks, institutional investors, healthcare & financial analysts & consultants, chief medical officers, physicians, high institute nurses and companies related to the medical & healthcare sector. CME credits will be awarded to attendees.

A high profile specialised exhibition will run alongside the conference programme. The expo will serve the health institution administrative and medical staff by bringing together the best medical, scientific solutions and technology products.

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