Mar-Apr 2006

The gold standard

The resectoscope is considered worldwide to be the "Gold Standard" in the therapy of intracavitary myomas.

In a myoma resection the chips float in the dilatation medium and this makes it more difficult to maintain control, since the chips have to be removed frequently.

Every time the resectoscope is reintroduced, coagulated blood must firstly be rinsed out and the hydrometra re-established until a good view of the operating site is obtained, then the resection can continue. There is an increased risk of perforation due to these manipulations. There is an increased risk of the dreaded TUR syndrome, especially with longer surgery times. With the Resection Master chips are aspirated immediately after they are produced and removed from the cavity of the uterus without the hydrometra being impaired. Repeated interruptions of the resection are no longer the case, it is not necessary to time and again remove and reintroduce the resectoscope.

There is continuous control during the entire myoma resection because of the automatic chip aspiration. As a result, the surgery time is significantly shortened. This results in a clear reduction of complications compared with using the conventional resectoscope, and the surgeon can resect the myoma completely and with much less difficulty.

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The Garden in the hospital

Compelling images of nature have significant therapeutic value in the healthcare environment.

Authentic illusions of nature can trigger genuine psycho-physiological relaxation responses, making patients more comfortable and receptive to treatment, and improving their longterm response to therapy. Transforming a healthcare suite into a sky-covered oasis can dramatically alleviate the stress that patients are under while undergoing diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

The Sky Factory, the USbased manufacturer of SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows, has succeeded in bringing the enlivening and healing qualities of nature into hundreds of healthcare facilities around the world. Modular, scalable, and with hundreds of unique images to choose from, The Sky Factory works with its clients to design their custom SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows.

Adding beneficial illusions of sky and garden to an existing facility, or specifying them into new construction, is surprisingly affordable, and considering the value to patient experience, extremely cost effective.

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Bone Spur Pads

Soft Stride Bone Spur Pads with Trabecular Matrix are made from a polymer with the qualities of soft tissue, and the added benefit of the new trabecular matrix. Trabecular bone structure is the three dimensional latticework of bones providing maximum strength with minimal material.

The secret to the Bone Spur Pads with Trabecular Matrix is a viscoelastic disk in the heel. Its strategically placed cutouts allow for greater dispersion of shock, which mimics the cushioning, lattice-like structure of bone tissue.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, this new bone spur pad offers medical professionals proven musculoskeletal treatment in an affordable shoe orthotic. Brown Medical Industries has distributors throughout the Middle East.

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Treating cellulite with Med Sculpt

Med Sculpt is a professional system manufactured by General Project that treats cellulite and localised fat by combining elastomeric massage with ultrasound lipoclasias.

The action is performed on the skin through an elastomeric membrane, controlled by a microprocessor, that lifts up, folds, presses and stretches the skin according to a computerised sequence.

A powerful ultrasound beam completes the action generating lipoclasias and increasing the effect of the massage on the connective layers of the skin. The clinical benefits are a compact movement of district adiposity, the stimulation of lymphatic and venous circulation and the redistribution of the subcutaneous fat. The effects of body mass reduction are highly incremented due to the powerful combination of mechanical massage and ultrasound beam.

The result is a smoother, younger and more toned skin, a visible reduction in the circumference of treated areas, and an evident rejuvenation of the tissues themselves. Equipped with a High Brilliance handpiece, Med Sculpt combines the effects of massage with phototherapy based on LED technology. This handpiece is specifically designed for face toning and skin rejuvenation and can be used to perform reflexology and phototherapy treatments.

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Braun introduces proGAV

During the Arab Health 2006 B. Braun Aesculap presented the proGAV, a new adjustable gravitational shunt.

The proGAV provides today's safest and most user-friendly hydrocephalus treatment, and it saves costs for hospitals, health services and health insurances.

The unique "active lock" mechanism protects proGAV from unintended readjustments by external magnetic fields, making it MR compatible to 3 Tesla. The patented adjustment and verification instruments guarantee easy, fast and uncomplicated treatment in any location without subjecting the patient to xray examinations.

The valve opening pressure can be continuously adjusted between 0 cmH2O and 20 cmH2O.

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