Rehabilitation - A brave new world
In a story that should belong to the annals of science fiction, an international team of research scientists are developing a prosthetic arm and hand that has sensation and can be moved by thought, imitating many of the movements and qualities of the natural limb.
Rehabilitation - A helping hand
A Scottish-based company has launched i-LIMB Hand to market. The bionic hand is the first such articulated, thought-controlled prosthetic device that is commercially available and represents a major advance in bionics and rehabilitative patient care. Callan Emery reports
Rehabilitation - Physical therapy in ICU reduces hospital stay
The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) cites the results of the first study to show the effectiveness of early physical therapy for patients in a medical intensive care unit (ICU).
Analgesia - A new analgesic method: two-minute sciatic nerve press, for immediate pain relief – a randomised trial
This study investigates whether this technique is effective for pain associated with other disease types, and whether the relief is effective for up to one hour.
Arab Health 2008 review

Exhibition’s dramatic growth reflects region’s development
This year’s Arab Health exhibition, the region’s largest medical show, was the scene of many product launches and business announcements. Middle East Health reports on some of the key events that took place during the show.

Radiology - Scanning the road ahead
Dr James Thrall, considered by many to be the world’s pre-eminent authority on radiology in medicine, presented the keynote lecture at the diagnostic imaging symposium at Arab Health 2008.
Product Features

In March this year Siemens is set to launch their Acuson S2000 in Europe at the ECR in Vienna.
Country Reports

  Iraq Report - Health sector suffers severe shortages
With scores of doctors killed over the past few years, an exodus of medical personnel, poor medical infrastructure and shortages of medicines, Iraq's health sector is under great pressure, a senior health ministry official said on 26 February, according to an IRIN report.
  Yemen Report - Malnutrition severely stunting growth of children
An international report has said child malnutrition remains a concern in Yemen as nearly one-third of children aged 2-5 are severely stunted.

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