Mar-Apr 2008

Stationary motor-assisted therapy cycle launched internationally

United States-based Assistive Therapy Solutions Inc (ASTi) introduced their unique motorassisted stationary cycle for rehabilitative physical therapy to the international arena at Arab Health 2008 in Dubai in January.

The eVO, for adults, and BunniSteps, for children, therapy cycles have evolved from an initial therapy cycle developed in 2002.

David Sellers, CEO of ASTi, says the cycles have been developed to improve neuromuscular and cardiovascular function for a broad spectrum of disabilities including heart attack, stroke, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, morbid obesity, amputations as well as general ageing and wellness issues.

The reciprocating motorassist motion – provides passive, active-assist and stamina motion, enabling children and adults to gain muscular flexibility, strength and endurance through its rhythmic movement which can also reduce spasm, joint inflammation and pain.

Some of the key features include:
● motor-assistance pedals and arms
● Motorised seat lift from wheelchair to operational height
● Over pedal feature for full manual operation
● Pedals have foot plate holders with Velcro straps for security and adjustments;
● Seat rotates, left or right with lock setting for easy access;

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LED revolution for the OR

OT-STARLED is the latest product of Italian company ACEM, a leading manufacturer of examination, surgical and operating lamps.

ACEM products are based on the LED technology which produces perfect illumination under all conditions. This new lamp offers clear, bright, IR-free light (i.e. it does not produce heat in the operating field and on the surgeon’s head) and steady colour rendering over time.

OT-STARLED has built in:
● the intelligent system ‘Acris’ patented by ACEM;
● a brightness adapter that allows shadow reduction in the surgical field and total illumination of the surface and at depth;
● the ‘I-Sense’ system patented by ACEM, for accurate and functional controls;
● an ergonomic design;
● the innovative system ‘Light- Up’ patented by ACEM that ensures adjustable illumination levels for different applications.

The unique positioning of the LEDS on the lamp enables it to generate a light spot from 21 cm to 1 metre with a maximum illumination level of 160,000 Lux (self-limited) and a steady life cycle of 50,000 hours. The lamp shape is particularly suitable for laminar flows in the operating room. It comes with a standard video camera integrated in the central handle.

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FDA approves Medtronic’s glucose iPro Recorder

The US FDA has approved Medtronic’s new physician-use continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, the CGMS iPro Recorder. Physicians send patients home with the CGMS iPro Recorder to uncover patterns and potential problems that often go undetected with standard glucose measurements like finger stick meters and HbA1c tests.

The new CGMS iPro Recorder is smaller, lighter in weight and less time consuming to use than previous CGMS recorders. Physicians can now gain added clinical insights from the CGMS iPro Recorder in a matter of minutes, while improved ergonomics give patients added freedom when wearing the device.

Patients wear the CGMS iPro Recorder for three days, after which physicians can review the data and use the results to uncover glucose patterns and optimise patient therapy. Based on the detailed glycemic profiles collected from the recorder, physicians can better tailor diabetes treatment programmes for each patient. This may be particularly helpful for patients who experience inconsistent high and low glucose levels, who experience hypoglycemia unawareness and who generally desire better control, as well as for women with gestational diabetes and pregnant women with diabetes.

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New face mask has advantages

The new Motex fragrant face mask is a new generation, diamond-shaped face mask with several advantages.

It is ideal for use to reduce the spread of airborne infections at home, among the elderly, in beauty salons, and outdoors to avoid inhalation of vehicle and air pollution. Developed by Taiwanese company Motex Healthcare the mask has long lasting aromas with various fragrances to choose from.

Its unique diamond-shape design minimises nose and mouth contact providing easier breathing and clearer speech.

The mask comprises four layers: the outer water-repellent layer; middle layer 1 is a static bacterial filtration layer with an efficiency of greater than 95%, according to lab tests; middle layer 2 consists of a special scented micro-fibre; and the inner layer is micro-fibred thermalbond with water absorbency.

● Motex also makes the Surgical D2 face mask with the patented Loop-Adjuster innovation so the mask can be strapped and adjusted at the back of the head instead of behind the ears. This mask also has the unique diamond shape and is suitable for the OR, ER, all patient care areas, laboratories and pharmacies. The middle layer has a static filtration efficiency of 99%.

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New Siemens Artis zeego improves flexibility for angiography

The new Artis zeego angiography system of Siemens introduces unprecedented flexibility in catheter labs and operating rooms. The industrial robot technology integrated in Artis zeego allows the physician to move the C-arm to almost any position around the patient. This makes it easier than ever before to visualise internal organs from various sides, if, for example, tumours or vessel diseases have to be diagnosed.

