Jan-Feb 2009

Ethox redesigns its pressure infuser bags

Buffalo, New York-based Ethox International has recently released their re-designed Infu-Surg pressure infuser bags. Ethox International’s Infu- Surg family of pressure infuser bags have been a constant in IV Infusion treatment for over 20 years. The Infu-Surg pressure bags from Ethox International are safe, high-quality and reliable products for Intravenous & arterial Infusion. The Infu-Surg pressure bags are designed for single patient use potentially preventing and controlling cross contamination and hospital acquired infections.

The re-design affects the labeling of the pressure bags; a new colour, updated logo and silk-screen printing are a few of the updates. The new 500ML, 1000ML and 3000ML Infu-Surg models maintain the same level of performance and functionality that medical professionals have relied on for decades; only the labeling has been improved.

The new look and re-design are part of Ethox’s on-going strategic branding initiative, which has included a recently launched re-designed website. Ethox International manufactures disposable medical devices used in Operating Room, Anesthesia, Emergency and Infection Control environments. Ethox’s product line includes disposable pressure infusers, Patient Positioners, disposable BP cuffs, gastric lavage kits, wound irrigation, instrument holders and weighted feeding tubes. All products are USA FDA registered, ISO Certified and CE marked.

● For more information visit www.ethoxint.com

Fingerprint tech integrated into healthcare software

M2SYS Technology, an award-winning fingerprint biometric research and development firm, says its M2SYS Bio-Plugin Appserver fingerprint biometrics software has been integrated into RPGSi Business Solution’s HealthGest healthcare software.

Healthgest, a module of the TopSaude strategic e-health information system, supports the main activities of small or medium-sized group of clinics in collaborative working environments and maintains the actions of public or private ambulatory health care units. With the integration of Bio-Plugin Appserver, an enterprise- ready, client/server fingerprint biometrics system that eliminates the development effort that is otherwise spent with a low level fingerprint SDK, patients in the hospital can be identified more swiftly and efficiently.

Luis Fernandes, Partner of RPGSi sadi: "Most developing nations do not have a reliable method of identifying patients that are in need of healthcare services. Biometrics solves this problem and ensures that the lives of patients are fully protected. Furthermore, the M2SYS Bio- Plugin fingerprint software has helped us to address the challenges of creating a single Electronic Health Record by which we can identify patients.”

● For more information visit: www.m2sys.com

New Incubator CO2 Analyser meets researched user demands

Geotech has designed its new G100 incubator CO2 analyser based on independent research among users, The G100 is an easy-to-use, handheld CO2 analyser with increased accuracy in the 0-20% range and a bright, easily read display. Readings are stable thanks to inbuilt moisture removal. Timesaving twinprobes check incubator top and bottom temperatures and difference simultaneously. Increased memory holds 1,000 readings. Options include O2 and/or RH analysis, temperature probes, data logging, and USBlink software to download data, analyse and export it – and to enable Internet file exchange with Geotech technical and customer support.

● For more information visit: www.geotech.co.uk

Respi.Aide Expiratory Muscle Trainer

The Expiratory Muscle Trainer by A Plus Medical is designed to strengthen the lung muscles and make them stronger.

● Simple set up
● Easy to use
● Light weight for carrying
● Adjustable pressure range of 5-20 cmH2O

The device also comes with an adjustable PEEP valve with a pressure range of 5-20cmH2O, allowing users to start with lower resistance setting and increase the level of resistance gradually to strengthen the lung muscles. Users also have a choice of using a mouth piece or a mask with this device, which can be cleaned easily with the simple assembly and disassembly procedure.

● For more information email: info@aplus-medical.com

Intersurgical’s enviro-friendly products

Intersurgical announces the launch of more products in its Eco range of low environmental impact products.

These include:
● Eco Oxygen mask
● Eco Aerosol mask
● Eco High Concentration Oxygen Mask
● Cirrus2 Adult Eco Mask Kit
● Adult Eco Venturi Kits
● FiltaMask

Recently the medical device industry has responded to issues raised by environmental groups concerned with the use of PVC in medical products. When incinerated PVC can potentially release harmful gases into the environment.

Lowering the environmental impact

Geoff Wond, Product Manager, explains ‘As part of a continual improvement process, Intersurgical aims to reduce the environmental impact of it’s products and processes. This has resulted in a long search for alternative materials to PVC to address these concerns. We are delighted to now add more products to the range providing our customers with an extended choice of low environmental impact products’.

The new Intersurgical Eco Oxygen Mask, has a 73% lower impact on the environment over its complete life cycle compared to PVC alternatives.

Improved patient comfort

Oxygen and aerosol masks need to be soft enough to provide a good, comfortable fit on a large variety of face shapes. However, they also need to be rigid enough to retain their shape during use, transportation and storage. The material should also be clear enough to enable the nose and mouth to easily be seen.

Utilising new technology

Traditionally PVC has been seen as the material to provide all of these qualities and attributes. Intersurgical has utilised the latest manufacturing technology to combine two non-PVC materials in the same mask. The material forming the body of the mask is clear and rigid enough to maintain the mask shape; the second softer material forms the seal, providing a comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes.

A new mask design

Using new materials meant a new mask design was required, and this provided an ideal opportunity to make improvements on a traditional design. The features and benefits include:
● An incurved face seal providing a vastly improved level of comfort
● “On-chin” positioning - providing a better fit to a wider range of face shapes
● A low elastic position eliminating trauma to the patient’s ears
● Improved seal design eliminating the need for a separate nose clip

Adding more choice

The Eco Range of products is easily identifiable by the distinct green Eco symbol.

Intersurgical is continually developing new products to add to the Eco range in order to lower it’s environmental impact.

● For more information visit: www.intersurgical.com/ecorange  

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