Nov-Dec 2006

Derungs flexible lighting suits patients and physicians

Bedrooms need a flexible lighting system which meets the criteria of at least two user groups. The residents would like a cozy, beneficial, and easy to operate lighting system. Care staff need effective, bright background support for carrying out their daily tasks. General lighting, light for reading in bed, light for examinations and bedside treatment, and lighting for nighttime or orientation are essential in this area.

Using its clever lighting control system, the Dlite vanera light creates a homely and comfortable room climate, which also communicates security and supports residents according to their needs. It creates an ideal working environment for the requirements of care staff (examination lighting), helps with nighttime orientation (nightlight), and has a separately adjustable reading light which enables relaxed reading in bed.

Homely feel for every mood. The new lights come fitted with reflectors and prismatics for the optimal lighting of the room. The room is homogeneously and pleasantly lit, and is free from shadows and glare.

The Dlite vanera is unobtrusive and can be integrated into the architecture.

It conforms to the high safety and quality standards of the medical industry.


First insulin pen with memory launched

Eli Lilly and Company has launched in the United States the first insulin pen with memory, HumaPen MEMOIR, to help simplify the daily management of diabetes.

MEMOIR is designed to meet the needs of people with diabetes who take several shots of mealtime insulin each day. It presents sophisticated technology and features in a consumer-friendly "pushto- know" digital display that allows patients to record and review their last 16 insulin doses, including the priming doses.

Many insulin users need multiple shots per day, so the ability to record doses and the time of the dose may help simplify the daily management of diabetes.

MEMOIR is available in the US by prescription.

Insulin pens were developed on the premise that delivery devices that are more acceptable to patients could improve patient compliance and make a positive contribution to long-term diabetes control.


Intersurgical designs eco-friendly oxygen mask

Intersurgical has introduced a new environmentally friendly oxygen mask - the Eco Oxygen Mask.

Utilising the latest manufacturing technology Intersurgical has combined two (non PVC) materials in the same mask. The material forming the body of the mask is clear and rigid enough to maintain the masks shape. A second, softer material is utilised in the manufacture of the seal, which is in contact with the patient's face.

Intersurgical has used non PVC products because of concerns over the disposal and incineration of PVC products and the potentially harmful gases that are released.

This new manufacturing method required a complete redesign of the mask. This provided an ideal opportunity to make improvements in other areas. These include:

- An incurved face seal providing a vastly improved level of comfort

- "On-chin" positioning provides a better fit to a wider range of face shapes

- A low elastic position eliminating trauma to the patients ears

- Improved seal design eliminates the need for a separate nose clip

New ambulatory sleep screener launched

Grass Technologies of United States-based Astro-Med has launched a compact, lightweight, ambulatory Sleep Screener - AURA PSG LITE.

The powerful, easy-to-use sleep diagnostic screener consists of the high quality 16-channel AURA PSG LITE amplifier, with built-in electrode/ sensor inputs and built-in oximeter, is designed especially for PSG.

AURA PSG LITE stores data directly to a removable CompactFlash card for outof- lab sleep diagnostic testing. The lightweight amplifier system is worn by the patient in a comfortable pouch. Typical polysomnographic signals are conditioned and digitized in the AURA PSG LITE, and then stored directly to the CompactFlash card. When the study is complete, data from the CF card is uploaded via Grass’ TWin software.

At the heart of the AURA PSG LITE system are Grass designed and manufactured amplifiers. Grass amplifiers are world renowned in the field of sleep diagnostics for their quality, reliability, simplicity, and serviceability.

The amplifier is designed specifically for the sleep monitoring lab and combines the latest digital techniques with decades of amplifier design and manufacturing experience. All Grass gold standard amplifiers carry an unmatched lifetime warranty.


Philips vital signs monitor

Philips Medical has launched a new vital signs monitor – the Philips SureSigns VS3.

Unlike traditional spotcheck monitors, the SureSigns VS3 has a large 8.4” colour LCD display and a simple user interface to make it easier for clinicians to assess patient vital signs information. Designed for use both in and out of the hospital, the SureSigns VS3 is suitable for general care wards, emergency departments, outpatient surgery and urgent care centres.

The SureSigns VS3 provides easy access to patient information using innovative pop-up screens, fixed keys and iconbased menus. The full-colour, back-lit screen displays large, easy-to-read numerals that are especially helpful when viewing from a distance or in low light situations.

The screen also provides clinicians with the choice of viewing scrollable stored patient records and an optional Sp02 waveform. SureSigns VS3 measurements include non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, pulse rate and temperature. With programmable non-invasive blood pressure capabilities, users can create up to five different programs to monitor noninvasive blood pressure at particular intervals based on unit-specific protocols.


Innovative NI-CATh

Medispec’s innovative cardiac shockwave system, the Cardiospec, uses Non- Invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis Therapy (NI-CATh) for myocardial ischemia in patients with refractory angina pectoris. It incorporates a paradigm shift in the treatment of patients with advanced ischemic heart disease, triggering the body’s self repair mechanism to resume perfusion using a non-invasive approach. The Cardiospec is an advanced and unique echobased therapy device for non-invasive cardiac revascularisation.

It offers the echocardiography department an opportunity to take an active role, not only in the diagnosis part of treatment, but also as a valid treatment option for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) patients.

A cardiac ultrasound imaging system is used to locate the treatment area and to map the exact position and extent of the ischemic zone. Shockwaves are then delivered via the anatomical acoustic window to the treatment area under ECG R-wave gating. Several treatment sessions are required to obtain optimal results.

Clinical results show a significant improvement in CCS class, Exercise Tolerance and increase in myocardial perfusion.

NI-CATh is a safe therapy, showing no arrhythmias, no cardiac enzyme rise and no reported device related side effects.



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