Artis zeego is the latest highlight of Artis zee. This is the new name of the Siemens system family for interventional radiology and cardiology. The systems are available in biplane, ceilingmounted, floor-mounted, and multi-functional configurations. In cardiology, Artis zee can also be equipped with the magnetic navigation system from Stereotaxis.

Dr Norbert Gaus, head of Angiography, Fluoroscopy and Radiography Systems at Siemens Healthcare, said: “The use of industrial robot technology in angiography systems is entirely new in medical engineering. This allows the treating physicians for the first time to visualise vessels and diseases from all sides with unprecedented precision. Our system considerably enhances the image quality and facilitates the physician's work during an intervention.”

The combination of a C-arm with a powerful industrial robot provides the treating physician with almost unlimited freedom of movement. The flat detector of this system rotates around the patient at such high velocity and precision that CT-like images are created that acquire more anatomical details than possible ever before with an angiography system. Thus, diagnostic certainty is increased, particularly during complex interventions such as Selective Internal Radiation Therapy, which spares healthy tissue and shrinks tumours. In addition, the physician can perform complex C-arm movements, for example for peripheral acquisitions of the patient with the patient table in a tilted position, which are not possible with conventional Carm systems.

Artis zeego supports innovative 3D procedures such as tomograms with syngo DynaCT from Siemens. The new Large Volume syngo DynaCT software enables the physician to visualise large volumes such as the entire abdomen or the liver, for example during chemoembolisation or biopsies. Artis zeego is superior to conventional angiography systems also during neuro interventions because it can provide larger views of the skull, neck and spine.

The isocenter of the angiography system can be adapted to the height of the relevant physician. This is a great advantage, particularly at lengthy interventions during which the physician has to wear a heavy lead apron. And what is really clever: If the system is not used, it can be stowed in a park position to require minimal space or the C-arm moved to the ceiling. This is a highly significant feature particularly in multipurpose rooms.

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Two new handheld Pulse Oximeters from Medaid

Mediaid, located in Cerritos, California, United States, offers two new high technology, competitively priced Pulse Oximeters ideal to meet the pricing and technical specifications requested from public and private tenders in the Middle East market.

Model 30 Pulse Oximeter is a palm size oximeter designed for convenience in spot checking.

It is ideal for the physician’s office, hospital, clinic, ambulance services and home health care. It has a bright LED display visible in most lighting conditions and comes with bar graphs for pulse amplitude and perfusion quality indication. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery runs for 18 hours.

Model 34 Pulse Oximeter is ideal for most continuous monitoring applications. It features a bright LED display, bar graph, audio / visual alarms, memory, rechargeable battery, USB & infrared ports and printer option. The memory stores 136 hours of patient data and is used for sleep screening or continuous monitoring and can be sent via USB or infrared ports. It has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for 18 hours of power. Additional accessories include a full range of reusable and disposable sensors, IV pole clamp, rubber boot and several transport pouches.

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New iTRAQ labelling system for biomarker discovery

Applied Biosystems introduced an 8plex version to its line of iTRAQ labelling reagents, to double the existing capacity for biomarker discovery and comparing protein levels between samples. The increased capacity of the new iTRAQ reagents enables researchers to obtain higher throughput and greater efficiency than label-free methods or other approaches with limited multiplexing capacity, so experiments that might otherwise take months can be completed, with better accuracy, in a matter of days or weeks.

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Panasonic launches new range of air purifying A/Cs

Panasonic has launched its new range of e-ion air purifying air conditioners in the Middle East. The A/C is essentially a two-in-one system with a separately operable air purifier and a robust air conditioner, specifically designed to withstand the extreme summer temperatures of the region.

The e-ion purifying system, a unique technology developed by Panasonic, cleans the air by filtering out dust, dust mites, cockroach allergy, airborne viruses, airborne pollutants and bacteria. As well as cooling the air, the system has significant health benefits as it clears the air for people who are susceptible to respiratory allergies and those who suffer from asthma.

The system works in two ways. A built-in ionizer sends out negatively charged ions. These ions inactivate bacteria, viruses and moulds by attaching to them. Secondly, the ions capture dust and other air pollutants and are drawn back to the system through air circulation where they are trapped by a positively charged filter. The eion system offers efficiency very close to the considerably more expensive HEPA filter, according to Panasonic.

The A/C is also designed to maintain relative humidity at the recommended 55%. The A/C is designed as a split A/C and is available in 1, 1.5 and 2 tonne capacities.

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